Kirby Smart has an interesting NFL comp for Alabama’s Jalen Milroe

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Kirby Smart has an interesting NFL comp for Alabama’s Jalen Milroe

Georgia’s Coach Kirby Smart appears to be quite impressed with the Tide’s quarterback Jalen Milroe with the matchup against Bama in the Benz and the SEC Championship just around the corner. He had nothing but good things to say about the third-year signal caller, even comparing him to the likes of Heisman Winner Lamar Jackson.

Smart said “this guy’s a bigger, physical version of that,” when describing Jackson’s elusiveness and ability to force defenders to miss in space.

What’s even more impressive is that he made that comparison after being asked if he could compare Milroe’s play to the likes of former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow because of the two’s supposed similarities in size and speed.





“No offense to Tim Tebow, but this guy’s different.”

And different he is. I don’t think the Dawgs have faced an athlete like Milroe playing the quarterback position in a good while, so I can only imagine the hoops that Glenn Schumann and Will Muschamp are trying to jump through trying to come up with a game plan to account for this guy both in the run game and in the deep passing game because this guy can absolutely sling it.

If he doesn’t sound dangerous enough, Alabama– like usual– will come armed with a couple of guys who are pretty used to blazing past secondaries to find themselves wide open for scores. Isaiah Bond is one of those guys. 





Bama will come marching in packing a mean punch, but it’s not one that Georgia won’t be ready for. 

Neither of these teams has faced a group as talented as the other, so I don’t think either of these teams is going to be able to execute at the level they’ve been able to get at for the rest of the season prior. 

Something I expect Georgia to do is to minimize deep balls, and with a safety duo like that of Javon Bullard and Malaki Starks they should get the job done. Milroe is all about the deep ball but isn’t as sharp throwing in the middle of the field. Being able to shrink with the help of those safeties may force Milroe into some bad decisions that may just help sway the odds in the Dawgs favor.





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