Daily Dawg Thread 25 JULY 2018: Harlem Diamond Interview

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Daily Dawg Thread 25 JULY 2018: Harlem Diamond Interview

Harlem Diamond and Brooklynn Diamond. Photo @JDdaDon2 Twitter
Harlem Diamond and his little sister Brooklynn. Photo @JDdaDon2 Twitter


Daily Dawg Thread


Harlem Diamond isn’t your normal 13 years old. He happens to be a pretty awesome football player and a member of the 2023 class. Not to mention he’s cousin’s with Georgia great, Nick Chubb. Diamond not only is related to Chubb but wants to follow in his footsteps and become the next great running back to don the red and black. I mean with a name like Harlem Diamond, he has to play football. And according to him, his dad picked his name out for a reason. “My dad said the Harlem Renaissance was a great time in history and one day I will have my place in history,” Diamond stated.
He currently plays football for his middle school team, and get this already runs a 5.2 forty-yard dash. Outside of football the youngster plays on the baseball team, the wrestling team, and loves to bass fish. Diamond told me the biggest bass he caught was around eight pounds. He plays right field on the baseball team and in his first season wrestling, had a 19-3 record. Like his older cousin, Diamond’s already winning championships too. He was apart of his middle school baseball’s championship team along with his football team.
Diamond’s already doing stuff to make things happen and it impresses me that a 13-year-old kid is as smart as him. There were times during the interview I thought I was talking to a member of the 2019 class. Anyway, he may be young, not hold any offers yet, but I had to share this interview. Hope you enjoy!

Harlem Diamond’s Interview:

Q: So, can schools offer you yet or how does that work?

HD: “I’ve seen other kids get an offer early. Florida Atlantic offered a kid going to the 8th grade, I just figured I will have to wait my turn, put God first, and pray that once I’m going into my 9th grade year I start getting offers.”

Q: So where you from? And you’re related to Nick Chubb, right?

HD: “I am from Cedartown GA. Nick is my cousin. It’s great to have someone like him to look up too! I plan to be better..lol.”

Q: That’s a bold statement! I like it though! So what are some things you’ve accomplished? I noticed you’ve participated in a couple camps. Tell me about them

HD: “I was invited to the Under Armour Middle School Camp. I won MVP of the Future Stars Camp and was invited to play in the Future Stars Ga/Fla game in Boca Raton. While there, we stayed on FAU’s campus. I recently tried out for The Georgia Elite Showcase as well. I also got invited to play in the Middle School All-American Game in December, due to my performance. I am a 2x Diamond All-American and I won a leadership award from Born to Compete. The camps are very competitive and I enjoy the competition. I love going against top players to show me what I need to work on.”

Q: What are some of the things coaches are telling you at those camps?

HD: “I hear stuff like I have good agility and I have good football knowledge. I’m always listening to coaches to learn different techniques while trying to get better. I hear I have a big heart and I am a hard worker. Some coaches tell me things I can improve on when I am running routes. I’m a coachable kid, I listen and try to correct what I need to.”

Q: Awesome! So, how close are you and Chubb? Has he given you any advice?

HD: “We are very close! I see him when he is here in town. He has always given me the advice to work hard, stay focused, and put God first. He is definitely an inspiration to me.”

Q: Who are some other football players that you look up to? Fav player or NFL guy?

HD: “Well I like Roqaun Smith and I like Swift. My favorite NFL player is Ezekial Elliot. I think we have similar running styles.”

Q: Any dream schools?

HD: “I would love to play at UGA, Miami, Florida, or Ohio State. Just to name a few, but UGA would be where my heart is.”

Q: What do you feel like are your strengths? Weaknesses?

HD: “My strengths are that I’m a team player, a leader, I play with heart, I give it 100% every time, I’m a good student in the classroom, humble, and respectful. My weaknesses are that I can be too competitive and I get down on myself when I don’t do something right, but I am working on that.”

Q: When’s your next camp or will your football season be starting in the next few weeks?

HD: “My middle school team has been working for the last 3 weeks. We are practicing two times a day on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Everyone is excited about defending our championship from last year. The next camp I will attend is called Iron Sharpen Iron. It’s a local camp in Cedartown and then I’ll be done with camps for the year.”

SL: So what was it like growing up with someone as famous as Chubb?

HD: “To me he just my cousin. He is the same way now as he was when he would come to hold the chains at my little league games. I don’t look at him as famous, he has never changed.”

Q: Do you have a favorite memory with Chubb or like a funny memory that you want to share?

HD: ” My favorite memory was when he took me on a recruiting visit with him to UGA. He was a junior in high school. A funny memory was when I was invited to play in the Future Stars game. We were able to stay on UGA’s campus. Nick came and picked me up and took me through the facilities. He gave me cleats and gloves so when I got back to the dorm the other players were like ‘WOW you know Nick Chubb?'”

Q: So I guess hanging out with Nick you got to with Sony too… What did you think of him?

HD: “I met Sony! He was cool and a good guy. He and Nick are really good friends.”

Q: So what are some things you want to accomplish on the field this season?

HD: “I want to rush for 1k yards, lead the team in tackles, and help my team win another championship.”

Q: What position do you play on defense? How many did you rush for last season? TD?

HD: “Last year I rushed for 500 yards and 9 touchdowns. I shared carries with an 8th grader, so he got most of the carries because he was in the 8th grade. I play LB and did lead the team in tackles last year.”

Q: How many tackles?

HD: “I had 80+ tackles in 8 games and 2 interceptions.”

Q: Have coaches timed you in the forty yet?

HD: “5.2 is my fastest. I’m working on that. I have football speed..lol..”

Q: Want to tell dawg nation anything? lol like just a go dawgs or something?

HD: “Sure, I would like to say thanks to all of dawg nation who supports me and believe that I have the ability to be a dawg in the next five years. Go Dawgs!!”

Harlem Diamond Film:




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