UGA Football Recruiting 03-Apr-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 03-Apr-2016

Zamir WhiteZamir White


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


Today’s Featured Recruits



Zues is Loose!


Justin Mascoll Class of 2018


Junior season highlights!


Yusuf Corker’s Highlights





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Greg is closing in on 11 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

142 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 03-Apr-2016

  1. Bulldawg Bob2

    Lucas Rogers Jacoby is a nice young man. Talked with him some week before last. Asked me to do an edit for him and was very appreciative and thankful. Very talented. Hope Dawgs are able to land him, and right now, they are sitting well.

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    dsw61 Got to talk with Isaac Nauta back on NSD as he Julian Rochester and Jacob Eason were made available to the media. Very well spoken and intelligent along with Julian Rochester. I was impressed with all 3 young men. Looking forward to seeing him play between the hedges.

  3. CLTDawg

    Lucas Rogers Really like the idea of him and RL3 at safety. Talk about some serious range back there.

  4. Lucas Rogers

    I am about 15 minutes from his school, so this upcoming season I am gonna go to a game and watch him

  5. dsw61

    Another good sign of things to come…Kirby said Nauta is really smart and picks things up quickly.

  6. dsw61

    I liked Kirby’s comments about the QBs. His comment that Lambert needed to be more mobile…needed to leave the pocket and create more…is a good sign IMO. I also liked his comment about being careful not to over coach Eason to the point where he becomes too tentative. I also appreciate Kirby providing some clarity on Ramsey. It will be interesting to see if Chaney and Kirby can help him become more of a leader.

  7. Lucas Rogers

    Brooklyndawg If he does it will have to be unofficial since he has taken all his official visits

  8. haws1178

    I like the approach of taking care of the little things and the big stuff usually takes care of itself. We use a similar tactics at work and it works out good (usually with safety plans).

  9. haws1178

    Kirby is into every little detail. I know it’s been said a lot but I didn’t think it was all the way down to this level.

  10. Greg Poole

    I see examples of the differences every day. This staff is deadly serious about their business.

  11. haws1178

    Sitting around talking to my pops yesterday Dawg talk popped up like it always does. He was telling me that he had a long conversation with the caterer at my cousins wedding. It turns out that caterer is the same one UGA uses for the football team. The caterer claims that working with Kirby is night and day difference between CKS and Richt. He stated that CMR was like whatever you want to bring and CKS is very detailed and made the statement that if it’s not protein don’t bring it.

  12. haws1178

    I have read some of his stuff. It’s been awhile. I don’t recall ever disagreeing with anything of his.

  13. haws1178

    What’s up folks? I’ve had a busy weekend and haven’t been on much. Hope I missed a bunch of good news y’all can fill me in on.

  14. CLTDawg

    PatriotVeteran Bansai buckeroo He committed to UGA knowing that Eason was coming. Once Richt and Schotty were out the door, he was too. Smart and company clearly favored Fromm. More about what coaches saw in him than being afraid of competition.

  15. Greg Poole

    Don’t know how many of you have read the I’m Your Huckleberry columns that have been around for a few years, but Huck will be contributing to BI starting very soon. We’re just getting everything set up for him.

  16. Greg Poole

    DawgDaddy Bansai buckeroo   Is it wrong that my first thought was >> yeah, and 10-12 year you’ll be broke?

  17. Greg Poole

    dsw61 True. The many exciting things happening to stress over any particular recruit.

  18. dsw61

    Lucas Rogers Greg Poole I think you’re right. I like Hockman a lot, but Fromm might be a little better; especially when it comes to the intangibles like leadership.

  19. dsw61

    Greg Poole Agree. The commitment of 2018 Max Wray put the D-Rob timeline in perspective for me…not to mention all the 2017 kids across the country who are committing to various schools. I hope he picks UGA, but I’m not not going to get upset if he goes somewhere else. Too many good things going on right now in recruiting.

  20. Brooklyndawg

    PatriotVeteran Bansai buckeroo Hockman committed to Florida State, not the U of Florida. Are we scheduled to play FSU in the near future, I don’t know?

  21. DawgDaddy

    Bansai buckeroo 3 or 4 years and I am going to be a millionaire, I love it!  Kid is outgoing and talented.

  22. PatriotVeteran

    Bansai buckeroo      IMO – Hockman wants recognition and doesn’t want to go through the process of Competing against Eason his first year and Lawrence for the next 2 years, so the easy out is ” Commit to a college that will play against UGA and try to prove he should have been UGAs first choice”

    He’s a nice young man and he’ll do well, but I like:  Eason, Fromm and Lawrence.
    I don’t think Lawrence is UGA ready to compete either, so well just have to keep on checking out the many young QB’s in Georgia and go with someone that’s not afraid to compete for the job.

  23. Greg Poole

    I don’t know what the latest is on him. Frankly, I’ve sort of lost interest in that drama. If he picks UGA great, if not, that fine too.

  24. DawgDaddy

    ZippyMorocco Bansai buckeroo I agree with Zippy on this one.  Bailey was all in with UGA when he committed and said it was where he always wanted to attend. IIRC

  25. JessCapel

    Reddawg13 Greg Poole Better be careful with that talk, Donnie T might catapult you over his wall.

  26. GaSoldier

    What’s the latest in D-Rob? Did he visit ND?
    Haven’t been on in a while, busy with work

  27. Bansai buckeroo

    @ZippyMorocco….. Thanks Zippy… I didn’t know the background….makes sense then..

  28. Bansai buckeroo

    I wish I knew what happened with him and his quick decommitment from the dawgs….I can’t believe it was just about the firing of Richt….. Anybody have any insight or knowledge.

  29. Greg Poole

    Lucas Rogers It would reaaly be cool to get both. although I know it is VERY unlikely.

  30. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole After reading this I am not too sure what chapped his arse but I don’t see why this should concern anyone in Missouri.

  31. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg Bob2  Wow, this young man has a solid build to him.  If we can keep him and get Ignont and the young man from Vidalia, that would be a heck of a LB haul.

  32. Bulldawg Bob2

    ed603 Thanks Ed. Mrs. BB2 is feeling much better. We are both glad to be home. Hope you and  yours are well too. Now, I just have to go cut about a weeks worth of lawn growth lol.

  33. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2 Aye. Good to be back home. Mrs. BB2 is doing A-OK. Resting. You know, you really don’t get much rest in a hospital since they come poke and prod you every couple of hours; so, she is happy camper.

  34. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  Just passing it along, brother — but I agree. I don’t like lists, at all. They are part of the recruiting hype that we’d all be better off without.

  35. Bansai buckeroo

    I’m sorry…I just don’t like top ten lists. Wheather we are on top or not….Come back when you have narrowed down a little better…jmo

  36. Bulldawg Bob2

    Good morning all you Hairy Dawgs.

    We are finally back at home! But now I’ve got to cut grass lol!

  37. Greg Poole

    Keldrick Carper 

    “He said he just wants guys who are athletic and long cornerbacks,” Smart said. “What they do is what they did at Bama. He told me they used nothing but cornerbacks and they used no real true safeties. They put corners at safety because they need 4-5 people on the field who can cover. He said he wasn’t that particular on a position. As long as I can cover and come down and hit and catch interceptions then he told me that I would love playing in their defense.”

  38. Jesse1

    75tranzam Greg Poole The flip side to Mizzou folks being the “Show Me” people, is that after showing them, they still don’t have a clue.

  39. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Jesse1 No doubt. Still the same,though  like the rest of us, thinner on top, and a bit slower afoot.

  40. Jesse1

    Greg Poole And in better shape than Motel 6. Btw: Jerry and Eugene said to tell you hello. Jerry though has switched to Fiji water, and retired the Bud Lite :-).

  41. GoBigDog

    Greg Poole GoBigDog Yea I think so, too.  Just sort of too lazy to do research this morning, ha!

  42. GoBigDog

    Greg Poole GoBigDog I quickly noticed Zamir’s H.S. football jersey number.  Has #34 been retired at UGA?

  43. Reddawg13

    UGA and Athens has always been a great place to play football. That being said Kirby and his ability to recruit is second to none. But, recruits believe that what he was a part of at Bama is going to come here, the recruits firmly believe the Bulldogs are heading for championships! And, well, I do too!

  44. Greg Poole

    Looks like Julian Rochester has officially changed to no. 5 – may be the biggest no. 5 ever.

  45. 75tranzam

    Greg Poole I must have missed the so called “truth” I couldn’t handle in this article.