UGA Recruiting Daily 25-June-2016

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UGA Recruiting Daily 25-June-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect, TJ Pledger
TJ Pledger


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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Junior RB
Chaminade High School
West Hills, CA


Sophomore WR RB
Pine Forest High School
Pensacola, FL


Junior DT T
Oakland High School
Murfreesboro, TN


Junior T G
Woodland High School
Stockbridge, GA



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

122 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 25-June-2016

  1. JMcKinneydawg

    DawgLink yeah, its been a little bumpy relocating all the way down to Lafayette, LA for a job, but it will be worth it, just takes time!

  2. DawgLink

    Pretty well but sounds like yors has been better. Congratulations on the new papoose on the way. Nothing better than having a child

  3. JMcKinneydawg

    so how in the world have the dawg nation been?! Its been a loooong time, a lot has changed, new state, new job, and now new baby coming along the way!

  4. JMcKinneydawg

    Hopefully not to hostile I’ll have my pregnant wife with me, would hate to be in the news for cracking some chicken heads for being too rowdy….

  5. WalktheDawg Whisky

    Bulldawg36 If you have no other source of information.. No computer, no tv..then they might be of some value…. Hell.. the pages can be used to stock the smoker coals….

  6. WalktheDawg Whisky

    Greg Poole Recruiting to a system…CMR was a QB based philosophy…Chaney has the philosophy of a former Defensive Tackle… Apples and Oranges…

  7. Bulldawg36

    I doubt you are broke. Go buy the magazine since you chastised me for not liking it

  8. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36 I wanted Kyle last year but when I watched him play on TV I did notice that he was prone to take plays off.   I would think his college coaches can stop that or at least cut it down but I hope at Auburn they just let him do as he pleases.

  9. JMcKinneydawg

    Should be a good game for SECeast, reunion between Two former team mates. I already got my plane tickets, hotel accomadations, and rental car. Just waiting on the game tickets!

  10. RobDawg

    Do they still have photos of hot cheerleaders in them like they did when I used to buy them?

  11. RobDawg

    @Bulldawg36 immediately thought of you when I saw this… I know you hate chickens and this should solidify it

  12. Greg Poole

    Yet another talented runner, Chubb is coming off a season-ending injury, but a return to health will have him squarely in the middle of the Heisman conversation. He burst onto the scene as a true freshman when eventual first-round pick, Todd Gurley, was injured and he ranked third in the nation with an elusive rating of 108.5. Opponents stood no chance when trying to tackle Chubb as they bounced off his regularly, and perhaps most impressive, he then showed the speed to create big plays.
    That combination has led to an excellent 7.4 yards per carry average in his two years at Georgia. Chubb finished his freshman season at +21.0 overall, good for sixth in the nation, and he was off to another strong last year before injury struck. Georgia got inconsistent quarterback play a year ago, and this year may be more of the same, so look for Chubb to carry the offense. If he’s back to form, Chubb is as talented as any of the other backs in the nation.

  13. dsw61

    Toneil Carter’s play on special teams reminds me of Sony his freshman year. Seems like Sony was always the first one down the field to make the hit.

  14. 1mandawgpack

    I trust our coaches in evaluating talent and think that the WR position is very difficult to evaluate in HS. One kid may play in a predominate run offense and may not post huge stats, but may be a much better WR than another kid who plays in a spread offense and posts huge stats.

  15. 1mandawgpack

    I think I’m most excited about him as a RB as he plays big boy football in a legit football state.

  16. Greg Poole

    Dawgz4life  Could be – people are jumping on the CB bandwagon – I guess that means he is “trending”

  17. Bulldawg36

    Looks like for the 2nd year in a row..we are gonna miss out on the top WR in the state. I figured Jacob Eason would help with this… But I guess not.

  18. Greg Poole

    MidtownTeacher  You may be right but we often see kids become coy when they are [received to be getting closer to a decision. If the pundits think the commitment is a lock, the messages and phone calls stop.  Gotta restart that 15 minute timer…

  19. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Colonial Dawg Hobnailboot aka RobG I’m glad you enjoyed it!! My favorite was the Newlyweds one where he asked what do you like about the set and dude replied wife number 2….LMAO

  20. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Panic Fan Hobnailboot aka RobG Thank you sir! Not many people can sing with soul the way he can

  21. MidtownTeacher

    after reading the dawgnation article on Holloman, I’d say there is no way he ends up a dawg. his approach makes him focus on the wrong reasons to pick a school and not the right reasons. that type ofof recruit is who auburn and Tennessee butter there bread with.
    there has also been some talk that our current receiver commits aren’t game changers. receiver may shape up to be the least helped position with the most bodies for 2017.

  22. Greg Poole

    If it was up to Herschel Walker, that record would be broken pretty soon. Walker, now 54, is fully confident that he can still help an NFL team.
    “I don’t think I can. I know I can,” Walker told Omnisport this week, “In a third-down situation, I could help a team out today. I could do a few things and do it well.”

  23. 75tranzam

    dsw61 OrangeVenom and GoFightWin are 2 posters that supposedly have deep connections in Georgia recruiting or so they say.

    Personally I think they’re full of it. DeLo has been very tight lipped about his recruitment and unless they’re family members they’re just speculating and basing it on Nigel Warrior being a draw.

  24. dsw61

    It’s interesting reading some of the Vol comments on Gibbs’ recruitment on their discussion boards. Some Vol fans who claim to know someone close to his recruitment are saying he’s all Vol. Which totally contradicts the recent crystal ball picks to Georgia by Jake Rowe and Kipp Adams. The shenanigans I was warning about from the Vols staff to lock down Gibbs, has to be related to J.R. Reed’s recruitment. It sounds like the Vols thought they had him in the bag. Not sure Reed will matter in the end, but good move by Kirby to keep him from the Vols; as that would have likely sealed it for them.

  25. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36  ADVICE!!!! ADVICE!!!! NEVER GO TO A HOSPITAL WITH ‘MEMORIAL’ IN ITS NAME — BAD OMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Bulldawg36

    I’m hunkering down its gonna be a long day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Bulldawg36

    Talk a bunch about what to do a week before the baby is due. Breast feeding!!!!! Tour of the hospital!!! Lunch break!!!!! It’s just too much!!

  28. Bulldawg36

    I’m in a prepared childbirth class from 9-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help its gonna be boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Greg Poole

    Today is shaping up like a slow news day – something huge, yuge, is bound to happen.

  30. Colonial Dawg

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Dang man!  Now my sides hurt and I’m crying from laughing so hard.  On one of the answers I had a mouthful of coffee!

  31. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Seems to me receivers would be looking at who is going to be throwing the ball to them, that would make the choice somewhat easier IMO.

  32. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole That right there is why southern boys don’t need to go north to play football, haha