Mike Bobo: The Key Factor to Georgia’s Elite 2023 Offense

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Mike Bobo: The Key Factor to Georgia’s Elite 2023 Offense

As Georgia officially wraps up the offseason, it is important to reflect on numerous changes around the Bulldogs’ program that will impact the 2023 season. One of the most important changes Georgia will face is dealing with life after Todd Monken, who departs for Baltimore to take over the Ravens’ offense. While there were mixed feelings regarding the return of Mike Bobo, such hesitations should be dispelled.

Internal hires have become increasingly popular in Athens under the tenure of Coach Kirby Smart. The head coach has laid out a successful foundation with standards unmatched by other programs across the country. That’s why, as Georgia has become more successful and coaches have left for other opportunities, Georgia has maintained its dominant structure.

Mike Bobo was a critical piece of Georgia’s offense this past season, people from afar just haven’t noticed. Bobo held the title of Offensive Analyst in 2022 where Todd Monken in numerous press conferences raved about Bobo’s ability to create game plans to prepare for weekly opponents.

The fact of the matter is Mike Bobo is coming into an entirely new system and situation than he was in prior to leaving the Bulldogs to become Colorado State’s head coach. Georgia’s defense struggled drastically compared to the recent defenses under Coach Kirby Smart and Bobo was not afforded the depth that this current Bulldog roster possesses.

In Bobo’s final three seasons, from 2012 to 2014, his offense averaged 37.8, 36.7, and 41.3 points per game. Comparatively, Todd Monken, from 2020-2022, averaged 32.3, 38.6, and 41.1 points per game. To quote Todd Monken from a 2022 press conference, “I’m paid to score points.” He was, and he did a hell of a job of doing so, but Mike Bobo, as the numbers show, is capable of putting up comparable numbers, and he has the players to do so.

If you want a glimpse of what Georgia’s offense will look like in 2023, go rewatch the annual “G-day” game. You’ll find Carson Beck slinging the ball around and hitting intermediate to deep passes. You’ll see reverses, screens, and the ability to get players the ball out in space. What it looks like, is Todd Monken’s offense. So, get the 2011 I-formation picture out of your head, because Georgia’s immense talent paired with a veteran offensive coordinator that is experienced in Kirby Smart’s system should enable Georgia to produce one of the most talented offenses in college football this season.

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