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The Underwear Olympics?

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[break] Tis the season for college football recruiting-related organizations to hold combines around the country. High school athletes of various ages will gather in diverse locations to show off their skills in hope of landing a major college scholarship offer by participating in The Underwear Olympics (camps and combines where athletes complete in shorts).

[break] [break] How much do these combines, most of which charge fees for participation, actually increase the odds of being noticed by a college coach?
[break] [break] A recent Detroit Free Press article rips the recruiting industry that uses high school athletes as it raw material and suggests that the combines a valueless as recruiting vehicles for athletes.
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If you think college coaches pay attention to anything that happens at these combines or where the recruits are rated, you are delusional.The self-proclaimed recruiting gurus are the ones assigning stars, which has kids all over the country going out of their minds, obsessing over whether they will be a five-star recruit or a four star or a three star or — heaven forbid — a two star or lower.One of my questions: What did these recruiting gurus major in while in college to qualify them to rate kids? Astronomy?

If these recruiting gurus are so good at their jobs, why wasn’t there a five-star recruit starting in the Super Bowl? Why were there only seven four-star recruit Super Bowl starters? According to 247Sports, 20 starters were two-star players or lower.


The most important thing parents and kids must understand is college coaches pay no attention to any of this garbage.

If you think college coaches check how many stars a kid has next to his name before they recruit him, you are mistaken.

[break] [break] The article scathing rebuke of the system that many of us pay a great deal of attention to and some of us pay actual U.S. currency for the tidbits gathered by analysts at these combines and camps.
[break] [break] I’m guilty.
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