Recruiting Chat Rewind: Will the Bulldogs land Justin Fields or Matt Corral?

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Recruiting Chat Rewind: Will the Bulldogs land Justin Fields or Matt Corral?


I invited I’mYourHuckleberry, Lucas Rogers, Matthew Hall, Rick Pope, and Savannah Richardson for a Thursday night live UGA football recruiting chat to field questions from Bulldawg Illustrated readers and posters. And what was the number one question on most everyone’s mind? Will the Bulldogs land phenom five-star quarterback Justin Fields or Matt Corral? That wasn’t the only question, though; so, without further a do, here are the highlights from last night’s awesome chat.

Well, I’ll ask the most obvious question… What about Justin Fields? (from RumRunnerDoogie)

Lucas: “So, he’s visiting Auburn currently, which we all know how that can turn… Right now, I feel pretty good about Georgia’s chances here. Distance is a big factor in his decision which is why I think Auburn is (UGA’s) main threat personally. The Dogs have got (Field’s) sister and momma on our side, though, so like Georgia’s chances. I have a feeling Fields will end the process in mid to late August with a commitment to Georgia. So I guess I am 95 confident as Bob would say ##”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “The one thing I think is safe to say that we all know about Fields is that when he announces his next commitment he is 100% locked in and it is over.”

Rick Pope: “Georgia is in good shape to land Fields or Corral as long as the Dogs play their cards right.”

Savannah: “I think the 5-star QB eventually chooses the good guys. He is at Auburn, but I think it is just a technicality. He’s back in town Saturday, and I think he will be a commit sooner than later.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Right now, Fields is a Georgia lean. Will he still be so when it comes time for him to make a decision between now and Christmas? That is the million dollar question.”


What happens if Corral commits first. Would he be ticked off if he’s committed and we’re still recruiting Fields? (from Avon Barksdale) and Can we be pretty sure we’ll get one of those guys? (from Dawgmum2.0)

Rick Pope: “If MC (Matt Corral) commits first, I think UGA shuts down the QB recruiting.”

Savannah: “Take both.”

Bulldawg Bob: “@Avon Barksdale. The Georgia coaching staff is in communication with both QBs on a regular basis, and I don’t believe the Dogs will slow play either Corral or Fields. If Corral wants to commit, the staff will accept it, but at the same time, if Fields is still interested in UGA, they are not going to stop recruiting him. I don’t think it would upset Corral, but you never know.

“@dawgmum2.0: I think so. Both Corral and Fields are leaning towards UGA at the moment, and I think the Dogs will land one of the two when the dust settles.”


What’s the biggest need for Georgia in the 2018 class that needs to be filled? (from RobDawg)

Lucas: “Defensive line.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “I think it is a stud that can get to the QB off the edge. Another Jarvis Jones.”

Savannah: “Defensive line.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Defensive line and namely defensive tackle and SDE on the d-line.”


Who are the Dogs going to land that are game changers on the DL? (from B Stanley)

Lucas: “Adam Anderson and Azeez should both hold it down on the outside.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Adam Anderson and Azeez Ojulari are nasty coming off the edge. Tramel Walthour will surprise some folks at DT. There will be more. And A. Anderson and A. Ojulari are hybrid WDE/OLB. If they play on the d-line, it will be at rushend.”


What DL do we end up with? (from Qlbdecatur)

Lucas: “Gonna be interesting. May see some Juco guys pop up. Need to watch Tramel Walthour, Rick Sandidge, and Kingsley Enagbare.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Kingsley Enagbare
Malik Langham
Rick Sandidge
Trevor Trout
Tramel Walthour.”


What is your take on the commitment of 2018 TE John Fitzpatrick to UGA, and will the Dogs take 2 TEs in this class? If so, who will be the 2nd one – Luke Ford, Tommy Tremble, or some other prospect yet to be named?

Lucas: “Yes. UGA will take two. It will be interesting with who the other TE will be between (Tommy) Tremble and (Luke) Ford. Tremble is visiting this weekend, and I talked to him for a bit. He told me he was really excited to get back on campus at Georgia.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “I think it is (Luke) Ford or bust. Like (John) Fitzpatrick, he is big, physical, and can be a great in-line blocker and a solid weapon in the receiving game. Not so sure about (Tommy) Tremble.”

Rick Pope: “(Luke) Ford if (Justin) Fields commits to Georgia. If not, then (Tommy) Tremble.”

Savannah: “I think that UGA takes 2 TEs in this class. (Luke) Ford and (John) Fitzpatrick. I like his (Fitzpatrick’s) size and his big hands. He is a huge pick up in my opinion and will play early.”

Bulldawg Bob: “John Fitzpatrick is not a backup plan. The plan for UGA has been to take two TEs in this 2018 class since they did not take one in 2017.”


Who are the next ten recruits to most likely commit to the Dogs? (from DawgDaddy)

Savannah: “LOL. I’ll tackle this one…
1: Trey Hill
2: Jamaree Slayer
3: James Cook
4: Luke Ford
5: Kearis Jackson
6: Josh Vann
7: Azeez Ojulari
8: Justin Fields
9: Trey Dean
10: Tramel Walthour”


Do the Dogs land James Cook? (from Qlbdecatur)

Lucas: “IMO… Yes.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “I think it is going to be a battle to signing day even if we land his commitment sooner than later. He gives me the impression that he might change his mind a few times.”

Savannah: “Yes. I just have this feeling about him. Watching his film, he is such a good mixture of power and speed at RB to add to UGA’s already deep RB position. He will compliment White well. His mother keeps telling people it’s Georgia.”

Bulldawg Bob: “I’m 95%…. eh… make that 97% sure Georgia will land James Cook.”


Why all of a sudden did UGA get 2 CBs (crystal balls) for Trey Dean? Whats up? (from DawgDaddy)

Lucas: “Decided not to visit Texas anymore before his decision, which was believed to be his front-runner before that.”


What is the intel on Caleb Tannor? Is he wanted by the (UGA) staff? Will he commit soon if he is? (from DawgDaddy)

Lucas: “Yes. He is wanted. Should decide pretty soon.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Yes. C. Tannor is one of Georgia’s targets in that hybrid WDE/OLB group along with Azeez Ojulari. He is expected to commit soon. How soon? Could be before the end of this month or before the start of football season.”


What about Tyreke Johnson? (from RumRunnerDoogie)

Lucas: “Favoring Georgia ATM. I think they only take four DBs, and if Dean commits, that is one spot left. So, Georgia’s DB recruiting will be interesting.”

Rick Pope: “I think he’s a Dog.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Johnson is definitely a Dawg lean at the moment. I think he will join Trey Dean, Jemaurian Jones, Chris Smith, and Rachad Wildgoose as UGA’s 2018 DB class.”


How many corners does Georgia take in 2018? (from RobDawg)

Lucas: “Chris Smith and (Rachad) Wildgoose, and then the other two, I imagine, are safeties or at least try out at corner and probably move to safety. But watch Gilbert Frierson.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “Yes, definitely watch for Gilbert Frierson.”

Bulldawg Bob: “As far as true CBs out of the potential 5 DBs in this 2018 class for the Dogs, Chris Smith and Jemaurian Jones.”


How many players will Georgia take in 2018? (from DawgDaddy)

Lucas: “24… IMO maybe 25.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “25.”

Savannah: “21-25.”

Bulldawg Bob: “I think the 2018 class will be a wee bit smaller than the 2017 one with 21-23 signees.”


Anyone have a list of ‘expected targets’ (for 2018) that are EEs (early enrollees)? (from PTCDawg)

Lucas: “I know Zamir (White), (Trey) Hill are going to be. (Justin) Fields won’t because of baseball. What is even more interesting is what commits will sign during the early signing period.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “Really too early to tell for many. Will know a lot more around late September.”

Bulldawg Bob: “The four I know of that could be EEs are:

Brennan Eagles
Trey Hill
Jemaurian Jones
Zamir White (committed to UGA)”


What is the feelin on Kearis (Jackson) lately? (from RobDawg)

Lucas: “Still likes Georgia.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “He canceled his visit to Auburn at the last minute. I don’t know for certain, but I am pretty sure he will be spending the night in town (Athens) on Saturday night and leaving Sunday.”

Rick Pope: “Hard to read. I think UGA but Kearis is showing and getting a lot love else where.”

Savannah: “Kearis is going to go where (Justin) Fields goes. I think UGA gets him regardless of Fields, but that’s just my opinion. He wants a good QB to get throws from; so, he will have it either way at UGA.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Kearis Jackson is still a Dawg lean, but Auburn is definitely pushing hard for him and have made up some ground the recruiting battle.”


What is everyone’s feeling on Nolan Smith? Dogs still good here? (from Avon Barksdale)

Lucas: “I’ll give a decent yes, but I am a little nervous about N. Smith.”

Rick Pope: “Yes.”

Bulldawg Bob: “As of right now, yes. But 2019 is a long way off.”


What about (Owen) Pappoe? (from RummRunnerDoogie)

I’mYourHuckleberry: “Favoring Clemson….but long way to go. The Tigers made a very big move behind the scenes… momma apparently loved Dabo on the visit.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Long way to go for Pappoe, but UGA is putting on the full court press. It was a Clemson-FSU race, but UGA is in it. He will be one of the top prospects in the 2019 class in the nation.”


Who is visiting UGA this weeknd?

Lucas Rogers: “I talked to Jaevon Becton, Rachad Wildgoose, Owen Condon, and Warren Ericson, and they will all be there.”

I’mYourHuckleberry: “For the record, I think there is just going to be positive momentum at the cookout and the visits this weekend. There is one person (that I won’t name) that has been rumored to be ready to pull the trigger the next time he sees Kirby. If he does, I think there is one other that will go ahead and commit as well, potentially two.”

Matthew Hall: “Lee County High School lineman named Griffin McDowell, who Is committed To Mississippi State, he is visiting UGA this weekend. Otis Reese is also visiting along with WR Tyquayvious Terrell.”

Bulldawg Bob: “JD Bertrand, Dominick Blaylock, Owen Condon, Warren Ericson, Justin Fields, John Fitzpatrick, Ryland Goede, Quindarious Monday, Azeez Ojulari, Jalyn Phillips, Jamaree Salyer, Rick Sandidge, Chris Smith, Channing Tindall, Tommy Tremble, Josh Vann, Zamir White”


If you would like to read through all of the chat from Thursday night in all it’s unedited, raw glory, CLICK HERE.



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