Jake Fromm responds to first-half offensive struggles in Georgia’s 21-0 win over Kentucky

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Jake Fromm responds to first-half offensive struggles in Georgia’s 21-0 win over Kentucky

Jake Fromm (11), Georgia vs. Kentucky, Saturday, October 19, 2019
Jake Fromm (11),
Georgia vs. Kentucky, Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Bulldogs notched their sixth win of the year by shutting out Kentucky 21-0 on Saturday night in a game where the weather presented challenges for both offenses. Neither the Dawgs or the Cats managed to put points in the first half, and there was a total of 52 yards passing… between Georgia starting quarterback Jake Fromm and Kentucky’s Lynn Bowden. Particularly frustrating for fans was UGA’s lack of offense in the first half, which garnered a number of choruses of boos from the stands at Sanford.

In the first quarter, the Bulldogs’ offense just managed two first downs and 48 yards. In total, the offense just mustered 113 yards in the first half. Five of the six offensive possession for the Dawgs ended in punts in the half, and in the second quarter, Georgia was driving and faced a 4th and less than 1-yard to go at midfield but failed to convert.

After the game, Fromm addressed those first-half issues with the offense and alluded to the weather being a factor as well as Kentucky playing great defense.





“I mean conditions were tough. You’re working with a wet ball. Kentucky had a great defense. They were coming out; they were playing physical. They were getting into gaps,” said Fromm.”I mean things were tough. Throwing the football in these kind of conditions, it’s tough. You don’t want to make a mistake and you don’t want to give them a ball with good field position because you see what happened there in the second half. When a team gets good field position, they respond and get a score. Really, its who makes a mistake first, and we just didn’t want to make a mistake.”

Fromm was asked if the slow start on offense in the first half was any cause for concern, but the junior field general said he didn’t think so.

“I don’t think it is a cause for concern at all. I think it is just part of the game,” said Fromm. “Being out there on the sideline and being out there in between the lines is two totally different things. They (Kentucky) did a good job. Coming out they had a really good plan. And we figured out what they were doing and we responded and changed things up.”





In his post-game press conference, at the 10:20 mark, Head Coach Kirby Smart was asked if he had any concerns about the offense or Jake From.

“I’m not concerned. I feel really good about what our offense does. I feel good about Jake. To judge it based on that game is just not very smart. It’s hard to judge anything in that game,” said Smart. “You can’t evaluate that. What you’ve got to evaluate is what is your heart, what is your courage, what is your love of the game. Think about those wideouts in that game. That’s for the love of the game is what’s that for. George Pickens, Kearis Jackson, those guys going out there and block. That’s for the love of the game. You evaluate things based on what’s going on around them. What’s going on around them is a tough environment. I could have told you two days ago we weren’t going to go out there and throw it for 200 yards in those conditions. We had to put a plan together to give us the best chance to be successful. I thought we did a good job.”

Smart earlier, 04:51, was asked to give an assessment of his offensive coordinator, James Coley, through seven games, and he echoed Fromm about the weather conditions and being patient on offense.

“Very pleased today, I thought we were extremely patient on offense and in tough conditions,” said Kirby. “And, we’ve got more explosive plays than we did last year at this time, with three wide receivers that are in the NFL. That’s taking today out of it, because today, I don’t know how many explosive plays we got (today), but coming into this game we had more explosive plays this year than we had last year, so, and there’s three guys that were drafted off that team.”

Given the fact that Georgia is heading into a bye week, the debate among fans on what exactly are the reasons for Saturday’s offensive performance, the lack of production, and whether or not it was due to the weather, play calling, Jake Fromm struggling or some combination of three will likely carry on until the Bulldogs face the Gators in a couple of weeks.

You can watch Jake Fromm‘s full post-Georgia vs. Kentucky interview by clicking on the video below.





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