Georgia vs. Florida Staff Score Predictions

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Georgia vs. Florida Staff Score Predictions

Members of the Bulldawg Illustrated team made score predictions for today’s game against Florida. See what each member had to say.

Greg Poole:

I’ve gone back and forth on this game since the Bayou Bust. When the Baton Rouge contest ended, I was pretty confident that Florida would win against a Georgia team that was weakened on both lines of scrimmage. However, as the game approaches, my gut is telling me that the combination of coaching and talent will shift the game to Georgia.

No matter where ones fixes the blame for the LSU loss, one thing is clear. UGA is the most talented team in the SEC East and one of the most loaded teams in the country. These kids are not afraid of Florida and the staff will arm them with a solid game plan.





Georgia rolls on to Kentucky – 31-10

Han Vance:

Dawgs take two in a row 31-21 at former-World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, after Florida stacks the box early. This is the game Kirby was brought to Georgia to win.


I had my doubts about the Dawgs headed into the LSU game as this was a young team that had not faced any adversity.  One thing I have come to believe over the years is you learn more from a loss than a win.  I trust Kirby and the Dawgs will be ready.





UGA 27 –  UF 17

Vance Leavy:

Saturday’s Georgia-Florida doesn’t get any bigger with the winner keeping post season aspirations alive. Expect Georgia’s headsets to pound the rock early and often much to the chagrin of a surprisingly overconfident Gator fan base. The Reptiles sliver back to Gainesville after another Dawgs’ whooping. Georgia 41 Gators 21

Jeff Dantzler:

Dawgs are beaten up. This is about how Georgia responds. Kirby’s Canines conquer the Gators 28-14.

Murray Poole:

No bigger one than this for these 2018 Bulldogs. Win it and continue on track for a second consecutive appearance in the SEC Championship Game but lose it and likely fall out of the picture for both the SEC title game and a berth in the college football playoff. Once again, this game will be determined down in the trenches with the team running the football the best coming out of TIAA Bank Field with the win. After a nip-and-tuck fight for three quarters with the 9th-ranked Gators, that winning team will be 7th-ranked Georgia … by a 27-17 tally!

Savannah Richardson:

Georgia is one mad puppy dog, and Gator is on the menu. The Bulldogs aren’t looking to keep prisoners, and I expect to see some dominance. Elijah Holyfield and/or D’Andre Swift both tote the rock for triple digits or at least get close. It is time for both of them to have stand out games and impose their will on the Gator defense. Once that will is in the Bulldogs’ paws, then air it out and get your confidence back in your quarterback. Georgia has TOO much talent not to have one hell of an identity.

I think we start to see that identity this week as Georgia defeats Florida 38-10.

Steve Conyers:

I expect a motivated football team. Close game, but Georgia wins 27-21.






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