Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 19 Practice Report

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Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 19 Practice Report

James Cook (6) hands off to Elijah Holyfield (13)
James Cook (6) hands off to Elijah Holyfield (13)
Georgia practiced in Sanford Stadium for day 19 of fall camp. The weather was perfect. Intensity was up as usual, and the whole group seemed to be excited about the fastly approaching season.  Steve and I break down each side of the ball from day 19 of fall camp. 

Savannah’s Offense Report

Georgia has one more day of practice tomorrow but today was the last day of fall camp for the media. The offense carried a weight of confidence around as I watched them run drills. This side of the ball continued fundamentals drills and perfected the basics.

Injury Update:
  • Jayson Stanely worked off to the side again
  • Kearis Jackson was back with Courson as well.
  • Still no Jackson Harris with the tight ends
Offensive Line
Lamont Gaillard (53)
Lamont Gaillard (53)
The biggest thing to note from the men in the trenches was how good Isaiah Wilson looks. He is a completely different lineman than he was last year. Wilson looks tall and strong and has just the right amount of grit to him. Coach Sam Pittman praised him a few times from afar.
Pittman had the groups broken up into left guards and tackles, centers, and right guards. Each group worked on fundamental blocks and double-team drills.
Lamont Gaillard is another that looks to be in a lot better shape. That whole group looks like a well-oiled machine. I’m excited to see them in game-like situations.

Running backs:
Elijah Holyfield (13)
Elijah Holyfield (13)
D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield looked like twins out there today. Both strong and working hard in the drills. Dell McGee had the group work with the resistance bands again. Then they moved to ball protection and some agility work. Holyfield continues to impress me and I’m excited to see him in game time situations.

Wideouts/Tight ends:
Day 17 - 2018 UGA Fall Camp - August 22, 2018
Day 17 – 2018 UGA Fall Camp-August 22, 2018
Jim Chaney had the tight ends work on blocking drills. Then he had them working on red zone slant drills. Luke Ford and Isaac Nauta both received praise from the coach.
Wide out’s coach Cortez Hankton seemed happy with his group. Demetrius Roberston is a stud. He didn’t miss a pass and looks to be in a lot better shape. Matt Landers continues to bulk up and gain weight as well.
Ahkil Crumpton is so fast! He’s under the radar and could really shock some people.

Jake Fromm (11)
Jake Fromm (11)
Jake Fromm continues to make impressive long throws. He completed one to Robertson today that was almost perfect. The Cal transfer caught the ball in stride and just was beautiful. Fromm only had one bad throw and it was to Tyler Simmons that just stopped running the route altogether.
Justin Fields looks a lot more comfortable too. He made so many good throws and looks a lot more confident and comfortable in the pocket.

Steve’s Defense Report

Initial Observations: 

  • Nate McBride wore 36 today
  • Jaden Hunter wore 5 today
  • Divaad Wilson remains working on the sideline doing individual work.
  • Noticed Tray Bishop in a scout team jersey today.



Saw Monty Rice and Juwan Taylor as the 1s for the inside linebackers. I don’t think there are any safe starters, but Monty Rice has to be the closest in my opinion.

Walter Grant (84)
Walter Grant (84)
Walter Grant got some more love today working with the 1s at OLB. It’s looking like he will be the guy taking the role of the other OLB spot. Brenton Cox continues to impress me and just has that prototypical size to make an immediate impact.

Defensive Line:

Jonathan Ledbetter is really proving to be a vocal leader. I heard him often critiquing players and encouraging them throughout the drills. Tray Scott also has this group ready to go. Think this may be the surprise group on the defense. I can really see them dominating the trenches this year.


The safeties were working with the OLB’s in one drill where they contain the edge. The ones were Richard LeCounte and J.R. Reed. I did also see Otis Reese and William Poole get reps at the star position. It’s starting to look like Otis Reese may contribute early.

Richard LeCounte
Richard LeCounte
We don’t hear it often or much at all, but I heard some positive words come out of Kirby’s mouth directed at Richard LeCounte. “Good Richard! That’s what I like to see!” He was getting some positive praise from Mel Tucker as well. This would make you think he’s really starting to grasp the system and his role at safety.

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