UGA Football Recruiting 17-APR-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 17-APR-2016

Zion Custis - Class of 2018 - RB - Lovejoy HS, Hampton, GA - (Photo from Zion Custis on Twitter)
Zion Custis – Class of 2018 – RB
– Lovejoy HS, Hampton, GA –
(Photo from Zion Custis on Twitter)


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


Today’s Featured Recruits



Caleb Chandler

Class of 2017 – OL

Jefferson HS, Jefferson, GA



Sheldon Evans

Class of 2017 RB

Roswell High School, Roswell, GA



Zion Custis

Class of 2018 – RB

Lovejoy HS, Hampton, GA



Dameon Pierce

Class of 2018 – RB

Bainbridge HS, Bainbridge, GA




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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

398 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 17-APR-2016

  1. Jesse1

    DawgDaddy Bulldawg36 That one ACC title? Among those 4 losses was a 41-16 beatdown by you know who in Athens. For perspective the score was 41-2 end of three.

  2. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole greg has been asleep for like 8 hours by now hah

  3. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie I cannot remember if I heard it or not. I wasn’t able to get into the stadium until just about the end of the 1st quarter. Greg Poole would know though.

  4. Backwudz

    WillieWalden I believe Williams is more likely to join than Gibbs and i’m fine with that. Williams can turn and run with any receiver in the country

  5. WillieWalden

    If we can hold on to who we have already and add jacoby Stevens and deangelo Gibbs .. That would be an all time great secondary haul for one class.. Jamyest Williams and whomever else would be icing on a great cake

  6. PTCDawg

    dawgmum and the Netori’s are from Jake, Rusty and Kipp. Must be some fire behind that smoke!

  7. PTCDawg

    Just to pile on this weekends Koolaid…I think of Jake Fromm as a taller Aaron Murray. Their skill sets and personalities seem very similar.

  8. dawgmum

    A few new CBs to Georgia from 247: three for Netori Johnson, and one for Jeremiah Holloman.

  9. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie the good ole Polynesian sport, if Hawai’i pushed it more the USA would be amazing at it

  10. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36 I’m wid ya Bd, they still have zero SEC titles and one ACC with a 6-4 team to boot.  That has to be a great trophy to brag about.  lol

  11. converted 1981

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 CLTDawg After yesterday I personally am Scared of the Kicking Game.  Hopefully things will work out between now and Sept.

  12. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie i watch on they live stream all the 7s stops on the tour

  13. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte Talk about dedication… I followed every match Ireland played during the World Cup on the Net. I think it was the and they had an Irish correspondent texting updates on their site in minute-by-minute intervals. I felt like it was 1996 all over again, but I loved it anyway.

  14. converted 1981

    Greg Poole LOL, looks like you hit him where it hurts….  ###knowledge####  didn’t stick around to long did he.

  15. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie lol yea im like a fan girl right now that we finally have a pro league to watch and not have to get up at 4am to watch overseas games

  16. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte Wow, I just found out one of my rugby buddies who went to Paris with us has a nephew playing in this pro league. I’m just asked for his name and the team he plays for…

  17. converted 1981

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole People in front of me were wearing Gales Shirts.

  18. DawgByte

    BahitsDawg DawgByte WillieWalden Wow, I just found out that one of my buddies nephew’s plays in this pro league.

  19. converted 1981

    BahitsDawg Fake or Not D still has to plan and play as a possibility.  Just so long as we do not get either hurt.

  20. DawgByte

    BahitsDawg DawgByte WillieWalden I noticed that too and there’s one guy who clearly can deliver. He just needs seasoning.

  21. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    RumRunnerDoogie Hobnailboot aka RobG DawgByte WillieWalden  you win this round

  22. WillieWalden

    I was too until yesterday.. We have talent .. always have.. I think we have the right mentality to go with that talent now.. I think it’s gonna take Kirby about three years to get the roster where he wants it but we give people hell out the gate

  23. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte Awesome, I just sent an email out to my rugger buddies to get behind this new pro league. This is the first step!!!

  24. RumRunnerDoogie

    Hobnailboot aka RobG RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte WillieWalden now dont get “smart” with me or i will pull a “chaney” and shoot u in the butt

  25. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte WillieWalden 1:1??? what do u think im 16?

  26. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie should be streaming on here at 7

  27. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte WillieWalden just mix it 1:1 with rum.  Then drink it down.

  28. BahitsDawg

    DawgByte WillieWalden plus, have multiple QBs dropping the ball over the WR’s shoulders on deep balls.

    It is clear that stretching the field has a priority on it this year.

  29. DawgByte

    WillieWalden I want to see Nauta lined up as an H-back on short yardages situations pile driving people on his way to a first down! I wonder if DRob stood up and took notice how the DawgNation is behind this new regime. We’ve got something going on under Kirby – no doubt about it.

  30. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg I started to, but then I figured they copied from somewhere else, plus, all the hot links take you back to 247.

  31. WillieWalden

    You add drob wims and mecole to our wr corps and woerner in a hybrid role our offense has the potential to be very explosive.. If Chubb is good to go I really don’t see a way we get shut down against anybody.. With our tight ends working the middle of the field our wideouts should see one on one coverage a lot this year

  32. RumRunnerDoogie

    1mandawgpack brown is a tweener between OLB and DE. he did play a lot yesterday and looked good

  33. RumRunnerDoogie

    Hobnailboot aka RobG CLTDawg seems like getting a tattoo always backfire. davis, r. foster, brown( OL who ended up at UCF)

  34. PatriotVeteran

    websater Greg Poole    Notori needs to COMMIT TO THE G – because the slots will be filling up, I believe, rather quickly.      He knows UGA WANTS him.    Does he WANT UGA ?     We’ll see who Commits first and those who wait, will find the slots filled.      UGA will become a Championship Oriented Team and players like that.   COMMIT TO THE G

  35. PatriotVeteran

    BahitsDawg Lakedawg    so would the fans.     Football is going to be great in 2016 and better even in the future/   GO DAWGS

  36. Bulldawg36

    Man I truly hope so- I’m ready to start another long winning streak vs them- I want 10 wins in a row or more! Sick of those delusional birds

  37. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg36  he’s gonna hate UGA even more when his team loses every year they play them

  38. Bulldawg36

    And I can’t wait to see UGA stomp a mud hole in the chickens for the 2nd year in a row!!!!!!!! Kirby should use this for billboard material!!!!!!!! UGA 52 bird hens 20!!!!!!

  39. CLTDawg

    Hobnailboot aka RobG CLTDawg Randrecous Davis. He was committed to us under CMR, but I think Kirby & Co. cut bait on him.

  40. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 Bulldawg36 Unfortunately, UGA has, in my lifetime anyway, had more than it’s fair share of crazy fans.

  41. 1mandawgpack

    Whatever happened with the Keyon Brown kid from Florida?  I just knew that when he committed, he was going to be an absolute beast, but I really never hear anything about him.  Under the previous staff, I think he played OLB and may have simply gotten buried in the depth chart in the 4 deep rotation.

    I’m really hoping that CKS can also change that part of our program as well.  Stud players who committed to Bama (R. Foster, etc.) sat on the bench (but played some special teams) awaiting (and working hard for) their time to play and didn’t leave early for lack of playing time.  Perhaps a year or so in the process will be good for Keyon and he’ll be a beast his last couple of years.

  42. 1mandawgpack

    Colonial Dawg  Apparently they don’t believe in splitting series – either get swept or do the sweeping.

  43. CLTDawg

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg Apparently yesterday’s offense was VERY vanilla, as should be expected in a Spring Game…but you couldn’t help but see it as anything but vanilla in comparison to how we looked in many games last year.

  44. CLTDawg

    PTCDawg He got a lot of love yesterday, and it was good to surround him with all the 2016 guys, too.

  45. BahitsDawg

    Passing – 11 of 22 for 140 yards – 16 of 25 for 224 yards – 19 of 29 for 244 yards and a touchdown – 5 of 7 for 49 yards and a touchdownRushing – 8 carries for 38 yards – 6 carries for 29 yards and 2 touchdowns – 3 carries for 13 yards – 9 carries for 24 yards and a touchdownsReceiving – 4 catches for 87 yards – 2 catches for 10 yards 
    Jordan Davis – 2 catches for 36 yards – 3 catches for 41 yards and a touchdown 
    Tae Crowder – 1 catch for 9 yards 
    Sony Michel – 1 catch for 15 yards – 2 catches for 29 yards 
    Matt Price – 2 catches for 16 yards – 2 catches for 25 yards – 7 catches for 53 yards – 6 catches for 56 yards and a touchdown – 6 catches for 134 
    Brendan Douglas – 5 catches 48 yards – 4 catches for 68 yards – 1 catch for 12 yards 
    Turner Fortin – 1 catch for 9 yardsDefensive Standouts – 7 tackles, 4 sacks, 4 tackles for a loss – 6 tackles – 7 tackles – 3 tackles, a tackle for a loss – 6 tackles – 5 tackles – 4 tackles and a pass break up

  46. CLTDawg

    BahitsDawg CLTDawg Herschel is one of those rare people that you could tell me he does, has done, or will do ANYTHING…and I’d have to believe it. haha Guy has led an interesting life.

  47. BahitsDawg

    CLTDawg BahitsDawg Herschel is a multi level black belt.

    I think he started back in college.  Didn’t he also do ballet?

  48. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg It is nice that it got featured on the spring game.  Might make an impact on some young recruits that haven’t seen it, yet.  Parent, too.

  49. CLTDawg

    BahitsDawg They also mentioned that Chubb’s rehab includes Tae Kwan Do! I thought that was pretty cool.

  50. CLTDawg

    BahitsDawg CLTDawg Lakedawg That would be so awesome! I’d record Butch’s post game PC just so I could watch it anytime I need a pick-me-up! lol

  51. BahitsDawg

    Watching replay and they just covered the Cryo Chamber high tech “ice bath” we now have.  neat.

  52. rugbydawg79

    Lakedawg Carolina is in trouble – that number will change- playing at the Georgia Dome- the place will explode when Eason and Chubb enter the Game

  53. CLTDawg

    BahitsDawg He won’t break any big runs at this level, but he will wear out a few LBs after some carries…Once that happens, and we put Chubb, Sony, or Elijah back there, look out. Could be like how we used Gurley a few years back. Just wait till the 4th quarter, and then run it again, and again, and again.

  54. CLTDawg

    Lakedawg Don’t overlook that UTk game. They have as much talent as anyone we’ll play, on both sides of the ball. I know we’ll be out for revenge, and we’ll be at home, but that one is going to be a slugfest.

  55. CLTDawg

    BahitsDawg CLTDawg Greg Poole I think they had a pretty big spring game last year. I know Jordan Davis definitely did. But, that was before a few changes happened, including Park leaving and Lambert coming in. 

    Still, we were all excited about how much Schotty was supposedly going to use the TEs, and then they were forgotten about basically all year.

  56. BahitsDawg

    CLTDawg Greg Poole how did the TEs do last spring?  Were they forgotten like they were during the season?

  57. BahitsDawg

    I love how Jacob quickly looks to see if the deep ball is possible, then hits the check down.  lots of yards there yesterday

  58. CLTDawg

    Greg Poole Saw somewhere that the TEs yesterday had as many receptions as Jeb did all season last year.

  59. BahitsDawg

    Lakedawg Playing Bama in SECc would be epic.  Smart vs. Sabban

    The media would go wild.

  60. Greg Poole

    Still watching the game – Smart once described Chaney’s O as bip, bip, Boom. You could see that yesterday.

  61. Lakedawg

    Great day to get a lot kids and folks that never get to experience what fun game day is in Athens. Hope some fans and students that bail attend of 3rd quarter when playing Nichols and ULM take note .
    Just saw we are 7 point favorite for NC and I expect will be favored inevery game, but possibly Ole Miss on road. Looks like 11-1 and playing Bama in SECCG.

  62. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg Bulldawg Bob2 way more optimistic than me on the outlook on life lol.

  63. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole he must of been feeling his soul being sucked away from him

  64. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsDawg I think it does.  I want them around for a long time, and want them to have a long and healthy life.

    Excess weight is dangerous, especially as we get older.

  65. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg i swear this place turns into TMZ when both of those coaches are brought up lol

  66. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole lol. He took a cattle prod to me and chased me out of the door at about 10 minutes till 9 PM last night #

  67. BahitsDawg

    Has Chaney and Pittman lost weight?

    Being happy helps with weight loss, imho.  Being unhappy can put on weight via over eating/comfort eating.

  68. Greg Poole

    Trent stressing the OL early but they are doing a good job of switching off to help on him.

  69. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg36 all teams have their idiots, guess he is one of our’s! I hope his bowels lock up!

  70. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole haha ahh. well i think they can, ball was a hell of a WR coach but just wasnt a great recruiter

  71. BahitsDawg

    Looks like our ST coach likes having Eason and Ramsey as FG holder.  I bet there are some fakes in the game plan.

  72. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole yea thought that was him on the sideline wearing his gales shirt with the georgia G

  73. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie BahitsDawg Greg Poole I re-read my post and didn’t mean I never thought a WR could…. I meant never thought a WR coach could make a huge difference.

  74. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole Yes.. Devon Gales was there and he was having a blast too.

  75. Greg Poole

    websater  I has a feeling that Natori would eventually give UGA very serious consideration. He always has a good time in Athens.

  76. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole RumRunnerDoogie did yall see devon gales out there? re-watching it and i swear i saw him behind kirby when they were interviewing him

  77. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole could be, also a year of perfecting running routes

  78. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole New WR coach help with catching and separation techniques? 

    I never thought a WR could make a huge difference, but maybe this shows how wrong I was.

  79. RumRunnerDoogie

    hey greg i think poole got names mixed up on two of his photo captions, i think both the 86’s in the pictures are ridley on his deep out route from eason

  80. CLTDawg

    Greg Poole CLTDawg You can tell he came up under Saban, lol. No unqualified praise for anyone.

  81. BahitsDawg

    Watching the replay and Stanley was something.   We have a few good WRs…. TEs… and RBs… and QBs…  and OL…  🙂  and good coaches.  🙂

  82. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 CLTDawg Bulldawg36 WRs of his size arent that rare anymore, just look at some of these pro guys, they are bigger than LBs

  83. Bulldawg Bob2

    CLTDawg Bulldawg36 While Woerner certainly has the size to develop into a TE, he is much more a natural receiver than a TE so I expect him to stay and play a lot at WR … IMO, but i could be wrong.

  84. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 CLTDawg Kirby Smart said the kickers had actually progressed nicely through Spring Camp. He said that it is hard to get a gauge on the overall kicking and special teams in a spring game because the  script a lot of it.

  85. Bulldawg36

    After the game- I feel much better about the WR. Reggie Davis will have a good senior year if he can take of the ball

  86. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 Javon Wims is not yet at UGA. He will enroll over the summer with the rest of the incoming freshmen class

  87. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole RumRunnerDoogie yea, the rising sophomores  will be big this year i think. Last year teams just doubled mitchell and didnt worry about the others

  88. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole RumRunnerDoogie i think this years WRs might be better than last years

  89. Bulldawg36

    Chigbu had one TD called back. Replays showed he was inbounds. Kirby tried to stop the play and have it reviewed but they don’t do those challenges in spring ball

  90. RumRunnerDoogie

    havent been talked about much but i think stanley and chigbu did really good yesterday

  91. Bulldawg36

    I agree… Fans shouldn’t shout obscenities at any players because it’s rude and it’s not gonna make things better.

  92. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 That’s ridiculous. Lambert’s not done anything other than bust his tail for the program. Not everyone’s going to be a superstar.

  93. CLTDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 Yeah there’s no way that kid plays much at a true WR spot in college. He’s already big…put him in our S&C for a bit and he’ll be HUGE!

  94. Bulldawg36

    True..we got to find a good FG kicker. Hopefully we will score more TDs this year and not have to settle for FGs

  95. dawgmum

    Bulldawg36 I hate to hear “fans” say negative things about anyone on the team. That’s just not cool.

  96. Bulldawg36

    A UGA fan youtuber named uncle Lou shouted lambert sucks as lambert walked by in the dawg walk…man it was embarrassing

  97. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 I think, with the amount of guys competing at the WR position (Godwin, McKenzie, Davis, Stanley, Chigbu, Ridley, Williams, Wims, Simmons…and probably DRob), He might actually see more action as the HBack/TE position.

  98. Bulldawg36

    I sure would hate to try and tackle Isaiah Mccenzie on special teams..he is super extra elusive

  99. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 Jordan Davis had his annual fantastic Spring Game performance, too. And Woerner on the way. Probably the only position group where we have elite depth.

  100. Bulldawg Bob2

    and fans certainly showed up to meet and greet with Malcolm and Keith yesterday. The  lines were out the door of the Bookstore and down the stairs out to the street. They stared about 15 to 20  minutes over to try to meet and sign autographs for folks before heading over to the stadium.

  101. CLTDawg

    DawgByte Bulldawg36 Madden got his name called (in a bad way) on one of the times where Jacob Eason would have gotten sacked. He pulled around the line, and couldn’t find a man to block.

  102. CLTDawg

    DawgByte Need 3 backs in this class, IMO, if we don’t get Herrien as a 2016 guy. If we do get Herrien, still need two, but they gotta both be studs. I like Swift a lot, and would be happy with him and Sermon…but Cam Akers looks like the only game changing RB talent left on the board.

  103. bpUGA09

    It was on WatchESPN last night. I wasn’t allowed to stream it live because the channel it was airing on gotten taken off my channel package. I was able to watch it around 10pm central though.

  104. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Hobnailboot aka RobG Hmmmm. I don’t know how those double posted lol. I’ll have to fix that

  105. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 Memo to Willliam: Do whatever you can to get these kids to commit well before Signing Day. This waiting to the last minute is killing us old white dudes!

  106. DawgDaddy

    ZippyMorocco me too Zippy.  I would not count him out in the race to start against UNC.

  107. DawgByte

    Looks like we may have a good shot to land D’Andre Swift. He was in Athens yesterday right after naming his top 10. this is his second visit in two and a half weeks!

  108. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 I was focused on Cleveland the whole day. Anyone get a sense for how Madden performed?

  109. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsDawg Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte Hahahaha. Not sure if that would have went over to well.

  110. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsDawg Bulldawg Bob2 He incorporated a cut of “Georgia On My Mind” at the intro to “All I Do is Win” which is a song Ludacris did with DJ Khaled and Snoop.

    And I know he did “Stand Up” “Money Maker” and “How Low”

    Keep in mind I was hearing the music outside of Sanford at the time near the Bookstore, lol. But it was rock’n and hop’n

  111. DawgByte

    BahitsDawg DawgByte Bulldawg36 Completely agree. IMHO you always need at least one white kid on D to keep the emotions in check. Underwood can play (big, strong & quick)… no doubt and he deserves a chance.

  112. DawgByte

    bpUGA09 Good observations… +1. I also agree with you regarding Eason. He’s clearly the most talented. He can really stretch the field with both his arm strength and accuracy. Kirby is right though, he needs work on his feet. I think you setup the scenario accurately… Lambert will probably start the season and when he falters Eason will step in and the new era begins. Eason to Nauta is going to be a deadly combination.

  113. Bulldawg36

    The 2nd team center was Thomas Willy I think. I thought he did a good job- never heard his name before

  114. haws1178

    Greg Poole haws1178 a quick Douglas could be dangerous. He’s always been willing to put a hit on somebody

  115. Bulldawg36

    The only way I would go into another teams Staduim is if I had a sleeping problem… I would be able to get some good sleep then. They would have to carry me out of there… Because I would be knocked out. Lol

  116. BahitsDawg

    bpUGA09 where did you find the stream?  I looked all over for the live stream, but those goobers as ESPN seemed to have them shut down.

  117. BahitsDawg

    DawgByte Bulldawg36 Is Underwood a walkon?  I don’t want it taken the wrong way, but I like a little diversity.   It gives us slow, clunky white guys hope that one of our kids might be able to play ball.  lol

  118. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 Agree… both Walker and Briscoe looked good. So did that white ILB named Underwood. Never heard of that kid. He’s like a bigger Jake Ganus. He let his presence be known. I think he’s good enough to get PT during the year.

  119. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte It was definitely a sight to behold and experience. It literally was just like a big home game. 

    And I agree. UGA did a heck of a job putting everything together.

    I am not sure if UGA could do anything to keep butts in the seats into the second half for a spring game except for have a big half-time act for entertainment that would get people to say.

  120. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 I went with a buddy and his family… he’s a Gator fan. He was there to do some scouting. I think everyone in the SEC East is worried. They know we’ve hired one heck of a coach who has his eyes on the prize and they’re worried he’s going to get it at their expense.

  121. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 It had to be a great day for local businesses.  I am sure they loved the spring bonus.

  122. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 Or, supporting Kirby the way many of us are supporting Richt at Miami?

  123. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 Couldn’t agree more… it had the air of something special and even historical and we can say we were there. It was also a Chamber of Commerce day in the classic city. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. I’ll never forget sitting in the stands and asking everyone around us if they think we’d make the 93K. Seeing it fill to the brim was amazing.

  124. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte What an event, Aye? We witnessed history yesterday!

    Overall, I thought the administration did a good job of putting this large event together. There’s plenty of room for improvement, particularly on the entertainment front. Because they didn’t pump Ludicrous through the stadium PA it was hard to hear… not that I really wanted to, but that was a bit of amateur hour to say the least the way they tucked him into that corner. The other thing they need to do is get some entertainment going at halftime to keep butts in the seats for the second half. That was horrendous to see that many people bail so early. Heck, I’m sure most people would be willing to pay $5 at the gate to see something good at the half.

  125. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 There were a couple of Alabama fans at the game too. Maybe they were there to see Ludacris? LOL. Don’t know

  126. Bulldawg36

    The only bad thing yesterday was a gator fan sat behind me and when they showed Gurley on the big screen he said that he wasn’t that good.. I just shook my head in disgust. Why would you want to go to a spring game of a team you aren’t a fan of????

  127. Bulldawg Bob2

    I cannot begin to express how much the Classic City was hop’n yesterday for G-Day. 
    Georgia fans were out in force and definitely heeded Coach Kirby Smart’s call for 93KDay because there were over 100,000 people in Athens for the game. If the stadium could have held, 110,000 or more, they probably would have filled it.

    People were coming back by  the courtyard between the Bookstore and the Tate Student center after Ludacris played, I was still finishing up at the Bulldawg Illustrated table saying they couldn’t find a seat or were being turned away at certain gates and told to try another gate. There were a couple of thousand people just in the courtyard area.

    Downtown was packed and all around the stadium was a sea of Georgia fans in red and black.

    The energy was incredible and contagious. When Ludacris did come on, people in the Bookstore and all around it in the courtyard started to dance and were yelling Go Dawgs and Sic’em.

    G-Day felt very similar yesterday to the home game versus LSU back in 2013. It was an incredible experience. Proud of my fellow Bulldawg brethren. GoDawgs!

  128. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole Oh Great.  Taking all things Saban wasn’t enough.  Now he is stealing from Kentucky.

    Must be mad they are ahead of us in recruiting rankings this year.

  129. Bulldawg36

    Walker looks the part as well- he is a Leonard floyd clone. If they both can get to the qb then watch out.

  130. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 Lo C will be key for us. In my mind he has all the physical tools in the world, he just has to want it really bad.

  131. Bulldawg36

    That’s great u didn’t have to fight for a seat. Being on the sidelines are best!!!!!!!

  132. DawgByte

    Soooooo, what an incredible event yesterday. I wrote a review when I got back at 10pm last night, so I won’t repeat myself. However, I did want to get everyone’s impression on two things:

    1.) Based on G-Day only, does the team appear to be as good as last year, better or worse? Are you more or less confident going into 2016 than you were in 2015 at the same time?
    2.) What do you see as our strengths and weaknesses?

    Lastly, I thought Kirby’s post G-Day presser was telling when he was asked by a reporter to compare this practice game to what he’s use to at Bama. Based on those standards I believe CKS thinks we have a ways to go.

  133. Bulldawg36

    It’s showing some- I joked with her saying we should of went to the varsity and ate so people would know she is pregnant. Lol

  134. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 I was actually down on the sidelines with Greg after I got done breaking down the table at the Bookstore.

  135. Bulldawg36

    The defense looked good against the run. Kind of struggled vs the pass..but they were playing vanilla defense. If you allow that qb time to throw the ball..they will pick u apart. I hope during the season that Lo Carter will regain form and terrorise QBs like he did in 14.

  136. Bulldawg Bob2

    converted 1981 It was good to meet you too. I had a blast meeting a number of readers and posters at G-Day and a bunch, and I mean a bunch of DGD fans.

  137. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 Most welcome BD36. I hope you and the misses had a great time. Was good to see you two again.

  138. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole haws1178 Aye. They looked good. Not so many runs, but they looked very comfortable catching the ball out of the backfield, turning and getting up the field in a hurry.

  139. bpUGA09

    I had to stream the game late last night since I couldn’t watch it live (ESPN U apparently got removed from my cable package). Like everyone says, it was blatantly obvious that Eason is the most talented QB out there. I’m sure he has a ways to go before he’s ready to go against another team’s #1 D, but that will come with reps. I doubt he starts game 1, but I really think all it’s going to take is one bad day by whoever is the original starter for it to officially be the Eason era.
    Also, for all the flak about getting rid of a coach that won 10 games every year, there’s no doubt in my mind after yesterday that our program needed it. Just look at the excitement Kirby has brought along with him. Things had gotten stale before, and we were all a bit blind to it due to our love of all things Dawg. I have a feeling the next few years are going to be fun, boys.

  140. Greg Poole

    Check out Eason’s eye as he deliver his first TD >> Photo: Rob Saye/Bulldawg Illustrated

  141. converted 1981

    That was a gift from Tyler sitting next to me. Had many compliments on it. Great to see you and finally meet Bob.

  142. converted 1981

    I finally got to meet Bob yesterday. Great day all in all. #10 was exciting to watch and will be a great Dawg, lots of pressure on those shoulders. I have to admit S.T.’s is a Big concern this year. Three missed field goals.

  143. Bulldawg36

    Heck yeah!!!! Very good chicken stomp. We own SC in all three sports this year!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Jesse1

    Another weekend highlight for UGA was serving up chicken bird over at Foley Field. Fried, B-B- Q, grilled, roasted.13-4 over the #2 team in the nation? That ain’t bad.

  145. TtownDawg

    Espn can kiss my arse…I think if we would have had the room, we would have had over a 100,000 as well. I was in awe at the response dawgnation answered CKS’s request.My sons and I were there early and watching it fill up was awesome! It was also great to meet Greg and Bob too!

  146. Jesse1

    PTCDawg Eason has more than an 8 gauge shotgun for an arm. Dude sees the whole field. Eason can bludgeon defenses with his arm, or slice and dice em.

  147. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 Greg Poole Jesse1 If, as has been reported over time, that the Auburn game in 95′ was crashed by approx 5000 counterfeits, then yesterday certainly topped 100,000.On the ramps leading to section 600, folks were 10-15 deep. Mezzanine on the South side, same thing. I know it was probably a safety hazard, but nonetheless, for a so called meaningless game, it felt like a huge Red flag with a mammoth Black G was planted, and a line drawn in the dirt. As Herschel said, ” There is no reason for you to not be as good as Bama, LSU, anybody.

  148. GaSoldier

    What a great day to be Dawg yesterday, just shows the potential this program has like Smart says. Eason, Ramsey, Walker, Stanely, Ridley, and Nauta caught my eyes. Eason’s first TD pass he found the open guy fast, but what the heck was the LB doing?

  149. Bulldawg36

    Eason is going to great down the road!!! That sideline Thow to Davis was a thing of beauty!!!!!

  150. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 PTCDawg The Brice Ramsey who played yesterday is a great leap forward from the guy who backed up Lambert in 2015. No question Eason is the future. But Ramsey is proof positive that dedication to improvement pays dividends.

  151. Reddawg13

    PTCDawg Eason is going to be Da Man! Plain and simple. He or Ramsey will start the first game. Lambert is not on their level.

  152. PTCDawg

    IMO, I think Eason ends up being a much better qb than stafford. From me this isn’t as big a compliment as it sounds as I don’t think stafford is terribly good. Uber talented but the soft skills aren’t there. I think of it as the Jeff George syndrome. Eason seems to have the desire and ability to learn those soft skills rather than just rely on the arm, and if and when he does the sky is the limit!

  153. Reddawg13

    RobDawg Come September I believe we are going to notice a big change in our Bulldogs. Not saying we win it all this year, but we are going to see a different brand of football going forward. One that I have been wanting for years!

  154. Bulldawg36

    Kirby Smart rules baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. RobDawg

    I done read all the BI articles which are great Greg, Murray, and all…… Now I’m going to go check out the blog side of DawgBone and check back in later. Go Dawgs

  156. RobDawg

    Perfect! That’s what I noticed as difference than us when I watched other games on Sats last fall.

  157. Reddawg13

    RobDawg It was bad to the bone yesterday! The whole thing just rocked! We are definitely heading into a new era of Bulldog football! The arms and legs on our players are bigger and the “want to” is higher! I loved it!

  158. RobDawg

    Thanks man it’s 5:37 am out here and I’m wide awake so too much time on my hands and an iPad with wifi ….

  159. RobDawg

    I saw stats for Robinson at QB but no other mention in articles nor highlights. Is he a factor in the QB rotation at all?

  160. RobDawg

    Ok here come some questions – did Ridrigos FG from 46 barely get there, hit halfway up the pipes, or was it good from 50?

  161. ZippyMorocco

    I thought Ramsey and Eason did well. Both made some beautiful deep throws. Eason had some drops on intermediate routes, due to velocity.

  162. Rickpope2330

    Eason looked good. Strong arm and throws a really nice touch pass. The guy is a stud no doubt.

  163. RobDawg

    Got back to hotel room here in Tucson very late and saw only glimpses of ESPNU highlights -after they made more of a deal on Ohio State crowd than ours- and just saw a few plays. tOSU can bite me by the way. So from any of the guys that went, how did you feel our athletes look compared to last year? I know it’s early and spring but did we look bigger, meaner, faster? Also a buddy was there texting me and said Eason was real deal and is superior to others but he is definitely looking through his official Eason Fan Club glasses he has had on from day one. How good did mr Eason look?

  164. Rickpope2330

    Malik herring was really feeling it big time. I know he’s not a recruit but Mecole Hardman was going nuts and he really set the tone with the other guest

  165. Score Check

    Greg Poole Score Check
    I had to pick up Mrs. Score Check from the airport last evening.
    Sorry I missed 93K day!!!!

  166. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Jesse1 We went to the Last Resort last night and ran into some people that said they were some of the last that were let in, they said the guards shut it down at some point. I really feel over 100k came yesterday, some just a bit to late!

  167. Reddawg13

    DawgLink Not sure who, but we should get some more and soon! That atmosphere yesterday was off the chart! Come on Commit to the “G”ood “G”uys!

  168. Greg Poole

    Jesse1  Well said, bud. I have to admit to being a little worried during warm-ups but the late arrivers fill the upper-deck and, from reports I received, there were a ton of folks that never made it inside.

  169. Greg Poole

    DawgLink  It was and it was full with many more folks outside and downtown. Kirby pulled off a great start to his tenure.

  170. DawgLink

    I watched the G Day game after I got back home. Overall I was impressed. Eason, Nauta, Crowder all looked really good. Ramsey looked good on both fronts (qb and punting). Nice to get WP to commit before the game as well. Who’s next?

  171. Colonial Dawg

    Was blown away and really proud yesterday when the game came on and we realized the size of the crowd at the stadium.   I didn’t get to see the whole game but Eason looked really good what I saw.   Ramsey looked better and Lambert, at least when I was watching seemed to be less tentative.  139 days huh?  Ok, we’ll be better by then!  Go Dawgs!!

  172. Jesse1

    139 day. That is a long time. Time for us to get better. UNC may move the ball and score. But so are we.

  173. Jesse1

    DawgDaddy MidtownTeacher Exactly Daddy. Folks were slack jawed. From the facility to the genuine love rolling from the stands to the field, and the team responding with big plays time and again, UGA football demonstrated how ingrained our care about not just the collective, but the individuals. Having 1200 lettermen in attendance was huge. Heard one lady say, ” These Georgia folks stay tight with each other. No we ain’t seen anything like this.”

  174. Jesse1

    Great day yesterday for UGA. Aside from the hustle, and passion I saw from the players, our fans impressed me even more. The whole setup. Even the bathrooms, long a subject of disgust, were being maintained throughout the game by attendants who were hustling like the team. We had many visitors yesterday from across the social spectrum. I liked it. Having the state, not just the select few behind UGA will unleash the kraaken quicker than the new facilities. Well behaved crowd. Loud, brimming with enthusiasm, and less liquored up, many around me had never been to Athens, yet alone Sanford Stadium. We made a great impression on the fence straddlers yesterday. A common refrain or variation of it  heard yesterday as part of my wall flower assignment went. ” This is where I thought I wanted him/her to attend college. Now I know it.” 
    UGA’s star shined bright yesterday. And I don’t believe it was the tail flaming out.  Hearing folks singing out “It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldawg” had a ring of sincerity and genuine belief to my ears anyway. 
      Yes, there is still a long haul in front of the team and staff. Though a united and most certainly rabid fan base is going to will this team early on to some good things I believe. Truth is, I believe the squad we saw yesterday would thump the 2015 edition of Dirty Dawg Ball.

  175. DawgDaddy

    MidtownTeacher morning MtT, me too.  I know it had to excite the recruits to see that full house, especially any who had never been to Sanford.

  176. Greg Poole

    Good Morning! Will be spending the next few hours getting content online. 

    Great day for UGA. If anyone doubted that things had changesd in Athens, they should be convinvced after yesterday.

  177. MidtownTeacher

    good morning everyone! i look forward to hearing about impressions from recruits about gday.