Five Keys for a Dawgs Victory – 2021 SEC Championship

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Five Keys for a Dawgs Victory – 2021 SEC Championship


Don’t get beat deep  – Die-hard Bulldog fans don’t need a history lesson here. In the most important and heartbreaking losses with national championships and shots at national championships on the line, the deep ball has been the dagger. Alabama has delivered many of those deep cut touchdown passes. They will certainly take their chances in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It starts with getting the pressure, but Georgia’s defensive backs will have to be at their best against yet another group of elite, fleet, big play Alabama pass catchers.






Contain Young on the run –  He might just be the best Alabama quarterback of the Nick Saban era. And, obviously, that is saying something. Bryce Young can make all the throws. He’s smooth, he has the touch, he has the arm strength and throws a great deep ball. Where he can break your heart just as bad is with his feet. The play breaks down, it’s third-and-seven, and he scampers for eight. The wind is out of the sails and a touchdown is imminent. Georgia’s linebackers will have to be at their best spying him and delivering clean, hard hits from the first snap of the game.






Find Creative Ways to Run – The team that runs the football better probably wins the game. Lining up and just going straight at the Crimson Tide’s extremely talented and tough defense is a formula that is hard to work. Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart has talked about the importance of finding creative ways to run the football. It’s a must on Saturday afternoon. Getting behind the chains and being forced to pass against Alabama is a recipe for bad things. To beat Bama, offenses have to go vertical running and throwing. The Georgia offensive line and backs must shine to win.


Special Teams –Georgia’s kickers will have to be at their best. The coverage units, the return teams, you name it, the Bulldogs must excel. Field position, flipping the momentum, cashing in on those changes of possession, it is preached by both head coaches, and the importance of the kicking game will be at the forefront in this title tilt. Avoiding those dreaded Special Teams Disasters is vital. The kicking game proved to be Georgia’s undoing in 2018 in this game. If Georgia can win the kicking game this year, the SEC title just may be the Bulldogs in 2021.


Turnovers  –  This is the obvious one. Teams that go negative in the turnover margin against Nick Saban’s Alabama teams, don’t beat Nick Saban’s Alabama teams. At the same time, it’s vital to stay aggressive. Stealing a possession or two and giving the Tide’s lethal offense one less chance or two is a pathway to victory. It’s easier said than done. Games like these often come down to fantastic players making huge plays, and that often involves coming up with those turnovers. Georgia’s win probability would go up, if the defense and/or special teams can deliver one of those beautiful N.O.T.’s – the non offensive touchdown.





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