Staff Score Predictions: No.1 Georgia vs. South Carolina

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Staff Score Predictions: No.1 Georgia vs. South Carolina

Georgia vs South Carolina edit by Bob Miller
edit by Bob Miller


The Georgia Bulldogs will play their first game against the South Carolina Gamecocks since earning their first number one ranking of the playoff era, but could this game prove to be tougher than expected.


Graham Groseclose – Georgia 38, South Carolina 10
I look for Georgia to totally avoid the potential trap game scenario with another dominant performance. South Carolina is going to have to rely on the big play on offense to have a chance and that is something we have been able to limit so far this season. If our offense can avoid turnovers and keep the defense off of the field, we win this one going away.
Greg Poole – Georgia 45, South Carolina 14
I have picked rather tight games all season, but I’m over it. Opponents have been unable to stop Georgia’s rushing attack and South Carolina will be just another notch on the goalpost.
Murray Poole – Georgia 35, South Carolina 14
Like I said in my prediction column this week, we’re about to see how these 8-0 Bulldogs can handle the acclaim and notoriety of being ranked the No. 1 team in all the land. Gamecock quarterback Jake Bentley could present a few problems in the passing game and the Carolina defense will be selling out to stop the Georgia running game but these Dawgs haven’t played down to an opponent yet and I don’t expect them to Saturday, either. The Gamecocks beat the 25-point spread, but just by a little.
Vance Leavy – Georgia 34, South Carolina 17
Now, the Bulldog Nation including its fan base and the team have to prove how they can perform with the proverbial number 1 bullseye on its back. Georgia and South Carolina have had some close ones over the years … look for this one to follow suit as the Bulldogs finally pull away in the fourth quarter with a final score of 34-17.
Bob Miller – Georgia 45, South Carolina 20
This Georgia-South Carolina game reminds somewhat of the Missouri game back in October. And while Jake Bentley is a very talented quarterback, I don’t think the Chickens have the same weapons at receiver as Drew Lock has at Mizzou. I expect Carolina to score some points early and then possibly add a late TD in junk time towards the end of the game, but can Muschamp’s Roosters slow down the Dogs? It’s doubtful. The Bulldogs sit down to a fried chicken dinner.
Savannah Richardson – Georgia 48, South Carolina 7
Georgia keeps chopping and keeps steamrolling opponents. I think South Carolina comes in a little too confident and the Bulldogs hit them where it hurts! Despite the team and what they say about the rankings, they put another beat down to stay at #1 and prove they deserve to be there.
Ella Dorsey – Georgia 38, South Carolina 14
Chop chop chop, the #1 ranked team won’t be taken down by our SEC East rivals this year. Fromm proves that he can indeed pass the ball, we rack up 150 yards rushing and call it a day by the 4th quarter.
ImYourHuckleberry – Georgia 48, South Carolina 6
The senior leadership and camaraderie on this team is something special. On Saturday the opponent on the field is the South Carolina Gamecocks but the Bulldogs are playing against their own standard of excellence. Georgia is bigger, stronger, faster and more talented at every level in this game and the Dawgs will keep the momentum up headed into the next weekend’s showdown against Auburn.
Han Vance – Georgia 30, South Carolina 20
Georgia is #1 for just one week after getting a real scare from the Chickens.
Chuck McConnell – Georgia 35, South Carolina 14
South Carolina will need a herculean effort from Jake Bentley to keep them in the game. Bulldogs will dominate both lines of scrimmage, but success won’t come quite as easy as the last few games. Georgia will pull away due to talent and depth, expect a good effort from the Gamecocks though.
Michael Pope – Georgia 41, South Carolina 10
The Bulldogs have scored at least 40 points in their last three games and have scored 30 plus points in all games but one this season. I believe that trend continues as they give the Gamecocks a steady dose of Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and D’Andre Swift and they continue to terrorize opposing defenses. I believe we see the Bulldogs pass rush come alive and give the Gamecocks’ Jake Bentley a tough time and eventually either earn sacks or force throws out of him which lead to interceptions. Bulldogs come out of Athens with another impressive victory and will get ready for the No. 14 Auburn Tigers on the road.
The Bulldawg Illustrated staff seems to trust the Bulldogs to get the job done and improve to 9-0, what do you think? Please put your own score prediction for today’s game in the comments.


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