Smart says Chubb is Disappointed with Stats

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Smart says Chubb is Disappointed with Stats

Sony Michel (1) and Nick Chubb's
Sony Michel (1) and Nick Chubb

The Bulldogs running game has struggled throughout the season and Nick Chubb and the coaching staff are not pleased.

Nick Chubb is one of the more talented running backs in the country and in his first game back from injury he gave the Bulldogs a huge game, with 222 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.
After that performance, Chubb seemed to have returned from his gruesome knee injury and was poised to have a Heisman-caliber season.
However, since that game, Chubb has averaged about 54.9 yards per carry and has only scored three rushing touchdowns.

I know he’s disappointed with where the statistics are for him, and he’ll lie to say he’s not.

Needless to say, the Bulldogs have had huge struggles in running the football for a large majority this season.
Coach Smart and his staff have worked week in and week out, in trying to fix this problem and they have not had much success, thus far.
Smart does not believe that Chubb’s lack of success has anything to do with his knee injury and express how he is pleased with how he has come back from that injury.
The Bulldogs offensive line has struggled with creating running lanes for the running backs and that has played some role in the Bulldogs inability to run the ball effectively.
However, Coach Smart puts the task of running the ball effectively more on the coaching staff and says that it is their job to put Chubb in situations where he can get the team valuable rushing yards.

He does everything…He gives really good effort and energy in practice, practices with toughness, he’s a good leader for us, just hasn’t been productive. That’s on us as coaches, we know that, and we gotta help he, Sony, and the guys that need to touch the ball in order to get them more touches.

The Bulldogs coaching staff desperately needs to find a way to get their running game going in the last third of the season and it will be interesting to see what steps they take in these last four games.


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