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UGA Recruiting Daily 11-July-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect – Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence
Photo: Trevor Lawrence Twitter


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#16 Junior QB
Cartersville High
Cartersville, GA



#44 Junior MLB FB
Rocky Mount High School
Rocky Mount, NC


#73 Junior T DE
Lafayette High School
Lexington, KY


#17 Senior WR CB
Cheshire Academy High School
Cheshire, CT



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

453 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 11-July-2016

  1. rugbydawg79

    Backwudz you are still probably right but this is what I remember  -After winning multiple all-state honors as a high school quarterback in Tennessee, Spurrier was recruited by several top college programs, but he was not aggressively pursued by the team in nearby,_Tennessee because at the time, UT ran a offense that featured a running quarterback while Spurrier was an excellent passer. He ultimately chose to accept a scholarship offer from the in,_Florida because of “the passing, the, the weather, and coach winning multiple all-state honors as a high school quarterback in Tennessee, Spurrier was recruited by several top college programs, but he was not aggressively pursued by the team in nearby,_Tennessee because at the time, UT ran a offense that featured a running quarterback while Spurrier was an excellent passer. He ultimately chose to accept a scholarship offer from the in,_Florida because of “the passing, the, the weather, and coach

  2. rugbydawg79

    Backwudz I have been hit in the head to many times – I admit I could be wrong  — I concede to the gentleman from the back woods 🙂

  3. dsw61

    Before I forget…I really like Trevor Lawrence’s shoulder tilt in the photo above:)  As a thought experiment; imagine that same photo with level shoulders. IOW, keep the arm slot the same…but with level shoulders. How would that affect his release point? When teaching mechanics it’s important to understand “cause and effect”. Does a QB with a low release point have an arm slot issue…or…does he have a shoulder tilt issue? When it comes to mechanics; the flaw that you see is almost always…NOT THE FLAW. The flaw that is seen is almost always…CAUSED…by something else. Coaches who try and fix a flaw at it’s source will inevitably end up playing wack-a-mole; where in the course of trying to fix a flaw, they create additional flaws.

  4. RumRunnerDoogie

    godawgs678 wish list would be wilson but reality  i think gray as long as pittman wants him badly

  5. DawgDaddy

    godawgs678 I’m thinking CSP likes Chandler too, we may see an offer this weekend.  If we offer he probably commits.

  6. godawgs678

    Who would yall like to see finish out the OL class? There’s Tony Gray or a possible Juco prospect. Obviously Isaiah Wilson would be a take even if we already had 5 on board. I like Tony Gray, but I would personally like to see us throw an offer out to Caleb Chandler. Dude is severely underrated. I think he’s jump at the offer too.

  7. DawgDaddy

    JaxDawg Nothing but feeling that he wants to be a Dawg.   I hope he follows his feelings.

  8. Backwudz

    I was pretty cofident until Clemson’s all world Qb commit went to the opening and stunk it up this weekend. If he places that bad in collefe it woild give TL a clear path to the starting job

  9. Backwudz

    I would have thought the same thing with the way they presented tge statement. If he would have attended their Ole Miss would have went sraright from the Spurrier era to Archy. Glad they didn’t get that type of history.

  10. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BenKellam PatriotVeteran Avon Barksdale yeah take time and enjoy the process of it all

  11. PTCDawg

    Backwudz AHA…well then the jokes on me! i thought it was one of his jabs regarding the mysterious pull toward oxford some random elite recruits seem to have at the last minute.

  12. BenKellam

    PatriotVeteran Avon Barksdale I don’t know why you are always so insistent that kids have to make their decision before they even get to their senior season. Its literally the biggest decision they will have made up to this point. Let them do it their way. No school in the country has their entire class set before the first game is played. There is no reason to expect that. Just because we have all these guys committed now doesn’t mean there isn’t work during the season to keep them committed. Lighten up.

  13. RumRunnerDoogie

    JaxDawg if the dawgs can get him to kirby day i think that will be a big sign

  14. Backwudz

    Kid was forced to play JV ball late year due to Tennessee transfer rules. Looked excellent when he got the invite

  15. JaxDawg

    Yea I can’t get a read on who he is feeling more, he’s going to visit both schools again by the end of the month

  16. Bansai buckeroo

    It’s between us and Clemson…I think we have a good shot. Also think we will know by the end of the month….

  17. Backwudz

    It wasn’t meant to be a joke, in his books he states hw was on the way to Ole Miss bit Florida came in January. His childhood home in Tennessee is close to Ole Miss…

  18. PatriotVeteran

    Avon Barksdale If all these Recruits (Herring, Holloman, Lawrence, stevens, Gibbs, Webb. Swift, McBride) really want to play for UGA, I hope they will do so before the First Game is played on September 3, so CKS and staff can concentrate on coaching this years Football Team and know what players they will have in 2017.

    If any don’t want to play for UGA or wait too long, I hope the coaching staff can get someone to fill their slot immediately.      We have to hope our coaches have time to upgrade the freshmen, prepare the team for battle and can spend more time working with our QB and WR/TE’s, so they can catch long passes and when they are covered, hand off to Chubb, Michael and Holyfield.       2016 is going to be a fun year and it can’t soon enough.   GO DAWGS and recruits:   COMMIT TO THE G…… ASAP

  19. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    1mandawgpack only after all the backlash….some of those comments about the article were hilarious

  20. RumRunnerDoogie

    1mandawgpack probably more of being called our than admitting he was wrong probably

  21. 1mandawgpack

    Chip did some pretty serious back-peddling and actually admitted that his article yesterday regarding Ledbetter was wrong.  At least he manned up and admitted his error today.

  22. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36  Who in their right mind would want to work for Bielema?  He has those hog fans as delusional as booch has the hillbillies to the north.

  23. PTCDawg

    2017 average commit rating:

    Georgia 93.04
    Florida 88.77
    Tennessee 86.44
    scar 84.54

    the butt-whuppin on the recruiting trail WILL be reflected in butt-whuppins on the field…

  24. PTCDawg

    DawgDaddy Bansai buckeroo auburn is 2-8 in the last 10 against us and one of those 2 required divine intervention, the other the best player that money could buy. thats what carl lawson chose to attend.

  25. Bulldawg36

    Arkansas fans really are down on Chaney. Hope they aren’t right about him like mizzou fans were about schottenheimers

  26. DawgDaddy

    Bansai buckeroo After reading Carl Lawson’s quote in that article – he is dead to me.  I have no use for him whatsoever.   Montravius Adams at least admits extra emotion playing his home state.  I hope we beat them like we did 2 years ago, a total beat down!

  27. rugbydawg79

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 Nobody dislikes the gaters anymore than I do, but listening to McElwain talk about his daughters upcoming wedding – I think he is actually a pretty good guy IMHO.

  28. Avon Barksdale

    I’m expecting commits from Herring, Holloman, Lawrence, Stevens, Gibbs, Webb, Swift, Terrell, McBride, Britt, along with any and all Bailey, Edwards, or Stinchcomb boys…

  29. RumRunnerDoogie

    dawgmum thats a good question, im sure a couple days before hand we will have a complete list. Hopefully most the commits make it to do some crootin

  30. Bansai buckeroo

    Well Daddy he certainly has the recruiting thing down. After this year we will know about his head coaching…..

  31. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG i bet the media wont be this harsh on saban for his starting all american and his felony charges of a stolen gun even if they DA dropped the charges doesnt mean it didnt happen

  32. RumRunnerDoogie

    AlphaDawg idk what it was either the travel, prep week, or just bad mojo it just seemed like no matter how bad UF was they would like beat us under richt

  33. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I think all of the SECE coaches will be wishing that sooner rather than later.  Kirby is home!

  34. Greg Poole

    DawgByte I’m not banging on HS coaches but very few HS OL coaches actually have personal experience at the position in college. Not that it is absolutely necessary to teach it but it is so different than other position groups, it has become more important.

  35. DawgByte

    Greg Poole DawgByte Agree, technique is so important. I’m putting this one in the memory bank.

  36. Greg Poole

    DawgByte That drill is much easier for the D, but what you see with most OL is the reason that most of them have a lot of development to do before they are ready for SEC play.

  37. DawgByte

    Greg Poole BenKellam After looking at it again. Andrew Thomas got worked as well. Pittman is going to have to coach them up.

  38. DawgByte

    Greg Poole Stupid… this slogan means absolutely nothing. Just means more, what… toast, bacon, athlete arrests, hot chicks? Hello.

  39. DawgByte

    BenKellam This is the second time I’ve seen him go against the best and you’re right he’s a beast. Pittman should be all over him!!!

  40. Reddawg13

    BahitsDawg AlphaDawg I said that in a bar one time and got kicked out, however the three best looking girls in there left with me! Great line after all!

  41. AlphaDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole Well he doesn’t exactly look like he’s got anything to do with his day, but that.


    BenKellam Greg Poole And that Obina Eze kid got embarrassed twice and his technique is very poor.

  43. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam AlphaDawg Greg Poole He better hope he gets a win from us this year or he’sssssss outtttaaa here!

  44. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole He hopes for a good battle because its better than us blowing them out.

  45. BenKellam

    Greg Poole BenKellam Interesting. Salyer looked better than alot of the older guys. and Josh Myers seemed like he was beaten more often than not. I hadn’t heard of him before and hes a 5* guy going into business with Urban.

  46. Bulldawg36

    I’ll be back in a few guys, gonna listen to Bo didley & Tom petty singing that song hey mona!!!!!!!!

  47. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg LOL – I forgot. Just going through them fast. I went back on my feed but it was gone.

  48. Bulldawg36

    I think after this year, Gus will take up calm his nerves down. That schedule may be the end for ole Gus!! Beat the rush and hate the barn now!!!!!!

  49. BenKellam

    Greg Poole Anyone have the video for Salyer vs Marvin Wilson? I’d be interested to see that.

  50. Bulldawg36

    Thanks MMCS! She has struggled with shortness of breathe the last week. She has an appointment with cardiologist sometime this month just to make sure all is ok.

  51. 1mandawgpack

    BenKellam Greg Poole  I could be wrong (I often am) but I just don’t see CKS beginning his head coaching career against what is believed to be a fairly tough opponent on a national stage with a starting QB and RB who have never played a down of big-time college football.  If we were opening with Nichols State, I could see it, but not a big game like this.  Holyfield would have to be so much better than all the other RBs in camp for CKS to take that risk, and I also just don’t see that being the case as he’s learning the play book, figuring out how to pass block, etc.  I’m not saying he’s not a quality RB (I saw him play 3 times the past 2 years and know that he is really good), but I’m not sure that he would be that much better than the RBs we already have on the team in all aspects of the game.

  52. 66DAWGnNC

    Didn’t read the article, but it is great to see the Ledbetter kid admit he has a problem and the University willing to step in and help him through it. Kid has a lot of potential. Hate to see such a talent wasted in a bottle of booze.

  53. Avon Barksdale

    If Sony isn’t back, I think we’ll see a healthy dose of Douglas due to his (I’m assuming) superiority in pass protection. That said, if I’m the OC, in addition to Holyfield and/or Herrien, I’d give them a healthy dose of McKenzie on end arounds, Godwin in Wild Dawg etc to keep them on their toes

  54. lagadawg

    Score Check Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bansai buckeroo Do you know how to tell if a girl from Tenn. is on her period. She’s only wearing 1 sock.


    Bulldawg36 Counting down to kick-off and lift off of your new addition #36!  How’s Mrs. 36 doing these days?  i can’t imagine being 7-8 months pregnant in this heat!  Tell her we are thinking about her and little 36!


    1mandawgpack Bulldawg36 Baylor with a 3rd or 4th string QB ran for 645 yards against them in the bowl game.  Not passing, Running on UNC!

  57. BenKellam

    Bulldawg36 Holyfield! oh…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost forgot.


    Greg Poole BenKellam Still sticking with it too… Top!  Lambert will be an invaluable resource for young Eason, but Eason will get the start!

  59. 1mandawgpack

    lagadawg AlphaDawg  They didn’t want him as they found someone else who they liked/wanted more.  Brick by brick, booch.  ###

  60. BenKellam

    Greg Poole BenKellam I’m hoping so. I was just trying to point out that even with the worst case scenario, we still have a good game plan and pretty good odds to win. I don’t think either of them are the starter game 1.

  61. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36  I agree 100% and don’t think that the scenario that Jake laid out will come to fruition, but if it did, all I was pointing out is that we’re not playing Bama’s defense, we’re playing a defense that was ranked in the last 25% of all college football teams in yards rushing per game last year.  So, I still think we could run successfully on UNC with Douglas as a primary RB.

  62. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 PatriotVeteran MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack  He was passed out and the engine was running, and the only reason that he was stopped is because he passed out with his foot on the brake.  He’s very lucky that he didn’t roll into an approaching car in that intersection.

  63. Greg Poole

    Six Carolina defensive starters from a year ago will be back, including potential All-ACC stars DT Nazair Jones and DB’s Donnie Miles, M.J. Stewart and Des Lawrence. But the defense clearly played off the emotions of senior linebacker Jeff Schoettmer a year ago, and finding a similar leader will be vital, especially in what will surely be an emotional home-state opener for Georgia fans.
    Whether Georgia running back Nick Chubb turns out to be ready for the season opener or not – he’s coming off knee surgery that derailed his impressive start in 2015 after just five games – the Heels will show up with a lot of rushing talent of their own in Elijah Hood, Khris Francis and TJ Logan, all running behind one of the most experienced offensive lines in the ACC.
    The ‘Dawgs will be favored whether Chubb plays or not. But I can’t help but be haunted by that 2015 South Carolina game all over again: a chance for the Heels to steal an upset and get some much-needed National Championship-talk, if only for one week.
    Well, I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost.

  64. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36  I agree with Greg that Sony should be back from his broken arm by the UNC game and accordingly, Douglas won’t be our feature back.  That said, even if he was, I still think we run the ball successfully against them as they really struggled stopping the run last year and I think our OL will be much improved over last year with Pittman.  Douglas isn’t going to break any long runs, but if our OL is punching UNC in the mouth and then Douglas was dishing out punishment with his running style, I think we’d run wild on them in the 2nd half as we start to wear them down.

  65. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack Yep, UGA gets an official and is a contender. Chandler will commit to UGA on the spot unless he gets a high profile offer before the Georgia offer come – and he may.

  66. dsw61

    PatriotVeteran MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack The police report said that the engine was running and he was blocking an intersection. Sounds like he passed out behind the wheel.

  67. 1mandawgpack

    PTCDawg 1mandawgpack Greg Poole  I think he recently said that we’d definitely get 1 of his 5 officials.  He was also very complementary of the unofficial he took to Athens earlier this year.  While there is a lot of competition, I like our chances for these types of recruits (i.e., highly ranked, out of state players) moreso that I ever have with our current staff.  Also, with 4 stud OL committed for 2016, Pittman can now “put all his eggs in one basket” if he so desires with Wilson (with a contingency plan or 2 in place if we really want/need to sign 5 OL in this class) without it killing our class if we don’t sign him

  68. PatriotVeteran

    MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack Pressure can  make someone want to hide by getting drunk, but he has had a problem and UGA supposedly is helping.    He was asleep in his car, so I assume he pulled over and turned off his engine.     Too bad to hear he has a problem but CKS is being reasonable and wants to help someone that really needs help.      He has to take the help offered seriously or CKS shouldn’t play him.     He should have done well this year and if he can end his alcohol problem, he should be given a chance to redeem himself by training hard, staying away from bars, working on the playing field and competing.    His teammates will carry him, if… he will do his part.     I truly wish him well and hope, he recovers fully, for the good of himself, his family and the Dawgs.     GO DAWG

  69. BenKellam

    Bulldawg36 Nah. One thing Lambert is good at is the short passes. Play a bunch of tight ends and have a de facto running game with them that exploits UNCs youth at RB. Also Sony still has two months to recover from the broken arm.

  70. Doc R

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole except for the 15 years between Stallings title and Nick’s—-couldn’t find the guy for 15 years!!!!!!

  71. Doc R

    Bansai buckeroo well they had less than 75 pounds of it, so that was just considered “residue” in Auburn

  72. Bulldawg36

    Jake Rowe said on the ref that if Douglas is the featured back vs unc then UGA will probably lose. I think I tend to agree with em some. It will definitely be a lot tougher to pull out the victory

  73. AlphaDawg

    PTCDawg AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 It takes some time getting used to, but I prefer craft beers over wine every day

  74. BenKellam

    Bulldawg36 I’ve never liked it. Steven A is a moron and Skip would always pick the wrong opinion just to get attention and start an argument with whoever else was on the show. He’s just a troll. Haven’t tried watching it since they left though.

  75. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole doing something like that for a game is one thing, but for a media day? Its so cringy

  76. PTCDawg

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 have yet to come across a red wine that I think is even remotely drinkable. was reminded of that last night when we tried the Marsala wine we used to make a wonderful Chicken Marsala. Just awful.

  77. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 hear hear! Fill up my glass with some more of that that adult kool-aid kind sir!

  78. Bulldawg36

    We will finish with the *1 recruiting class in America!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. PTCDawg

    fwiw…and it isnt much…according to their website the 247 composite ranking is”a proprietary algorithm that compiles prospect “rankings” and “ratings” listed in the public domain by the major media recruiting services”. 

    So they wont say how the computation takes place but it does appear they use numerical ratings and rankings and not a star assignment. That eliminates the arbitrary definition of what a ‘5 star’ is. I think it also puts us in the running to catch OSU.

  80. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole *fan since 2008
    **Grand pappy was a bear bryant fan so “he’s been one his whole life”


    1mandawgpack Me too!  I don’t care if he plays a down of football this season, I like the fact that we are trying to help him!

  82. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  I’m certainly not rooting against this young man, but would love for our final OL to be that 5* road grater from NJ (I think).

  83. 1mandawgpack

    Regardless of the impact on the football team, I’m glad that our coaches and administration are trying to get Ledbetter some help before he kills himself and/or someone else as a result of his issues in responsibly consuming alcohol.


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Hope he makes it down to Athens this weekend!  Little more work with Pittman would be good.


    Greg Poole He’s my Jackson county boy!  I’ll be pulling for him for sure!  If we have a spot, I would love to get him.  We also need DL bad…  Pretty sure he played some in HS too!

  86. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris fringilla suscipit vestibulum. Aenean tempus felis ac mattis ornare. Phasellus luctus lacus leo, sit amet dignissim dolor consequat in. Ut porta nulla mi, in pharetra lorem accumsan non. In et molestie diam. Nam eget rhoncus mi. Duis risus diam, bibendum id rutrum eget, venenatis quis nunc. Fusce quis libero id orci aliquet tincidunt sit amet eget magna. Curabitur placerat est sit amet est hendrerit lacinia. Etiam vitae quam eu enim imperdiet tempus in eget nibh……

  87. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg DawgLink I suspect he will be needing a lot more sleep and will be given a lot less time to do it.

  88. BahitsDawg

    Lucas Rogers Greg Poole we had a friend die on 285 riding a bullet bike.  One of the other bikers shifted across in front of him and clipped his front wheel.  Even his wedding ring was mangled.


    ed603 MMCSDAWG   Can you imagine what our recruiting will be like when we do win a NC…  ???  Crazy!


    ed603 Indeed it was!  Afternoon Ed!  It’s great to be a DAWG and this class is going to be “Special”!!!!

  91. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Sounds like UGA is working on their PR with those choice-y words like “disease” and “support”


    Greg Poole Exactly why I’m leaning against them again!  Dumb and not very professional!

  93. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Bansai buckeroo I think that’s what I have read too. He’s wanting to commit before his season starts


    AlphaDawg Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG Greg Poole He’s the only one with 2 commits for 18 & 19 already as well!

  95. AlphaDawg

    Lucas Rogers AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bout to say, Is The Pitt Man going to be done recruiting by July! LOL


    AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG Greg Poole It all depends on how big this class ends up being, but I really think we get closer to 30 so I’m saying yes.  Hopefully its a big time one!!! ##

  97. PTCDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie BahitsDawg Rum, Im not sure how they do the composite but I think they HAVE to use the number rating or the numerical ranking rather than basing it just on stars, right? I mean, a 4* with a 97 rating has to carry more weight than a 4* with a 90 rating, dont you think?

  98. Lucas Rogers

    Greg Poole My buddy was on a bike and got hit by a truck a couple weeks ago. I would post a pic of his leg but kind of gruesome so probably won’t lol

  99. Score Check

    Lucas Rogers Score Check MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bansai buckeroo
    Whew!!!!  That’s what I thought.

  100. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole yea if he can get up to 230-235 area before the season he will be able to handle the run better

  101. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgLink naw they are saying smart will handle each case differently instead of a broad stroke type of deal

  102. Lucas Rogers

    Score Check Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bansai buckeroo Of course I am just talking about UTk lol

  103. Score Check

    Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bansai buckeroo
    Ouch!  I’m sure you are talking more about UTk than the entire state.
    Correct?  Surely you have a corner on the market for all of the girls in the State who have their full set of choppers.


    Greg Poole Like that they threw Walker in there as well.  I’m looking for a good season out of D. Walker.  He might not be on the field early against running teams, but he will be out there in passing situations and against those spread teams.   Re-watching our spring game this weekend just reinforced what I thought I had seen in him.  He is quick and has long arms!  He could be dangerous off the end or in a 5 technique.

  105. Lucas Rogers

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bansai buckeroo Word on the street is, he likes girls with teeth, and unfortunately TN does not have that.

  106. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole if they dont step up it might be a long fall defending against the pass


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Then I like our chances!   Clemson is still a RPO spread type offense.  If he wants to be a pro, come be a part of a Pro-style offense and it will improve your draft rankings!

  108. WaterlooDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Bansai buckeroo It does seem smart for a very high ranked qb to commit early. It should increase his odds of getting some great WRs to commit in his class and the class ahead of him.

  109. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bansai buckeroo having probably the #1 player in 2018 will probably kick start some commits for that class too

  110. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  I was skeptical of Lawrence while UT was in the picture (one of his parents went there). Now, I think he will be a Dawg.

  111. Bansai buckeroo

    I think we have an excellent shot here….. Eason, Fromm and Lawrence? Just smh..


    Bansai buckeroo I’m hoping he pulls the trigger for the Dawgs by the end of July!!   Our QB situation is going to be fine for the next 6-7 years.   Did anyone see the highlights of Fromm from the opening on Saturday?  Wow, he impressed the hell out of me.  He has a definite quality about him and he can make all the throws.  I was very impressed with his talents!

  113. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  The current thinking is that he announces this month of early August

  114. Bansai buckeroo

    What’s the chances Lawrence making a decision by the end of the month? I have read he will not string this thing out even though he is just a junior……

  115. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole RumRunnerDoogie ahh gotcha. figured it was a name i havent heard much of. That and the opening apparently has no rosters that include numbers

  116. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG dawgmum He needs to be assigned a teammate at all times.  A non-drinking, straight shooter teammate.  A mentor.

  117. RumRunnerDoogie

    anyone have any idea who this is? i keep seeing his picture related to UGA news but behind a paid wall

  118. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole I believe the type of crime (not stealing) and his attitude of remorse which seems to be sincere, is why we didn’t kick him off.  Plus, the being a little cynical – he is better than walk-on talent.

    I really hope for his, his family and the University’s sake, he never has another problem and has a great career here and hopefully in the NFL.   Stay clean Mr. Ledbetter!  I think we all are pulling for you.


    Greg Poole You have our support young man.  Get healthy and we will worry about football later.  First thing is getting the help you need and I’m proud that we didn’t throw him out of school.

  120. BahitsDawg

    16 uncommitted 247 5 stars

    It looks like we have a reasonable shot at JaCoby Stevens, D’Andre Swift.

    OSU has a good shot at Chase Young, Trevon Grimes, Tyjon Lindsey, Jeffrey Okudah.

    with >50% chance being considered “reasonable”

    Bama is listed on several recruits top 5, but not with a high %.  Surprisingly, FSU and Clemson don’t have a lot of leans in the five star ranks.   Both those teams are in my expected “will climb into top 5” having only 11 commits each and being at #8 and #10.


    dawgmum I totally agree, he needs help.  it concerns me that he is by himself in a car that late at night on a weekend.  Where are his teammates? Is he a loner? I would think that he would be out with his buddies.  I know we traveled in groups when I was in college.  This kid needs help and regardless of his football talents, I hope we are able to get it for him!

  122. Greg Poole

    Here is the UGA statementATHENS——-The arrest on DUI charges of University of Georgia defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter will result in discipline; however, it will also result in an intensified education, counseling, and medical assistance program.
    “Certainly we are disappointed and recognize he has a serious problem,” said UGA head football coach Kirby Smart.  “We have provided help for him previously and we are committed to providing whatever assistance is necessary for Jonathan that will contribute to immediate improvement but also ensure that his long-term well-being is secure.”
    “First I want to apologize to my family, my teammates and coaches, the University and the Bulldog Nation,” said Ledbetter.  “I have a problem and have received an incredible amount of support and treatment through the Athletic Department for the problem.  For that I am thankful.  I ask for everyone’s support as I continue to receive additional treatment for this disease and work toward a healthy life.”…

  123. Greg Poole

    dawgmum  That is what they should do. Technically, this is his first offense. It previous charges were dropped.

  124. Greg Poole

    BenKellam It is a 3 day event. If the previous camps this summer are a guide there will be campers for the 3 days and others that camp for a day – additionally there will be unofficial visits. This will be changing day to day.

  125. dawgmum

    According to reports, Ledbetter will not be kicked off the team. They’re going to try to work with him. I hope he makes it.


    BenKellam MMCSDAWG I haven’t seen a confirmed list yet…  I’ve seen comments from various prospects that have said they would be there, but no confirmed list.

  127. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg dsw61 yeah, it was pathetic.  Hopefully it was just the alcohol talking but for him to say his arrest was a hate crime????  sssseeesshhh

    I hope he gets his life straightened out and cuts out the nonsense.  Nobody is hating on that young man.  He had the world at his feet.

  128. BenKellam

    MMCSDAWG BenKellam Oh I forgot about that. Is there a list of guys that will be there?


    BenKellam KJ Britt is scheduled to announce on August 6th.  Plus we have the recruiting weekend coming up this weekend with the Kirby Smart camps.

  130. BenKellam

    Who are the next few guys that are expected to pull the trigger. It definitely seemed like Malik Herring is a great possibility. He hung out with all of our commits the whole weekend at the opening. Also isn’t Jacoby Stevens supposed to announce on the 19th? Who else is coming up?

  131. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole so people seem to think if they have the money they can just get away with it

  132. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG BahitsDawg dsw61 AlphaDawg I can understand being difficult to wake.  Sometimes it takes a lot to wake me up…. unless it is a noise outside the house or in a part of the house at night that shouldn’t have anyone in it.  Then, I am wired.  lol

    As tired as our guys have to be after workouts and toss in some booze, then I can see them quickly becoming dead to the world.  They must use better judgment on booze and on driving and on being out late at night.  Nothing good happens after midnight…. outside of home.  🙂

  133. Bulldawg36

    Hope you’re right. But it will be hard for us with first year coach and almost out entire DL getting suspended

  134. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg36 I think it will be Alabama vs UGA, and I hate the vols, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole Put your money on Vandy!

    Seriously though, Vandy and Kentucky are 100/1 while booms’ chickens are 300/1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That has to make BD36 smile.

  136. Bulldawg36

    I think it will be Alabama vs Tennessee for the sec championship. I hate the vols!!!!!

  137. Bansai buckeroo

    @Rummy…yeah this is all news to me….well I guess my little venting rant below seems a little silly now. This seems more serious than I first thought. Let’s hope the young man gets the help he needs…


    BahitsDawg dsw61 AlphaDawg And the cops here in Jax didn’t even field test him or arrest him for DUI…  Sad!

  139. Bulltoad

    RumRunnerDoogie dsw61 I have full confidence that this staff especially Kirby will do great on gameday.

  140. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg I am surprised at how many of the 247 uncommitteds have Bama in their top 5, but with 0% predictions that is where they will end up.

    We have a couple of 5*s with high percentage that they will come to us and OSUsk has 5 or 6.

  141. RumRunnerDoogie

    dsw61 AlphaDawg sheesh….. and here i was just thinking since he was underage he probably just had like a .03 tox

  142. AlphaDawg

    dsw61 It appears he was well handled by police given his condition. It’s kind of sad and pathetic to read that. Pathetic because he mentions the race crime issue, and sad because he knows he needs to provide for his family and not get kicked off the team but cannot just stay away from the bottle.

  143. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg He knew what he was getting when he lobbied for the job.

    Richt’s mistake was hiring him.

  144. dsw61

    AlphaDawg It took the police officers 30 minutes to wake him up. He didn’t even know where he was.

  145. AlphaDawg

    so 680 the fan is saying Ledbetter was in his car in the middle of an intersection asleep and intoxicated?

  146. Greg Poole

    Peter Rajecki lived across the hall from me at West Georgia, Fall  ’66. He transferred to UGA after one year, I think.

  147. Reddawg13

    RumRunnerDoogie Reddawg13 dsw61 and they both learned from the best, and probably have some of their own twists now that they have the freedom to enact them.

  148. RumRunnerDoogie

    Reddawg13 RumRunnerDoogie dsw61 the only inexperience on the staff is obviously smart as HC and shumann

  149. Reddawg13

    RumRunnerDoogie dsw61 Me too. And this staff is very energetic and will leave no stone unturned. I bet we see more energy on game day too!

  150. RumRunnerDoogie

    dsw61 i think im more relaxed going into this year than last year. We actually have a proven college OC and a HC and DC who have been in the college game for a good while

  151. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole really interesting the quote by fromm saying it made recruits think about coming to check out uga

  152. dsw61

    It’s interesting to hear the little nuggets of information we are getting from recruits and players regarding the old staff and the new staff. Things are really starting to add up.

  153. RumRunnerDoogie

    for those who havent seen it here is carter’s commitment video

  154. Reddawg13

    RumRunnerDoogie Reddawg13 Greg Poole Me either, Hockman is good, but not Fromm good.


    AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG I’m never going to defend Shotty, but I will say this, he wasn’t allowed to run his own offense, he wasn’t allowed to hire his own staff…  So we will never really know what he could of done at the CFB level.

  156. Bansai buckeroo

    Morning Chief… Chip Towers is getting on my last nerve talking about Ledbetter having a Alcohol problem. I would hope he had more proof than just a couple of incidents. Many young people abuse alcohol. They think it is cool to drink and get out of control. Drinking made you cool with your peers….we all went through this and probably Chip did too. The only difference is we were allowed to mature out of the spotlight and didn’t have some guy plastering our mistakes all over the media..
    Now after saying all this I may be wrong and Ledbetter may very well need some help. I don’t know. But this should be handled quietly and not used as a source of getting a reporters click count up…..

  157. Reddawg13

    DawgDaddy Reddawg13 Well I am all CKS too. But, when previous staff information hits the page, I reserve the right the comment.

  158. dsw61

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg LOL…I remember you saying a while ago that this would happen. Good call!!!!!

  159. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg Not a huge fan of his but he was straight forward about Shottenheimer being a bad decision and Chaney being a good one.

  160. RumRunnerDoogie

    Reddawg13 Greg Poole i still dont know how fromm wasnt made a priority either

  161. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte i think a lot of it has to do with lecounte and the fact all of them outside of 3 are Ga boys

  162. AlphaDawg

    I was surprised Saban didn’t make one of his silents pull the trigger last night just to leap UGA again on recruiting rankings. I don’t think it will end that way but I do thing UGA lands in the top 5

  163. AlphaDawg

    DawgByte I agree. A lot of them are at these major camps together. Not just 1 or 2 but now 4 or 5. That’s not even including the silents there.

  164. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg DawgByte Reddawg13 BahitsDawg Greg Poole Yeah, they been able to get in Bama’s head the last two years. Their O is stout for sure, not so sure about their D.

  165. Reddawg13

    DawgByte I think our S&C staff is playing a big rple in team Chemistry. And I know the rest of the staff is too. I look for some leaders to emerge and our chemistry to unfold as the year goes on.


    Bansai buckeroo I am really looking forward to that game!  It’s on like Donkey Kong!

  167. DawgByte

    Reddawg13 BahitsDawg Greg Poole Dang my typing skills are going down the drain… all kinds of missed words. What I meant to say was Ole Miss has lost a lot of quality players.

  168. Reddawg13

    DawgByte Reddawg13 BahitsDawg Greg Poole Me too. Our D will be better this year. I guarantee it.


    BahitsDawg DawgDaddy Bansai buckeroo Oh…  And yes Red, they can kiss my Arse as well!


    BahitsDawg DawgDaddy Bansai buckeroo Big difference between Alabama and UGA media huh…  Two players arrested with possession of drugs and stolen weapon.  No body in alabama see’s a problem with them being released from any responsibility or accountability for their actions and the game goes on…   I am extremely disappointed in Ledbetter and I believe he needs help, but I’m not ready to throw him out with the trash.  He’s a Dawg and we need to support all of them.  The reporting by our own AJC thru the Dawgnation this weekend was terrible and back to their old ways of downing our program and this time our new coach.  There is not a problem of disrespect for Kirby Smart, and to lead with they type of by line is the reason I will again stop reading their garbage!  I thought they were making a turn, but I was wrong!

  171. DawgByte

    Team chemistry is vitally important IMO. To be a championship caliber squad you’ve got to have everyone rowing in the same direction, few distractions, few distractors and guys who genuinely like each other and share a bond. This 2017 class seems to have bonded like I’ve rarely seen before. I think the chemistry these guys are forming could bode well for us in the future.

  172. AlphaDawg

    DawgByte Reddawg13 BahitsDawg Greg Poole given they’ve found a way to beat Bama twice and we just got Bama’s DC, I’ll say it’s a toss up, but realistically I’m chalking that one up as the most likely loss. 

    I don’t see UT beating us at home with a healthy Nick Chubb.

  173. DawgDaddy

    Reddawg13 I don’t even want to think about it.  I’m all in on CKS and his staff.  Not throwing rocks, it’s just I have moved on.

  174. DawgByte

    Bansai buckeroo Biggest game of the year, by far IMO. The “Payback” headlines will be all over the place. The Dawgs will be hungry to put a hurting on the Vols.

  175. DawgByte

    Reddawg13 BahitsDawg Greg Poole Ole Miss a lot of quality players this year and with all the turmoil surrounding that program I wouldn’t be surprised to see them implode. They do have a heck of a QB and O that will give our D all they can handle, but I think that’s a very winnable game.

  176. Bansai buckeroo

    I think the Tennessee game will be a war…… Coming to our house and after last year, it better be.

  177. Reddawg13

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole I don’t see it happening this way. I believe we beat the Hillbillies and we just beat Ole Siss too! I still say “It Damn Sho Can Be Us!”

  178. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg That really cool super concentration falling interception should have moved him up 10 or more spots.

  179. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole If it ends up that way, then Tennessee probably gets the east championship.

  180. Greg Poole

    In case you see articles about Chubb not being on the cover of the 2016 media guide – there are 3 versions:Cover breakdown:
    Cove #1
    Front — Dominick Sanders, Brandon Kublanow, Brendan Douglas
    Back — Nick Chubb, Lorenzo Carter, Greg Pyke
    Cover #2
    Front — Nick Chubb, Greg Pyke, Lorenzo Carter
    Back — Brendan Douglas, Sony Michel, Quincy Mauger, Chuks Amaechi
    Cover #3
    Front — Quincy Mauger, Sony Michel, Isaiah Wynn
    Back – Brandon Kublanow, Dominick Sanders, Ryne Rankin

  181. Reddawg13

    BahitsDawg DawgDaddy Bansai buckeroo Right on! The media can kiss my Bulldog rump!

  182. BahitsDawg

    DawgDaddy Bansai buckeroo meanwhile, all the UGA news on the radio coming in this morning was about Ledbetter and the hysterical media’s demands that he be booted.

    These media personalities really are only about negativity and passing judgment without all the facts.

  183. Greg Poole

    2016 Georgia Bulldogs
    2016 Prediction: 10-2
    2016 SEC Prediction: 6-2
    Sept. 3 North Carolina (in Atlanta) WIN
    Sept. 10 Nicholls State WIN
    Sept. 17 at Missouri WIN
    Sept. 24 at Ole Miss Loss
    Oct. 1 Tennessee Loss
    Oct. 8 at South Carolina WIN
    Oct. 15 Vanderbilt WIN
    Oct. 22 OPEN DATE
    Oct. 29 Florida (in Jacksonville) WIN
    Nov. 5 at Kentucky WIN
    Nov. 12 Auburn WIN
    Nov. 19 Louisiana WIN
    Nov. 26 Georgia Tech WIN

  184. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg Left Coast????  Unless he s a Dawg Alum, keep your money in Georgia!


  185. Greg Poole

    DawgDaddy Those error messages are in the RSS feed and probably are screwing with the Dawgbone picking up the posts.

  186. AlphaDawg

    A lot of social media push to give Lecounte his 5th star back. Let’s see if 247 listens!

  187. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg  Yeah, our West Coast developer is working on some site changes. It appears he went to bed last night without checking the home page. At least, that is all I can figure because I haven’t made any changes or updates. I sent him a heads-up text at about 2AM his time.

  188. DawgDaddy

    Bansai buckeroo With all we are reading it is hard not to be greedy, quality recruits are looking at the Dawgs as their top choice or at least top 3.

  189. AlphaDawg

    Hey EC, probably aware but there’s two lines of PHP code at the top of the webpage. Appears to be a message from the theme applied to the site

  190. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole As well they should be.  Not to mention all of BI yesterday and last night. lol

  191. DawgDaddy

    Bansai buckeroo I always come in through Dawg Bone but they did not even have a link posted today.  When I came in through BI everything was slightly off.  It will be better later today I hope.

  192. Bansai buckeroo

    Morning DDaddy… Something must be going on with the site…my comment box is huge…..haha

  193. DawgDaddy

    Bansai buckeroo morning Bb – exciting day yesterday!  CKS and staff are recruiting beasts.

  194. Greg Poole

    Big day for the program yesterday. You can bet all of the 2018 and 2019 prospects were watching.