Dawgs demolish the Tigers in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

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Dawgs demolish the Tigers in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Let’s face it the last couple of weeks have been a little rough for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Issues scoring points and allowing points scored against unranked teams like Kent State and Missouri have raised concerns among fans. Such even has some rethinking this year’s championship run, especially when you pin those performances up against the first couple of games of the year versus Oregon and South Carolina. 





It almost feels like this team has lost its juice, but if there were any worries about that, you could put together some semblance of hope looking at yesterday’s game against Auburn. 

The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry didn’t start all too great for the Bulldogs offensively. Neither team found the endzone during the first quarter, and Georgia didn’t score too much until the fourth quarter, when it didn’t matter anymore. 





For some reason, a 42-10 win doesn’t feel satisfying for a team of this caliber, but some positive takeaways were the defensive performance and the run game.

Defensively the Dawgs didn’t let much get past them, there were opportunities for takeaways that didn’t go Georgia’s way and a touchdown that was allowed because of poor play by players coming off the bench. But other than that, holding a team to 10 points and 258 yards of total offense sounds like a pretty good day at the office. 

Offensively the return of a reliable run game was great to see. Kendall Milton went down with a groin injury, but it made way for Daijun Edwards and Branson Robinson to get more touches, and boy, were they ready. 

Edwards posted three rushing touchdowns and would have had a fourth if it weren’t called back for a penalty. The freshman Robinson had a career game rushing twelve times for a hundred yards and a touchdown. One run in particular where the freshman looked similar to DGD Nick Chubb.

That duo still has a ways to go, but they’re coming together sooner rather than later. 

While the Dawgs were able to demolish the Tigers dominantly, the team still has a lot of fixing to do. Passing accuracy and turnovers still burden the offense, and the defense is riddled with injuries at the linebacker position, so some gelling must be done in that position group. The team still did well despite these issues. 

Auburn was a good chance for the team to recollect and remind themselves of their potential. Next week against Vanderbilt should be similar. The team should be another chance to work towards better execution against a low-risk opponent. Until then, just know the Georgia Bulldogs are undefeated on the year and will continue to compete for a national championship until that changes.





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