Georgia Football: Vanderbilt Week Monday Practice Report

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Georgia Football: Vanderbilt Week Monday Practice Report

Georgia began preparations for Vanderbilt Monday afternoon. The intensity was there, but instead of the usual yelling, the team just had an intense vibe to them. Guys didn’t laugh and goof off, they all focused hard on the drills and seemed to be in their own world. Steve and I break down our takeaways from Monday’s practice.

Savannah Offense Report

— Tyler Simmons was at practicing running through drills. He did have a brace on his shoulder. Simmons didn’t seem limited either.

— Jim Chaney had the tight ends work on live blocking against various linebackers. Kirby Smart watched closely during this drill and checked in with them. He gave Isaac Nauta and Charlie Woerner tidbits.





— After a rough week of practice last week, Woerner got some positive feedback today. Chaney told him, “lot better a lot better!” Then Woerner received an “atta boy Charlie!”

— Chaney gave Nauta a ” not bad Nauta” after doing some of the reps.

— Sam Pittman’s offensive line worked on fundamentals today just getting form and footwork right. He used Lamont Gaillard as an example, and Gaillard rolled with it. He man-handled every opponent he went up against during period three.





Steve Defense Report

— Jordan Davis wore No. 34 today during practice. This jersey change is likely to mimic senior defensive lineman, Dare Odeyingbo for Vanderbilt.

—  Smart ventured over to the OLB’s while I observed them. He observed and gave comments to multiple players.

— Smart dubbed the day ” Fundamental Monday.”

— One of those fundamentals for the DL was getting separation. Johnathan Ledbetter and Julian Rochester received praise for having proper technique.

— Can happily report that the defense is injury free as Monty Rice appeared to be back to normal. Being injury free is an excellent sign after five tough games of the season.





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