Zion Logue explains just how he’s prepared for his larger role

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Zion Logue explains just how he’s prepared for his larger role

All offseason senior defensive lineman Zion Logue has discussed his transition into a larger leadership role on the defense. But what comes with that is a larger role on the field as well. And with the first game of the season coming up later this afternoon, we can delve into the details of what exactly that larger role means after assessing what Logue had to say to reporters earlier this week.

Last year Logue came into games after the likes of Davis, Wyatt, and Walker and saw limited snaps because of such. According to Logue, he saw on average 15 to 22 snaps a game, but he says, “The number will probably definitely jump… this year.”





On how he feels about the Jordan Davis comparisons and expectations to replace him, he said, “I… gotta kind of take a little bit of things that he did [and try] to put them in my game.” Size-wise, Logue isn’t too far from the Davis build. Logue stands at 6’5, 305 to 310 pounds, about an inch shorter and 30 pounds less than the Philadelphia Eagles’ first-round pick, but reports from other players say that Logue boasts his own blend of raw strength and twitchiness.

Logue is proud of his progress this offseason in terms of conditioning. He said he went the extra mile to run a little more and endure to get ready for the larger snap count he’ll wind up playing this season.

And it’s not just Logue expected to get more playing time either. With so many guys leaving, it calls for more guys to come in and play. Logue assured the media that he and his guys are prepared to say, “I know I’m ready for it… just like other guys in the room like Nazir, Tyrion, guys like that…”





The offseason will soon come to a close, and the regular season will be upon Athens in a matter of hours. Once the Dawgs take the field against Oregon’s highly acclaimed offensive line, we’ll see how this year’s trench group fares in creating their legacy. 





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