UGA Recruiting Daily 01-July-2016

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UGA Recruiting Daily 01-July-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect – Mark Webb
Mark Webb


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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Senior WR CB
Archbishop Wood High School
Warminster, PA


Senior RB CB
Montgomery Bell Academy
Nashville, TN


Senior RB MLB
Buckhorn High School
New Market, AL


Senior CB FS SS
Mater Academy Charter High School
Hialeah Gardens, FL



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

179 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 01-July-2016

  1. RobDawg

    Interesting – there is a challenge review after a fake field goal trying to say defensive held the receiver for pass interference. The refs reviewed the replay and could have awarded a penalty but didn’t think receiver was held. Challenging to try and get penalty calls after a play will greatly change the game if we ever go there

  2. RobDawg

    Yeah the talent looks like a very good high school team. Big rambling FB catching screen passes , stuff like that.

  3. RobDawg

    There is a live football game coming on ESPN2 coming on at 10:00 EST and yes it’s Canadian football but it is football game. Winnipeg at Calgary

  4. DawgByte

    Greg Poole I hope we can do it again. I was there for the big one and it was a happening that I’ll never forget!

  5. PTCDawg

    seeing a CB for AJ Terrell is very cool. If we can land the guys we are looking good for, its hard to imagine there being a better DB class ever. for anyone.

  6. DawgByte

    DawgLink “I wanted him to acclimate real fast and enjoy himself,” Durant said. “I didn’t want it to just be about football and becoming a better player. I know he loves it. He feels like he is at home. Georgia has welcomed him with open arms. He loves the people. I can tell you that Jacob and Ben (Cleveland) and (Isaac) Nauta have already formed this unbreakable bond together. He loves it there. Georgia is definitely his second home. I can tell you that he will be a guy who comes back to visit Georgia even after his playing days at Georgia.”


  7. Greg Poole

    godawgs678 still around but UGA is probably fishing in more productive waters.

  8. DawgByte

    DawgLink Do you think this kid is serious about starting?! He just got tutored by a QB coach and before that went to another elite camp. Love this kid… all this hard work is going to pay off.

  9. DawgByte

    The last few years my hype meter has been set to 0, however this article about Eason has me extremely stoked. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Jacob is a special player and I’m totally pumped to see what he can do at UGA.

    Must read:

  10. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Greg Poole I’d come unglued if I saw my son act like that on the sidelines

  11. godawgs678

    Whatever happened with the recruitment of KJ Britt? Seems like he’s vanished lately.

  12. Greg Poole

    ATHENS——–The 2017 annual G-Day Game will be played in Sanford Stadiumon Saturday, April 22. Kickoff time has not yet been determined.The game date will avoid conflicting with The Masters which is scheduledApril 6-9, and Easter weekend which falls on April 15-16.

  13. BahitsDawg

    dawgmum BahitsDawg Greg Poole It is Friday.  The Friday before the Independence day celebration of the greatest country on earth….. and, we haven’t been given the get out of dodge notice, yet.   My mind is drifting.

  14. dawgmum

    BahitsDawg dawgmum Greg Poole Not sure how you came up with that answer, but OK. 😀

  15. dsw61

    BahitsDawg Wynn’s weight is off by quite a bit. He was reportedly closer to 300lbs last year. The roster has had him frozen at 278 forever it seems like.

  16. dsw61

    Greg Poole My favorite part is the clip of him throwing shows a little shoulder tilt. Would expect that on longer throws though. Hope he incorporates some in his intermediate throws.

  17. Reddawg13

    converted 1981 Bulldawg36 Plug that hole. That may not stay long, read it quick!

  18. Reddawg13

    BahitsDawg Reddawg13 Greg Poole I went Double T because he will get that a lot.

  19. Reddawg13

    BahitsDawg dsw61 Greg Poole He wanted to run his offense but was handcuffed and couldn’t.

  20. converted 1981

    Bulldawg36 Like my Brother says = Beat Me, Hurt Me, make me write bad checks.  I would be called for Hugging or em “Holding” every play.

    Certainly give new meaning to the old Cheer = Push’em Up, Push’em Up Wayyyy Up!  Oh wait, that was back…

  21. dawgmum

    Greg Poole Is there any hint on a timeline of when we find out who that last commit was? We don’t have to wait until the Opening, do we?

  22. BahitsDawg

    I hope we get an updated roaster with height/weights soon.  I think Eason will be listed at 6’6″

  23. Greg Poole

    Reddawg13 Can’t help you on that one but I’m sure some of the group will be up to the task.

  24. Reddawg13

    Okay so I am on call this weekend, ugh! That means no drinking and partying. Can I get an “I will” from any fellow Bulldogs that will drink and party on my behalf?

  25. converted 1981

    Bulldawg36 So “Tied” atop the SEC East!  Who holds the tie breaker – you did Not commit!

  26. Doc R

    converted 1981 Greg Poole amazing that a guy who can’t cut it in the NFL feels the need to act like a prick in the CFL

  27. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole I wish we would try this with Greg Pyke.  Is he our most athletic big OL?

  28. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Sounds like they are doing it the right way.  Most “Old School” Coaches would Not make it today with the way they would work the kids and with hold water/breaks….

    What do you think of Pee Wee Football going back to Leather Style Helmets?  Forcing the kids to keep their heads up and Not Learning/Recognizing at an early age that the helmet could be used as a “Weapon”.

  29. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Can Not “Like”….  Please tell me he was Benched after this!

  30. converted 1981

    Greg Poole So how does our Secondary really stack up?  How are we to compare to how high we rated last year with the reality of the schedule we played.  Most of the teams we played we heavily Run First Teams which helped our “Numbers” in the national rankings of secondaries.  We certainly have potential but are they “Equivalent to the Hype” or do they face some struggles with some passing teams this year?  What are your thoughts.

  31. converted 1981

    Greg Poole DawgLink If he likes to watch Wisconson play maybe they will eliminate one of his contenders opening week.  If not then the coach he loves from there (apparently now at awbarn) will get humiliated and diminish them.. Either way UGA stands a chance on this one.

    Hey how about awbarns schedule – they could lose to 2 Tigers and 3 Bulldogs this year…  That’s a Full House.  Well except on the plains – if that happens it would be an empty house.

  32. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Here is my Favorite piece of that article.  “He loves the people. I can tell you that Jacob and Ben (Cleveland) and (Isaac) Nauta have already formed this unbreakable bond together.”

    That is what I Like hearing.  I know he will get bigger/stronger/better through development but those bonds are who/what he will turn to/lean on in a pivotal moment of a game.  And those are Two Key Cogs that I want him leaning on!  Oh yes a couple of running backs like Chubb and Sony will do nicely as well.

  33. Greg Poole

    If South Carolina adopted the Emma Lazarus quote as its football coach search philosophy:
    “Give me your tired, your poor recruiters, 
    Your huddled sweatsuits yearning to win five games per year, 
    The wretched refuse of your teeming unemployment line. 
    Send these, the homeless,the recently-fired, to me: 
    I lift my lamp beside the hell-like fairground.”

  34. Greg Poole

    Avon Barksdale >>  I like him – 247 now has him listed at 200 lbs. Glad to see he is putting on some weight.

  35. Avon Barksdale

    What do you guys think of Latavious Brini? Was pretty impressed by his film – good size, good ball skills!

  36. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgLink probably, kind of odd a top recruit would look at a commit list at his position imo. Seems to love auburn tho

  37. Bansai buckeroo

    Funny stuff…. Hash Brown Maidens? Dang, I’ve been going to the Wrong Waffle Houses…

  38. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole kid goes from one of the top WR prospects in the nation out of st. thomas aquinas and the son of chris carter to playing in canada….sad..can kind of see why tho

  39. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole All the pictures of Ledbetter he seems so sincere this trip and last – I have a feeling that he is going to be greatly improved and a DGD.

  40. rugbydawg79

    BahitsDawg Reddawg13 Greg Poole Thanks Bahits , was wondering about that one – I liked General Patton ” Like crap through a Goose”

  41. BahitsDawg

    dsw61 Greg Poole That goes along with my theory that he wants to score and move the ball.  I have no idea what Brian Schottenheimer wanted last year.

  42. BahitsDawg

    Reddawg13 Greg Poole Had to look it up.  Most sayings dealt with Epsom salt used for laxatives, but I guess crouton oil is also used for that?  Here is what I found as an answer; 

    Best Answer:My guess is that a dose of salts will act swiftly on someone with an empty stomach which is the likely condition of a woman without a husband’s earnings and who also sacrifices food to feed for her hungry children..
    I have no idea of the origins but it was probably before modern welfare benefits.

  43. Bulldawg36

    Predictions for the west
    Bama 11-1
    LSU 10-2
    Arkansas 9-3
    Ole miss 8-4
    Miss st 8-4
    Texas A&m 7-5
    Barners 7-5

  44. Bulldawg36

    Here’s my record prediction of the sec east
    UGA 10-2
    Tenn 10-2
    Fla 8-4
    Kentucky 6-6
    Mizzou 5-7
    Vandy 5-7
    Sc 2-10

  45. Bulldawg36

    But I understand tho… It’s hard to go cold turkey and cut out all football!!! CFL and arena ball isn’t the worst thing to watch. Their is some talent on the field!!

  46. Bulldawg36

    I hear ya brother, that field just looks strange to me. The game is kind of played like arena football.

  47. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg36 I actually kinda enjoy it, gives me some football while I wait on real football to start!

  48. godawgs678

    Carter looks like a NFL lineman right now. He’s definitely one of the first guys I’d want getting off the bus.

  49. Bansai buckeroo

    Had to tune out Chip Towers Facebook chat…. That man can certainly ramble on about nothing… You guys who got through it, let me know if he says anything remotely interesting and I will try it again….

  50. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole We need to start calling him D9, because he is as big as a D9 Caterpillar! And probably as strong!

  51. dsw61

    Greg Poole I’m sticking to my original theory that Cheney will try and exploit their linebackers with the running game, TEs, slot receivers and RBs out of the backfield.

  52. Greg Poole

    This young lady is the daughter of 2 BI commenters and she is a Camp Sunshine camper.

  53. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole We are going to go through them like crouton oil through a widow woman!

  54. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Double T is going to dynamite some plays this year! I hope when we go to a true three man line we see him at DE at times, with Hawkins or Atkins at Nose and Bellamy at other DE. Great again Huck!

  55. DawgLink

    The sentence about the coach should be held responsible for player’s arrests soured on me. I realize that the coach receives bonuses but he can not control the players 100% of the time. That would be like your boss firing you for being late paying your light bill

  56. DawgLink

    Nice article on I Wilson from 247. Makes me feel like we are definitely the team to beat. Hopefully OM doesn’t run in with a fat stack of cash

  57. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole UT won’t beat Florida, we know how it goes when UF gets in your head, and Florida is in their heads.

  58. Greg Poole

    dsw61 Yes he has. I was standing with Radi Nabulsi when we first saw him. We immediately noticed the difference. I’m impressed with his efforts.

  59. dsw61

    Greg Poole Wow, Kindley has trimmed down some. Nutrition and conditioning program doing work.

  60. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole TT will bring it every play, and we need him healthy.  He is a special player.

  61. Greg Poole

    This is what Camp Sunshine is really about. I promise you that players are always touched by the campers.