Week Three of Spring Training – Kirby Smart, Julian Humphrey, Earnest Greene III, Micah Morris, & JaCorey Thomas Interviews

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Week Three of Spring Training – Kirby Smart, Julian Humphrey, Earnest Greene III, Micah Morris, & JaCorey Thomas Interviews

Week three is officially underway. This Tuesday, the media had the opportunity to hear from Kirby Smart, Julian Humphrey, Earnest Greene III, Michah Morris, and JaCorey Thomas.





Kirby Smart

After an eventful weekend with a major Georgia player in the headlines, Kirby Smart opened up Tuesday’s presser speaking on Trevor Etienne’s arrest. Smart reiterated what he said about Etienne last week on him being a bright kid and his love for competition. Of course, this does not come without disappointment from Georgia’s head coach, “He’s embarrassed, he’s upset, he knows he made a mistake. It’s a teaching moment.”

When Kirby was asked about Julian Humphrey, he mentioned that Humphrey was provided a major opportunity last season due to Kamari Lassiter’s limited availability in practice. Humphrey was able to get a lot of reps and play a big role in the Missouri game. Questions revolving around Humphrey’s quick appearance in the transfer portal circled, eventually leading to a question about tampering. Specifically, how prevalent the issue is. Coach Smart replied, “I don’t know… I’m not the feds… All I know is when kids come see me they have a plan.”

Big news about the SEC’s scheduling was announced roughly a week ago. Georgia will face Alabama, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Texas at home during the 2025 season. Kirby is extremely excited for the fans to see one of the best home schedules in school history.





Two very well-spoken-of players, Ellis Robinson IV and KJ Bolden, continue to be referenced. Smart said that the two are everything they were advertised to be in terms of being good football players. He’s excited about them. Bolden, a long-time FSU commit, flipped to Georgia on his signing day. Yet, Smart never saw him committed anywhere else. Smart claims, “I don’t see kids as committed to other places. They’re not signed… If there’s interest from them… just be very consistent.”

Julian Humphrey

Julian Humphrey spoke with the media for the first time since he entered the transfer portal this past January. Humphrey quickly decided to return to Georgia but spoke on his initial reasons for making such a big decision. After the bowl game, he returned home for an off-week. He missed his people. Throughout the season he saw teammates spend time with their family members after games, but with him being from Texas, he did not have the same opportunity to be with his family. A multitude of Georgia coaches reached out. After speaking with Smart, Muschamp, and a few others, Humphrey realized that Georgia would be the best place for him to be. Humphrey even said, “Georgia gets you ready for the NFL. It has been proven. I want to be a part of that.”

Julian suffered an injury against Ole Miss that sidelined him for the remainder of the season. It was a bummer at the time, but he is back, healthy, and ready. There is a new face at the coaching spot of Humphrey’s position, Donte Williams. Humphrey said he has quickly grown a tight relationship with Williams, and that specifically, he has helped him better his ball skills.

Humphrey ran track in High School, and his speed is a constant contributor to his game. When asked who from his position group would close for a 4×100 team, he quickly answered with himself. He believes that he and Daniel Harris would be the best two closers at the position.

Earnest Greene III

Earnest Greene III does not have the prototypical offensive tackle build. Greene III stands at 6’4, 320 pounds, and is built more like a guard in the SEC. He takes pride in his technique to make up for his length. Greene III is no stranger to talent. Having played for St. John Bosco in California, he has been surrounded by elite players all of his life. One question asked about something that even a high-level program like St. John Bosco does not prepare a player for in college football. Greene III had a simple response. Seeing guys like Jalen Carter; there aren’t too many guys like that anywhere.

Greene III went through a surgery early into his career at Georgia. Since then, he has gotten a lot more comfortable. He said, “It takes football to get in football shape… It takes live reps to be comfortable.” Now that he has a year of starting under his belt, he still believes he can be better at every part of his game. He wants to focus on being good in the first four seconds of the play but elite in the final five to seven seconds of the play.

Micah Morris

Micah Morris opened with comments on the amazing job that the recruiting staff has done at the offensive line position. The level of competition thrives because of the amount of players who want to work hard no matter what part of the rotation they are in. He considered last season to be a blessing with his opportunities to be in the rotation more regularly.

His favorite part about being a guard is the contact. Morris stated, “I like running into people… Running over people… Their mouthpiece better be in.” Although primarily guard, Morris plays any position on the offensive line during practice, except center. Playing offensive tackle shows his versatility.

Morris emphasized the “iron sharpens iron” and the “mission, team, me” mentalities. His character is evident. Morris’s time closed with the media with a final question about his use of NIL and giving back to the youth. He knows the youth will shape the future. He wants to give them the best he can and at the very least help them all have good holidays.

JaCorey Thomas

Tuesday was Thomas’s first time with media availability, and he said his mom has been media training him since he was little. His mom told him, “You’re not going to go on TV and embarrass me.”

JaCorey Thomas is no stranger to competition. He has been with the Dawgs through elite talent at the safety position including guys like Christopher Smith and Javon Bullard. This season, he has the mentality to keep competing and growing every day. He continues to learn at both the safety position and special teams, saying that special teams at Georgia were a big learning curve. Having been a returner in High School, it was new for him to learn how to address and shed blocks.

Following the trend of questions about KJ Bolden and Ellis Robinson IV, Thomas was asked about them as new members of the defensive back group. Thomas spoke on both of their speed and how going through the Georgia program will be great for both of them.





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