Interview: Terry Lambert, 2019 Athlete Recruit from Magnolia AR

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Interview: Terry Lambert, 2019 Athlete Recruit from Magnolia AR

Terry Lambert (Photo: Terry Lambert Twitter)
Terry Lambert
(Photo: Terry Lambert Twitter)

Terry Lambert is listed as a three-star dual-threat quarterback from Magnolia High School in Magnolia, Arkansas.  But do not let that position listing fool you as this young athlete also plays running back, slot receiver, special teams, and is as versatile as they come.  I would give him the position allotment of a true Athlete. He is 5-9 and 185 and runs a 4.42 40-yard dash. Lambert ranks as No. 22 overall prospect in the state of Arkansas and currently holds an offer from Howard University, Southern Oregon, and most notably a preferred walk-on offer from Head Coach Nick Saban and the University of Alabama. Lambert recently visited the University of Georgia on the last weekend of July.  
I spoke with Lambert following this visit about his experience, his thoughts on Head Coach Kirby Smart, and the Georgia Football program 
Terry Lambert Interview:
Q: How is the overall recruiting process going for you?
A: “I really like where I am at now in the recruiting process.  I have received an offer from Howard University, a preferred walk-on offer from the University of Alabama in October of 2017, and the University of Georgia is expressing a whole lot of interest in me at this time as well.
Q: Schools in the running where you’ll take your official visits?
A: “I plan on taking official visits to Howard, Alabama, and Georgia.”
Q: What do you think of Georgia?
A: “Oh my goodness.  Well, I have been to Alabama and all when and after receiving the preferred walk-on and it is nice.  But when I was invited to UGA to visit and work out for the coaches there, it was different. Upon arriving it was like a parachute came off my back, and I was carried on throughout a day with the university and the football program.  Georgia was just flat-out awesome, and I cannot wait to return as UGA is like a wonderland. The new locker room, facilities, and the campus itself, in general, is the best I have ever seen.
Q: How hard are they recruiting you? And what are some things they are telling you?
A: “They are recruiting me pretty hard in all honesty, and I know that I am the #1 player on at least one of the UGA Coaches’ recruiting databases.  I have been told that they really like me and my vision as well as how I run routes, make cuts, and my footwork efficiency.”
Q: What are the key factors that will go into any recruitment decision that you will make in the future?
A: “My number one factor is how is that particular school going to develop me once I am there in terms of football and athletic excellence.  Another factor is most certainly academics. A final factor is the environment of the program and how I feel when in and among those players and coaches that are there.  Meaning, do I feel like I am wanted there or do I feel like a part of the family that is there.”
Q: What do you think of Kirby smart and the staff?
A: “I think they are great.  Upon my visit, they explained the ins and outs as it relates to the direction of the program and showed me the various ways Coach Smart is building it up.  Overall, the Georgia Coaching staff is pretty legit.”
Q: I know that the University of Georgia is very interested as you have stated earlier in our interview and based off of your visit there recently.  Given those factors, it would seem as if a potential offer from Georgia may very well be imminent in the near future. Given that you had an offer from UGA today would the University of Georgia be the frontrunner for you?
A: “I am going to be quite honest with you, as it stands today and the circumstances that I am currently in without any proposed scenarios coming into play, the University of Alabama is the current leader for me in my recruiting process.”
Q: Upon committing to play football for whatever school you do eventually choose to play for, do you know plan to enroll early or will you wait for regular admission?
A: “I have already had conversations with our school counselors on this subject, and our school does not allow for early graduation.  As a result, I will just have to wait to enroll at a regular admission time period.”
Q: Do you have or is there any message that you would send out to the University of Georgia (or any college football program) of why you would be a good fit as a football player for their program?
A: “Yes, Georgia (or any other program in the alternative) would be getting the best that they could from me as an athlete and a person.  I plan to work very hard and go above and beyond the limitations that anyone would happen to want to place on me as a football player and an athlete.  I plan to outwork the competition and plan on striving to be the best that I can be for UGA or for any school that I end up playing for. At the end of the day, whether it is Georgia or another program, they will be getting a true child of God, a hard worker with unyielding determination, a player that will bring something to the table for the program, and a player that will not let his program down after providing him with an opportunity.
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