Kevin Butler’s Players of the Game:

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Kevin Butler’s Players of the Game:

Offensive Player

Brock Bowers –  Superman. Batman. Iron Man. All of these heroes have something in common with Brock Bowers … they’re all just bad asses. When a football team is in need of a kickstart, something that will inspire them to reach a higher level of play, great players respond to that request! Saturday versus Auburn, everybody witnessed Brock Bowers carry the Bulldogs to victory with a fourth quarter performance that has not been matched this year in college football. Brock’s performance in the fourth quarter consisted of four catches for 121 yards and a touchdown of 40 yards to seal the victory for the Bulldogs. His totals for the day were Heisman like- 8 catches for 157 yds. The Mackey award -the All-American awards -the new Kevin Butler “Taylor Swift” award – they are all going to go to Brock. He’s one of a kind and he’s ours. What a Damn Good Dawg!





Defensive Player

Javon Bullard – AKA “Da Bull”! The Bull is Back!! Our junior safety from Milledgeville, Georgia is back in action. Javon is the leader of a defensive backfield through his physical play and knowledgeable command. When Javon is back in the game, our corners can get much more aggressive. As I said, Javon is as physical as they come, and he recorded 10 tackles, nine solos and two pass deflections in a tough physical game against Auburn. His style of play offers the opportunity to change the game and his command makes our team respond in a physical manner on defense. I’ve loved this guy since he stepped on the field and I sure hope we have another season with his inspiring play and great enthusiasm. When Javon is in the game – it’s a Bull’s market! Buy, Buy, Buy!

Special team Player





Peyton Woodring – The freshman kicker from Louisiana made his mark as the Bulldogs starting place kicker Saturday versus Auburn in a truly tough place to kick. After a shaky start to the season, he has started his own streak of success. His two field goals against Auburn were clutch to say the least. Georgia’s personality on offense is not to run away from teams on the scoreboard so every field goal opportunity carries a little bit more weight the season. Great kickers have confidence. Peyton has confidence, and he is starting his journey in a strong fashion.


My unsung hero this week is my hero, my father, Joseph Aloysius Butler. Our family brought Joe home this week to spend his remaining time with his family and the people that love him the most. My father is my hero because he taught me how to respect yourself and others every moment you breathe. He gave me the opportunity as my coach in little league to play football and to try your hardest every time. He taught me respect not only for others, but more importantly, for yourself. He supported my choice to play for the Bulldogs and his support was invaluable. As we sat together before Saturday’s game, I asked him if I should go do the radio or spend time with him and he quickly responded with “you have a job to do and I enjoy listening to you and Jeff.” “You’re a Bulldog at heart so go do your job for the Bulldogs because this is an important part of preparation for the Bulldog Nation.” When times get tough, you have to stay focused and remember to do things the Bulldog way. Thank you Jo Jo for your love and friendship. Dad, you’re my Damn Good Dawg. Forever!





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