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UGA Recruiting Daily 22-July-2016

Jerry Jeudy cuts to avoid being tagged
Jerry Jeudy cuts to avoid being tagged during 7v7 competition at Kirby Smart Camp
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#4 Senior WR CB
Deerfield Beach High School
Deerfield Beach, FL



Junior RB
Stephenson High School
Stone Mountain, GA


#4 Junior OLB WR
Crisp County High School
Cordele, GA


#10 Junior DE TE
Miller Grove High School
Lithonia, GA



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

241 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 22-July-2016

  1. dawgmum

    How committed do we think Latavious Brini is? He sure is posting all about Florida and UM on Twitter. I can’t get a read on him.

  2. Brooklyndawg

    Greg Poole Old stuff….you older guys remember the Redskins Heavy Jumbo set, with this exact formation, and The Diesel in the backfield. The opposition might have stopped it once in a while but not most of the time. Couple this with 3-lineman sweeps coming in from the opposite side. Joe Gibbs loved this action set. Running that within the red zone guaranteed touchdowns. I love it when current experts call for this to revolutionize the game.

  3. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole  Depending on his choice for his major, UGA may just be the best pick for him all around.   I hope so.

  4. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole This is very exciting – having a large number of Big Athletic guys who can run—makes me drool –thanks man !

  5. BahitsAgain

    DawgByte fesx The LSU vs. Spurriers chickens on the fake field goal was pretty memorable.

  6. JaxDawg

    Lol I’m not! It would be great to have him I just don’t think it’s a realistic shot.

  7. JaxDawg

    I’d love to have Warner! Big cat too! I think the only DT we could pull would be that guy that’s committed to USCe

  8. Avon Barksdale

    Really want Big Cat and definitely another ILB or two, maybe Walter Grant? Maybe a DT too

  9. JaxDawg

    Hopefully we close with these guys:
    Swift, Webb, Gibbs, Holloman, McBride, Herring, Tony Gray, and maybe another ILB. This would put us near the #3 class prob. Thoughts?

  10. Greg Poole

    You post a video with @TrentSmallwood and deltonadawg and they don’t show up. SMH


    Greg Poole I ran the old Single wing with variations to deadly success in the younger divisions of pop warner…  It is deadly when you overload a defense and keep everyone withing 6-8 yards of the football.  Too many players don’t know how to attack a power running game like this!

  12. Doc R

    Bansai buckeroo It’s funny reading some of the early stuff, because he tried NOT to be a homer, then one day Coach Dooley had a conversation with him about what it means to the UGA faithful, and how he worked for “our” network, and from then on, the Classic Munson developed.

  13. DawgByte

    fesx My favorite was #2. I remember seeing that game live. I also enjoyed listening to those old announcers.

  14. Bansai buckeroo

    He was unapologetic in the fact that he was a homer…. And we loved him for it….

  15. Greg Poole

    I posted this stuff years ago on LHB:

    Five offensive linemen, a quarterback, one running back, one wide receiver on the weak side, and three tight ends to the strong side. For years this formation has been discussed over drinks by coaches as the “dream” or “magic” second coming of classical football. 
    The day when football comes full circle and returns to the 1930s and 1940s. 
    The day when an offense is run the way it was always meant to run, but with the modern twist of the forward pass and advanced theories learned for the last century. 
    Many coaches believe this formation will be the future of football, and revolutionize the way the game is played. Defensive coordinators, like me, consider it a nightmare. It will throw most defensive theory out of the window until a counter can be developed.
    Why is the formation considered by football theorists to be magic?
    The formation looks like a goal line formation. The only way to stop the run is to, likewise, set up a goal line defense. But what happens when those three tight ends, all a half step back from the line of scrimmage, are eligible to catch the ball? The subtle tricks are just as dangerous. Let’s say an opposing team lines up at least one cornerback to cover one of the tight ends. In a run play, that cornerback probably gets knocked on his butt. Not impressed yet?
    Further, in the formation there is still room for motion. There is also room for one or more of the tight ends to line up wide. How about one wide, one slot, one back with the RB, then a motion brings the wide in against the line? All of a sudden a pass defense with multiple defensive backs faces a “jumbo” run play.
    The new formations and the new approach would revolutionize many aspects of football. For example, most teams might have one very good cornerback in a formation (to go against the wide receiver), but place more emphasis on a cornerback/linebacker hybrid player to match with tight ends on the line. The safety position would likewise probably drop to only one on the field. The fullback would vanish all together. Tight ends who further specialize might become “wings” instead of “tight ends”. The tight ends and running back become the emphasis in the offense, not the quarterback or wide receiver. “Wings” would not only catch and block like modern tight ends, but run and block, further leading to confusion.
    Another drastic change would be a shift from the “run vs. pass” paradigm to a paradigm of “power vs. finesse”. The new system could be run as a powerful smash mouth tool, or it could rely on deception and timing.
    There are more potential formation combinations that proceed from motions in a three tight end formation than any other formation in football. Because of the dual role of the tight end position, the formations become more difficult to adjust to. Here’s a simple example. Looking at the above diagram, picture the first tight end motioning to the right sideline before the play. Question: Does the defense
    1. Take the cornerback on the third tight end out to cover the first tight end, while switching the middle linebacker to one of the remaining tight ends (leaving the strong side linebacker to figure out his coverage), or
    2. Have the middle linebacker follow his man all the way to the edge of the field, leaving the middle of the formation exposed to a run?
    Again, like with all other plays, the quarterback simply audibles based on what the defense does. In the first case the audible is for a deep pass to the third tight end, now uncovered by the cornerback. In the second case, the offense rushes the center, the defense now missing the middle linebacker. Wow?
    Another possibility is to line up the third tight end as wide out or in the slot. The defense prepares for a pass, but the third tight end motions up against the second tight end (next to the right tackle). Uh oh, jumbo run formation. Wow?
    Also consider that the third tight end can also run out to the flats overloading the corner back on the right side. Then a pitch to the running back or even a swing pass to the running back would be even more effective. The possibilities are endless.

  16. DawgByte

    Greg Poole It’s interesting to hear what he thinks of himself as an announcer. As a broadcaster it’s natural to compare oneself to others and to use vocal sound as a measure of greatness. As we all know that has nothing to do with true broadcast success. As someone who grew up listening to two of the all time greats in Chick Hearn (Lakers) and Vin Sculley (Dodgers), Larry was every bit as good. The ability of the fan to visualize what was happening on the field and feel the excitement of the game is the true measure of announcing greatness.

  17. Bulltoad

    Doc R Bulltoad Greg Poole The numbers dont lie.  Tech won last year in a close game but also lost to FSU in the ACC Championship by 2 points the year before.  Clemson has not beaten Tech in Atlanta since 2003.

  18. Doc R

    Bulltoad Greg Poole Ole Vag Neck wants to act like his miracle block for TD means that he has a better team than FSU

  19. Doc R

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg36 Quote from Verne:  “Back in 19-ought-3, when I last buttered my futon, well, let’s just say—–WAIT!—-What was I saying?”

  20. Bulldawg36

    It’s durn boring!!!!! Fall practice needs to hurry up and start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. KaolinDawg

    MMCSDAWG I knew the process would have to go quick.  I saw an article on the AJC today that said he is expected to take official visits here and at Louisville over the next few days.  I have no concerns about the talent level we have on the DL but I do have concerns about their age.  O-lines in the SEC are full of 21-22 year old grown men and that doesn’t bode will for 18-19 year old young guys that haven’t developed at the major college level yet.  Bringing in an older juco guy that can physically hold up I think would be very helpful.


    KaolinDawg I’ve read where he was in Athens for at least 2 days last week.  Watched his film from Juco..  he is definitely raw and not an immediate impact player imo.  Now, I think the staff will feel out our real options for this 17 class with Solomon and the other SC commit and if we don’t look good before next week they might pull the trigger, but since he was here last week and we haven’t heard of an official offer I’m skeptical,  of course they could be waiting on admissions to review his file as well.  If he’s going to come here we would definitely need a commitment by this weekend.  Classes start for the final summer semester shortly after that and he would have to be enrolled in order to play this season.

  23. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Didn’t he ASK for this….  When accusations started flying he openly said -“IF any of you have proof send it in” otherwise it is all …….  I think the Old Pizz compliance office got over 100 replies that first week.  Then came the Tunsil  info.  Be careful what you ask for!

  24. Avon Barksdale

    I guess what I come down to on it is “must-have” is relative to who else you’ve got on the roster. Another stud defensive back might not have made much of a difference on last year’s team. Another stud wideout or offensive lineman might have made a big difference.

  25. KaolinDawg

    I saw on the 247 article we are trying to add another DL,, to this year’s class.  I think it is a great idea especially with him being JuCo.  He is older, more physically mature to come on and help right away.  I can’t imagine we would bring him in to sit on the bench this year.  Anyone know how serious our chances are with him?

  26. Lucas Rogers

    PTCDawg Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG I’ll just surprise him at the house. I need to hit up all the babes and get them over there!

  27. PTCDawg

    Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG maybe an offer of a lifetime supply of inflatables would convince him otherwise!

  28. PTCDawg

    Avon Barksdale Avon, agree on your depth point but I am one of those who will say there is no such thing as a ‘must have’ because the question is…we must have them.. or what? So, it all depends on what your definition of ‘must have’ is. The implication is that we have to have that one person or else we might as well just give it up because we didn’t get that one guy we had to have. IMO that applies to no one.

  29. Bulltoad

    Greg Poole He is absolutely correct about this.  The numbers dont lie.  UF normally plays 3 cupcakes plus FSU while we normally play GT plus another quality opponent.  Most people say well UF has to play FSU when the truth is GT has traditionally been as good or better than FSU and Clemson since Johnson took over.

  30. Lucas Rogers

    MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers I know man. I’ve heard from some people around here that he is pretty set on Bama at the moment.


    Lucas Rogers Better pick up your game on Jacoby!  Not looking like your going to be able to deliver! lol

  32. PTCDawg

    haws1178 I was wondering about Gales just a couple of days ago, thanks for posting this!!

    I wish UGA could hire him into some athletic department position that would be honorary to begin with but a real job in the long term.

  33. Avon Barksdale

    Been thinking a lot about all this Jacoby Stevens to Bama stuff. To be honest, it hit me like a gut punch yesterday although it’s sort of seemed more and more likely over the past month or so. Honestly,aside from Cam Akers and Isaiah Wilson who seem like long shots, Jacoby was my number one ‘must get’ guy remaining in this class. I just think he and McBride are both freak athletes that can wreak havoc in a defense, so this one hurts…
    A lot of people say there’s no such thing as a “must have” prospect but I’m not sure if I agree. Take Calvin Johnson. We went 10-2, 11-3, and 9-4 the seasons he was at Tech, most of those losses being a touchdown or less. How many of those games would we have won with Megatron on our side. I’m pretty confident we would have been undefeated in ’05. Another example is Cordarelle Patterson. Although not nearly the player that Calvin was, that was the year we lost to Bama in the SECC by five yards. You can’t tell me Patteraon wasn’t worth five additional yards…
    But then take another player every bit as good as those two: Julio Jones. I’ve never heard a Dawg fan reflect wistfully: what if we’d had Julio? True, we weren’t really top contenders for his commitment at the time but I don’t think that’s the reason why. The reason why we don’t complain about missing out on Julio was because we got AJ Green instead.
    I know that Jacoby MAY still be in play, but we still got Gibbs, Terrell, Jamyest, and the Bama decommit still out there. Land Gibbs or Terrell, and maybe I’m okay with whiffing on Stevens.
    With this class of DBs, we need to land four of them. Any more than that is just icing on the cake.
    Same thing with DT. Maybe we whiff on Aubrey Solomon. Let’s go get Wyatt (or whomever).
    The fact is we’re going to land some of these top guys and whiff on others, but what’s most important is depth, keeping those cupboards full. That’s why whiffing on DTs this year, for example, isn’t as catastrophic as whiffing on OTs would have been. It’s because we’ve got SOME depth from prior classes.
    Realistically, I think we’re two recruiting classes away from being where we need to be, and where Kirby wants us to be, in terms of depth. That doesn’t mean we won’t be good this year and next, I think we will. I just think it’s going to take this class and next before we have that depth AT EVERY POSITION. The past two classes have been real good, the next two could be better. That added depth is going to minimize the pain of some of these recruiting misses, and the resulting success on the field will lead to less recruiting misses…


    Greg Poole Punch counter punch and this time Johnson has a valid argument…   Still don’t like them!


    Greg Poole Like I said initially, I am more worried about his long term health and beating his addiction than his playing time…  I hope the kid gets the help he needs and makes the choice to make a change in his life, once that’s done…  He can come on back and we will welcome him proudly!

  36. Greg Poole

    Paul Johnson has a point:
    “Johnson, speaking at the ACC Kickoff media event, pushed back at the notion that Florida State and Clemson “created a bit of distance” in the ACC with other teams including the Yellow Jackets.
    “Really?” Johnson said. “We’re 5-4 against Clemson and 3-2 against Florida State what distance is that?””

  37. DawgLink

    Spin it the opposite way… Lambert starts all season and we go 9-3 with mid tier bowl. CKS gets a boat load of criticism for not starting the Washington Sensation. Tough pickle to be in if you are CKS.

  38. Greg Poole

    There have been several articles about Ledbetter’s suspension in the last couple of days based on Kirby’s “your be surprised at the how long he is suspended” comment. The speculation is that it could be 1/2 of the season. I just got off the phone with a contact very close to Jonathan. He said he did not think it was going to be that long but would get back to me on it.

  39. JaxDawg

    I’m interested to see how much more weight tae crowder can put on before the start of the season

  40. converted 1981

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg36 IF it is the “Little Things” that Smart has to pay attention to and get right I personally have FULL confidence that we are well on our way.  EVERYTHING we have seen since day 1 has shown that he is intimately involved and very well organized, refusing to let these so called “Little things” become BIG things.

  41. Bulldawg36

    Kirby will have to win 8 to keep off the hot seat. That’s rough but the demands are high!!!!!!!!

  42. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole Good luck to the young man.  I hope he gets on the regular roster.  My first vivid memory of him was when he got hurt on a kickoff during his freshman year.


  43. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole Brian VanGorder was crucial in those early wins.  Regardless of how shaky VanGorder’s career has been sense leaving Georgia, he was a critical piece to Richt’s early success.  The coaching chemistry was great at that time.

    Once he left, Richt struggled both to find the right fits for coaches and with success on the field.

  44. Greg Poole

    Sterling Bailey article in his local paper:
    Undrafted out of the University of Georgia in 2016, the defensive end Bailey is keenly aware that it will be an uphill climb to make the 53-man roster for the Colts when they play host to the Detroit Lions in the season opener on Sept. 11.
    Bailey will have five preseason games to show he’s worthy of a roster spot, starting with the Hall of Fame game against the Green Bay Packers on Aug. 7 in Canton, Ohio.
    The former U.S. Army All-American from East Hall High is one of 90 players on the list of training camp invitees for Indianapolis. However, Bailey knows his odds of making the cut are increased as one of only two defensive ends on Indianapolis’ roster.

  45. Greg Poole

    Kirby Smart, despite learning at the foot of the master, Nick Saban, must nevertheless account for all sorts of details in his immediate transition from coordinator to “face of the program.” Georgia is a plum job, one of the best places to coach major college football. The SEC West is too loaded to expect the Bulldogs to be a regular SEC champion, but as Mark Richt established in his first decade on the job, Georgia should win the SEC every now and then, and win the East often enough that the accomplishment can be expected once every three years at minimum, ideally every other year. Richt’s tenure started on a fast track, but it ran out of steam, and that’s why — akin to Bo Pelini at Nebraska — nine wins ceased to be good enough.

  46. Bulldawg36

    Tyler Clark, Carter, Marahall and Rochestor will all play!!!!!!!!!!!! Ledbetter, Hawkins, Thompson, young and Atkins better be ready to carry the load!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Avon Barksdale

    As much as I generally dislike the AJC, dawgnation has had several really good articles, especially Jeff Sentell. Really enjoy some of the insight into these kids. I think my favorite one is still the story about Big Cat and his work ethic

  48. TeeHDawg

    I don’t think his recruitment is close to being over. Once the Bama Bucks are spent and he comes to his senses, he may still wind up at UGA.
    From a practical standpoint, he plays earlier at UGA.

  49. jwp1983

    JaCoby Stevens must have had a pretty good visit to Bammer. Crystal Ball picks all over the place for him to go to Tuscaloosa.

  50. dsw61

    Keep these teams in mind as you read about UNC’s stats from last season:
    North Carolina A&T
    Wake Forest
    North Carolina State

  51. TeeHDawg

    Thanks. I asked because Wims and Baker should contribute significantly, especially if Pyke has any type of setback. McGee was out most of spring I think and I wanted to see how he fits in the new system and see if he contributes this year.

  52. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    I read somewhere that Pittman is planning on this being his last coaching stop before he retires…..lets hope he’s got a while before wanting to retire

  53. dsw61

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Pitt played a really good game defensively. Pitt had one beak down where the UNC QB avoided a sack, spun away and chucked it downfield for a long TD. Looks like the Pitt DB got caught looking in the back field at what appeared to be a sure sack.

  54. Greg Poole

    dsw61 I do not think there is any real inside info on the QB deal. Most people I talk with see Eason as the man but opinions vary on when. 
    I go back to my old point about the separation between the three candidates. If I am making the decision and the 3 quarterbacks are as close as Kirby and Chaney say they are – and I expect Eason to be the starter before the years over – I’m putting him in against North Carolina.

  55. TeeHDawg

    Morning guys. Anyone know how has Javon Wims, Shaun McGee, and Kendall Baker looked in summer workouts?

  56. dsw61

    Greg Poole dsw61 BenKellam I like your confidence in Eason being the starter. I hope it’s based on some inside info, or at least based on what you’re hearing among your peers:) Agree about Kirby playing with house money. I just hope he sees it that way. The one thing I know with certainty; Eason will be starting whatever bowl game Georgia gets in.

  57. Greg Poole

    Reddawg13  Murray did have a broken leg his senior year in high school. That had some effect on his development.

  58. Greg Poole

    BahitsAgain Every player would benefit from a redshirt year. In fact, I can’t see any purpose to the redshirt rule. Give players 5 years of eligibility and forget about redshirts.

  59. dsw61

    BahitsAgain I’ve recently watched the entire 2015 UNC – Clemson game, UNC – Pitt game, and started watching the UNC – Virginia game last night. I’ll just say that UNC does not play the way I expected. They seem to live and die on their ability to connect on long passes. They take shots down the field throughout the game when they get man coverage, knowing eventually they will connect on one. Similar to what OSU did to Bama a couple of years ago. Both Pitt and Clemson held Hood to under 100 yds rushing.

  60. Greg Poole

    dsw61 I think the question is moot. Lambert is not starting for the season unless Eason breaks a leg. 
    To BenKellam’s comment below, the same logic applies to UNC. If Kirby is ever playing with house money this season, it is against UNC. A loss will not matter and playing Eason against quality competition will serve him will in the coming SEC contests. 
    Of course, I’m often wrong.

  61. BenKellam

    Greg Poole BenKellam Well I’m just wondering if they didn’t control for the players position.

  62. Greg Poole

    BenKellam The laws of physics do apply, but I don’t see how the stance matters after 10 yards in actual play (practice or game). Perhaps it would be a factor if one were just testing straight line speed covering 10 yards, but that rarely matters in practice.

  63. ed603

    CMR came from the Bobby Bowdon school of thinking…recruit élite skill players and let them make the line look good. He didn’t use major schollys on linemen…which more than one Coach out there has had sucess with. I like the Pittman approach on line Menschen, though.

  64. BahitsAgain

    Colonial Dawg BahitsAgain He is a beast.  How can a 290 lb man move that fast?  Imagine him on the end coming around a corner.  Develop his techniques and he will be a QBs worse nightmare.

  65. Colonial Dawg

    BahitsAgain When I went to read this article I saw another one that says how the Dawgs are on DT Devonte Wyatt.  I think they really need to flip him!  And as I write this I see you posted his video above, but I’ve already gone this far so I’m finishing!!  🙂

  66. BenKellam

    dsw61 Greg Poole This is exactly why I think that if Lambert does start the UNC game, he won’t make it past the Nichols state game. Is there any reason not to let Eason play that entire game? It would be good experience to get him ready for the heavy hitters later in the season.

  67. dsw61

    Greg Poole How does everyone think the fan base will react if Lambert is the starter and the record ends up 9-3, with another mediocre bowl game? The answer to that question is the dilemma Kirby is facing. If he goes with Lambert, he better be extremely confident that Lambert can win the East because if he doesn’t there will tons of second guessing, and the fans and pundits will be saying that Kirby missed an opportunity to get Eason experience for the 2017 season.


    Greg Poole Not sure we are in dire need of a high level replacement.  provided Eason is who we believe he is, that’s 3 years as starter.  I really like what I’ve seen from Fromm, he seems like a bigger stronger A. Murray type of kid.  So there is one year RS and hopefully 3 more with him( probably not if he’s as good as I think) but that does cover us for a long period of time, the only problem I see is getting a reliable Backup, we will need to recruit a QB, but I don’t believe our success of failure in the next 5 years will be impacted directly.

  69. dsw61

    Greg Poole If Lawrence picks Clemson then my gut feeling is that Emory Jones becomes a real possibility. He’s supposedly narrowed it down to OSU and Tenn though. If Jones is out of the picture then I would probably pass on a QB in 2018 and go all in for a 2019 QB, like Zach Gibson.


    BahitsAgain DawgDaddy Greg Poole A LOT more polished than Stafford IMO..  The technology available today for film study and defensive recognition is miles ahead of where it was when Stafford came out.


    BahitsAgain Reddawg13 DawgDaddy Greg Poole He would be starting for the KC Chiefs for sure!

  72. BahitsAgain

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole Stafford could have benefited from a redshirt, but he still would have been gone early, so we would have only had 2 playing years out of him.

    I think Eason is more polished than Stafford.

  73. BahitsAgain

    Reddawg13 Greg Poole I hope it didn’t yank some of her brains out with it.  She can’t afford to lose any.

  74. BahitsAgain

    Reddawg13 DawgDaddy Greg Poole Eason is also a foot taller and 100 pounds heaver than Murray.  lol

    ok, a little exaggeration, but Eason is a lot bigger than Murray.  Imagine what AM could have done if he had Eason’s body.

  75. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole She may be going places, but, she is doing so with a bald spot on the side of her head!

  76. Reddawg13

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole And times have changed since Murray. Did Murray compete in all the 7 on 7’s that Eason has and did he attend all the camps and training Eason has, I don’t know the answer to those questions, but Eason has done everything he can to be ready!

  77. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole It is dumb.   The problem with Kickoffs is you have guys running right at each other often at full speed.  It doesn’t matter if they had 5 yards  or 50.  Often, their intent isn’t to avoid each other and it makes for a big collision.

    Moving the distance was to increase touch backs, thus, reduce injuries.

  78. Greg Poole

    Avon Barksdale  Keep improving the offensive line and Georgia will always have a good quarterback.

  79. Avon Barksdale

    Obviously I really really really really really want us to get Lawrence but the possible silver lining if he went elsewhere would be that it would make signing two 2018 QBs, and a 2019 QB, exponentially more likely.

  80. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole To me the choice is obvious but I am biased.  Aaron Murray keeps talking about his red shirt year and what it meant and I understand what he is saying.  He also was mending from a broken arm his senior season.   I also see Eason as way more gifted with physical talent than AM and think if anyone can start as a true freshman QB he is the guy.

  81. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole So they think Sony doesn’t get enough carries I guess.  I think both NC27 and SM1 get 1000.

  82. Reddawg13

    DawgDaddy Reddawg13 Yes you are. I loved him for a long time too, but the last 5 years or so not so much.

  83. DawgDaddy

    Reddawg13 I won’t scold you, I loved CMR and did not want him gone.  That ship has sailed and I am all in on CKS.  I am not throwing rocks, I am stating the facts as I see them.

  84. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole The author lost me with this sentence, “At one point last season, North Carolina won 11 straight games while playing in one of the country’s toughest conferences.” The ACC is not a tough conference at all, there’s F$U, Clem’s son or late and all the rest.  Not a lot of toughness after those two IMO.

  85. BenKellam

    Greg Poole Reddawg13 Does is have something to do with the size of the player? Certain stances are used by bigger guys which means larger impacts since they are usually paired with guys that are similar in size.

  86. Reddawg13

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole I agree with you 100%! But, when I mention the old staff I get scolded,lol!

  87. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole This is the trouble that CMRs staff left us with on both sides of the ball all too often, I guess this was a parting gift from the old staff.

  88. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I bet he never tried that again, that metal cap on the wall was slicker than he imagined.

  89. Greg Poole

    Reddawg13 I assume so. I’m going to try to contact the author today, she is at UGA.

  90. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I agree Greg, it makes no sense.   

    This also makes no sense to me, they said, “These studies resulted in a change to the kickoff line, moving it from the 30- to the 35-yard-line to reduce the distance players ran.”  What difference would this make at all?  The gap between the players is the same and they are actually running farther before impact with the ball carrier.  What am I missing?

  91. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole I agree with you after ten yards what difference does it make? Are they contemplating and elbows on the thigh stance?

  92. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole RL3 needs to get on Tray hard, 2 of those caps have that ugly orange on them.  No kid needs to go through life wearing orange IMO.

  93. Greg Poole

    This study has a point that I do not get:

    Schmidt said the distance players ran before impact, as well as their starting stance, also affected the severity of their head impact. Players who ran more than 10 yards before impact had much more severe head injuries than those who traveled just a few feet, which is similar to earlier findings in studies of college football players. These studies resulted in a change to the kickoff line, moving it from the 30- to the 35-yard-line to reduce the distance players ran.
    But players who started running in the traditional three-point stance, and ran a long distance before impact, were even more likely to sustain a more severe head impact.

    I do not get why, after running 10 yards, the starting stance would have an impact on the collision. I get that it is possible to start faster from a 3-point stance but at 10 yards there should be little difference.  I would thing that they 3-point stance would exacerbate short run impact injuries as opposed to an elbows on thighs type stance.

  94. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I too think he is a Dawg but there is plenty of time between now and TLs signing, no need to panic.  I believe that CKS has that covered and has a plan in place.  Having said all that, in answer to your question, I don’t know.

  95. Greg Poole

    So, if Lawrence goes Orange (and I do not think he will), what is UGA backup plan at QB for that class?