Kirby Smart on the Offensive Line: “Continue Competition.”

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Kirby Smart on the Offensive Line: “Continue Competition.”

Kirby Smart – fall camp 2017 – August 2
Kirby Smart

The primary discussion for head coach Kirby Smart’s press conference was on the offensive line. Smart says competition will continue until the best five guys emerge.  He talks about how naming a starting five isn’t the primary goal.
After the brief loss of Isaiah Wynn due to illness, the question of whether or not the rotations will stay the same came up on Saturday. Smart nipped the question quickly and said the rotations the media sees will stay the same. However, he did mention a couple rotations for Wynn and then the triangle of guards they put in.

Soloman Kindley (66 and Chris Barnes (61) - Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – fall camp
Soloman Kindley (66) and Chris Barnes (61) -Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – fall camp


“It was the same as y’all been seeing. Just been the same group there,” Smart said. “I think we rotated a little bit at left tackle to make sure Isaiah (Wynn) got some time out. Because we lost him and that’s probably the toughest lost we could deal with. So we practiced some with left tackle and then we rotated the guards kind of in a triangle there between Solly( Soloman Kindley), Pat Allen and Kendall Baker. But Andrew is still working right tackle.”

Coach Smart was asked if there was a certain time table for when he will announce a starting offensive line. Kirby told the media that competition is key for a successful line and that the team needs to know the best situation for each play.

Dyshon Sims
Dyshon Sims


“Oh no, continue competition, I mean when you guys see it it’ll be the same group you’ll always is,”Smart stated. “But we have to rotate during practice because if Lamont goes down what happens wheres everybody goes. Dyshon is a guy that can play a lot of positions. We will continue move guys but that never stops. It’s just 80 % of the reps where they’ll play the game and then 20% where if something happens. And were constantly asking ourselves if he goes down, he goes there, and we have to play these situations out. “

Then a media member asked when he would know who the starting five would be. Smart quickly said that isn’t the goal to find the starting five right away. However, the goal is to get the best five players in the right five spots. Then get the guys behind the starters work where they can play in various places in case of injury.

“I don’t know. When we know we’ll know. It’s one of those things,” Smart said. “We practice the week of the game like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and something could happen one of those days, It’s football. So it’s not about naming a starting offensive line, that’s not whats important. What’s important is how the starting offensive line plays and how many reps we can get them in the right spot. Y’all wanna know really bad who the starting offensive line is, but that’s not the goal for us. The goal for us is getting the best five in the best five spots and then get all the others work where they can play if somebody goes down.”


Freshman offensive lineman Andrew Thomas – Fall Camp Day 4 – August 3, 2017
Freshman offensive lineman Andrew Thomas – Fall Camp Day 4 – August 3, 2017

The final question about the offensive line was about freshmen Andrew Thomas, who has been practicing with the ones at right tackle. Smart received a question about what about Thomas stood out for him to get to take reps with the first team. The head coach answered the question as only coach Smart would, with one sentence.

“Maturity, he’s extremely mature,” Smart stated.

Georgia’s offensive line was one of the biggest questions heading into fall camp. However, since they arrived, this group of trench maulers has showed promise and have continued to improve. Smart and offensive line coach Sam Pittman seems to be on the right track to finding the five right guys.
For the entire press conference, watch below:


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