Xavier Truss on the Progression of the Offensive Line

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Xavier Truss on the Progression of the Offensive Line

Xavier Truss

Redshirt junior Xavier Truss, an offensive tackle turned guard, had some things to say about the progression of the Bulldogs’ offensive line in a press conference after practice on Thursday.

Truss, who will play at guard after being a left tackle for an extended portion of his career, began by commending spring practice overall saying, “It’s going well so far. It’s really exciting to see all the new faces in here, [and] how they’re playing in pads. And even the returners. Getting the pads again is always exciting.”

The Rhode Island native gave his perspective on the progression of the O-line. While the media has been told good things about the reception of new coach, Stacy Searels, greatness doesn’t just happen overnight. After losing Salyer and Shaffer, he explained that “we have some spots to fill in, and I think finding that collectiveness and connection between us as an O-line is very important.”

Losing two players of that caliber can be tough for a program. Redshirt sophomore Devin Willock says, “Those guys definitely set the standard.” Willock went on to explain the legacy they left and what they taught him emphasizing the impact of their influence. Willock says it’s something they, “could pass… down to younger guys coming in.”

Moving forward, Truss should be more than ready to step into a more vocal leadership position within this group. Both he and Willock reiterated the importance of finishing plays and sprinting to the ball and how they’ll be working on that this offseason. Truss spoke to his own development going beyond this spring, “It’s going to be a very important spring, summer, and even fall for me.”

With the G-Day just around the corner, it seems that the Bulldog’s offensive line is still working out the kinks, but with the talent on this roster, it seems almost impossible for something to go wrong. Expected to replace left tackle Jamaree Salyer is five-star Broderick Jones. Xavier Truss is competing to fill in Shaffer’s spot but is expected to start on the first team come G-Day.

Georgia’s offensive line group definitely has the tools to play at a similar level, if not better, next season. All they need is time to gel and congeal to get “the best five… out there” (Truss).





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