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UGA Recruiting Daily 29-Dec-2016

Tray Bishop (photo from Tray Bishop - Twitter)
Tray Bishop
(photo from Tray Bishop – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread


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CLASS: 2017
POSITION: No.4 Athlete – UGA recruiting as a DB
STATUS: Undeclared, UGA offer
Terrell County High School
Dawson, GA
Bishop’s Defensive Highlights – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Randolph-Clay High School – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Calhoun County High School – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Chattahoochee County High School – CLICK HERE
Highlight Video – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2018
STATUS: UGA target
Dutchtown High School
Hampton, GA
2016 Junior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2017
POSITION: No.3 Safety
STATUS: Undeclared, UGA offer
Grayson High School
Loganville, GA
Highlight Video – CLICK HERE
Senior Spotlight Video – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2018
STATUS: UGA target
Thomasville High School
Thomasville, GA
2016 Junior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE
2015 Sophomore Season Highlights – CLICK HERE



List of prospects who have scheduled announcements.The percentage is my confidence on a recruit committing to listed school.


Announcements at the Under Armour All-American Game:

Jan. 1st – DeAngelo Gibbs – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 95% UGA

Jan. 1st – Xavier McKinney – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 95% Clemson


Announcements at the U.S Army All-American Game:

Jan. 7thΒ – Jeffrey Okudah – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 90% Ohio State


No Scheduled Announcements:

Could announce before January 1st:

Tray Bishop – 2017 DB – Decommitted from Auburn on Tuesday 12/13. 75% he flips to UGA, but Florida is also a possible landing spot.

Eric Stokes Jr. – 2017 CB – 95% sure he picks UGA if there is room, but I’m 50/50 on if there is an open spot for him at the moment.

Leonard Warner – 2017 ILB – 95% UGA. He could wait till NSD to announce his decision, but I don’t think he will.

Most likely will announce after January 1st:

Markaviest Bryant – 2017 WDE. 95% UGA. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Breon Dixon – 2017 LB – 75% Ole Miss, 20% Tennessee, 5% UGA. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Nico Collins – 2017 WR – 60% Michigan, 30% Alabama, 10%UGA. Collins announced on Monday that he will wait till Feb. 1st, NSD to announce his decision.

Aubrey Solomon – 2017 DT – 50/50 Michigan-Georgia battle. He could announceΒ his decision during US Army All-American game on January 7th or wait till NSD.

Ameer Speed – 2017 CB – 90% Virginia Tech, 10% UNC. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Tyler Taylor – 2017 ILB – 50% UGA, 35% Oklahoma, 15% Auburn. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Tamorrion Terry – 2017 WR – Likely headed to JUCO or Prep.





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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

422 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 29-Dec-2016

  1. Bahits

    Has anyone of you gotten wasted on Sapporo?

    i have never had more that one 22 fl oz at one time, so I am curious. Maybe, I should plan to have about 4 or 5 cans of it in the future. Put it on my bucket list and add it to my “Man in the High Tower” watch party for season 3. πŸ™‚

    BTW, any of you who have not been turned onto MITHT on Amazon are missing out. Wife and I just finished binge watching season 2 and we are eagerly awaiting season 3.


      Yep. I spent 3 years in Japan. Got a letter of reprimand for an alcohol related incident-fight. Lol. Good stuff

        1. Bahits

          I have no idea what Korean soju is. I have a Korean buddy, but he gave up drinking at around 33. I will ask, but don’t think he will answer.

    2. Bahits

      it is MITHC (Man in the HIgh Castle) not tower. I don’t know why I keep saying tower. Regardless, it is a classic. Watch it. it makes you think of what might have been, and it would not have been good.

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      How many teams in the SEC actually run a Pro-Style offense now-a-days? Most of them run some sort of spread or some version of it. Bama, Georgia, and Vandy are about the only three teams that run a true Pro-Style and even Bama this season has spread and RPO options sprinkled in.

    2. KaolinDawg

      I think the SEC had a bit of a perfect storm scenerio this year. Us, Bama, SCU, MSU and Ole Miss in Nov. all started true freshman QBs. UK, UF, and LSU were all starting first year transfers. Thats way to much youth and inexperience at the position for the conference to be great. Also the past two years we have had an excessive number of juniors in the league turn pro beyond our nation leading overall yearly draft numbers. Add in 4 new head coaches. I expect the league to be back to its normal self next year just from improved QB play alone. With that said that means it will harder for us to win too.

  2. Bahits

    Ok. I am done. Too much beer and a shot or two of Evan Williams

    I am going to go watch a movie with the misses. It is a Dwayne Johnson movie; CIA something. I hope it is good.

    Good night all, and may our offense get 40+ tomorrow!!!

          1. Bahits

            I have to wait 45 min until the latest Hallmark movie is over. I will be summoned.

            I guess I will get my stashed beer and enjoy the internet some more.

  3. DawgLink

    Does anyone elsa have to click on the display media every time that they get on? I do to see it unless I click on them individually

    1. Savannah Leigh

      Click on your name above the main comment box and click display media, but if your on a mobile device you don’t want to do it.

            1. Bulldawg Bob

              I’m going to read up on all the Disqus bells and whistles when I get back from Christmas vacation, but I think there is way to where you don’t have to click that every visit to display media. Just not sure at the moment.

    1. Bahits

      I hope that Dude has a GREAT career and changes the views that some have of him not being flexible enough. I like BiG BeN ClevanD! Meat cleaver Cleveland!

      1. MMCSDAWG

        Me too. Let’s hope he’s working on his agility and mental preparation like a demon this off season

          1. Savannah Leigh

            Greg saw and Elvis impersonator and thought it was BB2 for sure because there was a bit of ginger peeking out of his jet black wig.

    1. Gadawg1757

      Ms. Savannah. I’m from South Georgia and what you are wearing to us is called a sh…t eating grin! You were having to much fun.

      1. Savannah Leigh

        That grins been on my face since I got in the car at 5:20AM this morning and won’t leave ever.


    Nor trying to stir the pot to much. But missing on Enos might have been a blessing. Not convinced Chaney is “the” guy. But Enos has never impressed me personally

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      Chaney will get three years to see what he can do. My guess is that as the o-line improves so will Chaney’s offense which is dictated and approved by Kirby Smart.

      1. DawgLink

        Agreed BB2. Got to have the right people for your system. Period. It’s obvious that the OL was subpar all season and led to all the doubt

  5. Joseph Kennedy

    Just a down year in the sec. No doubt about that. I don’t care about the sec. I only care if we win our bowl game tomorrow

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      I care about it to a certain point because the overall money the SEC earns in bowl games is shared by all the schools in the conference; so, if the SEC does well that equals more money for Georgia as well. Of course, it also means the other SEC schools are getting more money, but mo money has to be a good thing, lol.

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        I understand man. It’s just not worth the headache for me to cheer on average sec teams. Maybe the sec will be better next year

        1. Bulldawg Bob

          Oh. Yeah. No doubt there. 2nd half of the Akry-Hokie game was tough to watch. Why I started to watching the Georgia men’s basketball game with more attention to it lol.

    2. BroDawg

      I could care less if they all lose.. as long as UGA wins BIG. I hope Washington wins the Natty vs. Ohio State.. Saban retires and Dabo goes to Bama and gets replaced after 3 losing seasons.and….. UGA goes undefeated until CKS breaks the Bears record

  6. Joseph Kennedy

    The sec is 1-4. Lmao! I said 6-6. Now I’m starting to wonder if that will even happen. Lol. It’s an Alabama world and 13 puppets

  7. Bulldawg Bob

    Georgia defeats Auburn on the road 96-84. Out scored the Tiggers 53-33 in the 2nd. Gave the Barn their first home loss of the season.

    1. Rescue Dawg

      Best half of the season. Fox changed the pt minutes in the second half. No Kessler and very little Geno. Looked like a different team.

  8. PTCDawg

    oh, hi Bob!! I was posting those scores wondering where you went. Little did I know if I would click that giant blue bar all your updates would show up!!

    Well done and congratulations BB Dawgs!!

        1. Bulldawg Bob

          I still feel it is a Michigan-Georgia battle with Alabama making a late push. He is likely to take his decision past NSD; so, it’s anybody guess where Solomon goes

  9. Bulldawg Bob

    In that point of the game where each team is fouling the other to the line. Not my favorite part of basketball, but I guess it is part of the game

      1. BroDawg

        You never know?? I don’t even try to figure out 17-18 year old kids. But on a more positive note…. Bielema is crying about something new tonight other than losing his OLine coach to the good guys.

        1. MMCSDAWG

          He might be wishing his OC. Didn’t have that non compete clause. Not sure we would have been better with Enos. Play calling was horribly conservative after getting the 24 to 0 lead

      1. BroDawg

        In all honesty… it’s good to have talent, obviously Bama, but I’m more excited about the way or class clicks together. If any recruit regardless of the number of stars doesn’t fit with the guys that are already in place … then peace out and good luck… and that is not intended to be directed at Solomon

      1. BroDawg

        Ok… I was curious. I saw where he was wearing a Michigan jacket today but is getting CB’s today for Bama.

        1. MMCSDAWG

          Drama creator. It’s the new age of recruiting. Kirby knows how to recruit. We will get ours. We need to start winning though and that starts tomorrow.

          1. BroDawg

            Oh I’m not worried even if we don’t land him. I was curious since I was getting pieces of commeents.

  10. Bulldawg Bob

    Georgia-Auburn tied up at 70 all with 10 to go. Barn at line and missed 1 made 1. Now Tiggers 71-70

        1. RobG

          You should try some ribs from Rendesvous at least once in your life……although won’t be as cheap as Mexican

  11. Rescue Dawg

    What are the chances for UGA’s BB team to not be out coached tonight. After repeated seasons of bewilderment I have given up on Fox.

    I think he has done a fine job in all aspects except game management. I don’t think he has a clue when it comes to match-ups and substitutions..He seems to change away from anything that starts working.

  12. Rob Hughes

    According to ESPN we have 2 of the top 5 in their recruiting rankings. Wilson #2 and Beal #5 overall

    1. Joseph Kennedy

      Arkansas shouldn’t even be in the sec…but that’s a different story for another day. I hate the hogs

  13. EastTXDAWG

    Idk if it’s been posted but according to recruits Tennessee has the most annoying fan base on social media followed by Alabama and Michigan

    1. Richmondawg

      Its like Homer Simpson said, “Beer, the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems..”

  14. Bahits

    Well, that was entertaining. I brought up the espn streaming of the South Carolina game and accidently clicked Spanish. lol says I am 22% fluent in Espaniol, but after that I don’t know….. πŸ˜€

  15. Savannah Leigh

    Just finished the Kirby Smart press conference! Surreal moment being here in Memphis covering the game and activities!! Probably the most excited journalist here haha!

  16. Joseph Kennedy

    Never mind the birds just scored. Knowing my luck they will come back win. Clemson will probably win their game as well. Durn I’m starting to hate cfb!!!!

  17. ATLManDawgBrave

    As I reflect on 2016 and the losses the world has suffered, I want to remind us that bleed Red & Black that we lost the legend Bill Stanfill. I am too young to remember anything about him but love the stories I have heard over the years and here on BI. Anyone have a story about this Georgia legend?

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      There was a story that Murray Poole retold that Bill was walking around on his property one day and felt something stick him in his ankle. He didn’t think anything of it. Later on that evening he got deathly ill and was sick for several days. When he recovered he noticed he had two fang marks in his heel and had apparently been bitten by a rattle snake. While retracing his steps, he discovered a dead rattler on the path he had walked several days earlier. Don’t know if it is true or not, but a good story none-the-less. Bill was a touch son of a gun, though.

        1. Bahits

          I thought you were bragging about Bama’s record after they win the NC this year. I knew Clemson had a loss, so I was a little confused.

  18. KaolinDawg

    Those in the know what’s going on with the 2018 class in state? Is it that all the energy was put into the 2017 guys? Sentell’s article is concerning because of lot of the top players are committed elsewhere and TL is like a pied piper to Clemson. All the top offensive guys keep referencing him. We have to stack Top 5 classes to be successful and while 2018 is 13 months away these relationships are built years in advance. I don’t see us flipping 6 or 7 of these top in state guys committed elsewhere. Thoughts?


      If there is one absolute we know thus far about Kirby. He can recruit. Let’s see where we are this time next year. Gotta look at positions of need as well as rankings.

      1. BroDawg

        And while it’s good to lock down our state… this is a new day in UGA recruiting… we are in it for guys across the US.

      2. KaolinDawg

        I didn’t want to sound critical just curious. I know every class is different but the in state momentum for ’17 to ’18 feels like night and day right now. Even the guys not committed like Tutt speak of OSU and TL more than UGA and Moscall saying he gets an “eerie” feeling at UGA…wth?

    2. Bahits

      With Eason and Fromm, I always thought Lawrence was never going to happen. I was amazed that he held us in such high position even with those two. I have no doubt that if we were not so rich at QB, TL would be signing with us.

    3. Bulldawg Bob

      That article could have been written last year at this time about the 2017 class. Still early for the 2018 class as far as commitments. This time last year, Georgia only had a two or three 2017 commitments. In fact, I remember people worrying last year because the Bulldogs didn’t have many 2017 commits yet.
      Georgia has Max Wray and Adam Anderson committed for 2018 so far and is likely to get Jamaree Salyer, Justin Mascoll, Derrick Allen, Trey Hill, Christian Armstrong, and Quay Walker.
      Keep your eye on TK Chimedza.
      As far as the top players from Georgia, 8 out of the top 25 have committed from the class of 2018. Georgia has one of those, Adam Anderson, committed, and stands a good chance to get the six I listed above plus a several more. That top 25 will get reshuffled when the new rankings from the recruiting services come out later on next year after the spring camps.

      1. roberto marco

        I wonder if they are using the same substandard crap at home that they are shipping around the world???

      1. AlphaDawg

        “Doesn’t look good,” Smart said concerning Ridley said. “He had an ankle that we’re checking on. Looks like there might be some ligament damage in there.”

    1. Richmondawg

      Tell Savannah that if you should fall into a BBQ coma, we’re expecting her to pick up the slack….


      That makes my heart rage! I know the heat is getting to him a little but his initial set and punch look pretty darn good. He is athletic for his size. See him hop back to the line. Big time future for this young dawg!

  19. MidtownDawg

    I didn’t like the Nate McBride commitment video because of the scene when Jake Fromm gunned his truck and created a bunch of exhaust as if that was cool. I am a competitive cyclist and I have had way too many pick up trucks purposefully come close to me on the road and accelerate creating a cloud of exhaust on me and more dangerously, nearly causing me to fall by coming so close. Dusting is not cool, especially when done to cyclists.

    1. Bahits

      I wouldn’t take it so seriously. A lot more big truck owners are responsible and would never do that to a cyclist.

      There are jerks in every crowd, but I doubt Fromm is one of them.

      1. MidtownDawg

        I agree Bahit that most pick up truck drivers aren’t rude to cyclists and I seriously doubt that Fromm is. I just don’t think dusting is cool and good men like Fromm making it cool makes those who do things like that to cyclists think it is normal and ok.


      How about those drivers that are texting or whatever on their phones that swerve all over the road and have caused me personally to stop riding my bike on any public roads. Got hit by one and they didn’t even stop

      1. MidtownDawg

        Yeah, they are a huge problem too. I pass cars on my bike and see them texting and it scares the crap out of me.

        1. Bahits

          It terrifies me that they and other forms of distracted drivers are coming 70mph toward me as I am going 60 or 70 towards them, and we pass each other with only a foot or two between us.

          Driving scares the hell out of me. At least half the drivers out there are below average. It is enough to turn a man into a hermit. I dream of the day when all cars are computer controlled. That will be the most dramatic reduction of road fatalities of all the great safety innovations.

          1. AlphaDawg

            You’re not kidding. People don’t realize they’re driving a metal death box. I was in a bad wreck a month ago that totaled my car. I can’t even drive around without thinking and seeing all of the people who cause these issues for tentative drivers. I’ve never had any sort of ptsd until that wreck. Now anytime someone is turning left in front of me I my stomach drops. I used to think I could avoid any collision. Now I see sometimes there’s not enough time to avoid it.

  20. Bulldawg Bob

    Date & Time: December 30th, 2016 – 12 Noon ET
    Location: Memphis, TN – Liberty Bowl Stadium
    Match-up: (7-5) Georgia vs. (6-6) TCU

    Pregame Broadcast begins at 8:00 am ET
    Pre-Game Fan Buffet | Tickets 9:00 am ET
    Gates open approximately at 10:30 am ET
    Kickoff at 12:00 pm ET

    Televised on ESPN:

    TV announcers:
    Play-by-play: Beth Mowins
    Color commentator: Anthony Becht
    Sideline reporter: Rocky Boiman




    Radio announcers:
    Play-by-play: Scott Howard
    Color commentator: Eric Zeier
    Sideline reporter: Chuck Dowdle




    1. mailman6

      Somebody really dislikes UGA at ESPN to assign Beth “moanings” to do our game. Shows how far down in pecking order we are. 12:00 start and her. Definitely turn down the sound and get radio synched

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        We brought all on ourself fella. This was a transition year and I expected us to struggle but didn’t think it would be this bad.

  21. Bulldawg Bob

    2016 Georgia Junior Bowl All-Star game

    Team Dedication vs. Team Commitment

    Date: Friday, December 30th
    Time: 6:00 p.m. ET
    Location: Five Star Stadium, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia
    Watch: ESPN3 / WATCH ESPN
    Player Rosters:
    For more information
    Follow on social media:

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      Good morning Gadawg. I haven’t familiarized myself with the bells and whistles on Disqus commenting system yet, but the up arrow is for liking a comment and the down arrow is for disliking a comment I believe.

    2. RobG

      If you like a comment you can up vote it or if you don’t like it you can down vote it or as most do and let it be

      1. Gadawg1757

        I am not one to judge so I will take your advice. I am also 55 years old and this damn computer screen is blurry anyway. I’d hit the wrong button.

  22. Bulldawg Bob

    On the Chaney talk below, he is running the offense approved by Head Coach Kirby Smart. As Greg has stated before, Jim Chaney is not operating in a vacuum.
    The offense will go as well as the players execute and the offensive line plays.

  23. godawgs678

    Do we have a legit shot to flip Rice or is it just chatter? We should know soon, right? Isn’t he an EE?

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      Aye. Monty Rice is an EE, and there is a legit shot. The question is whether or not there is room to flip Rice or if he can be an EE in January at UGA if he did flip.

  24. Joseph Kennedy

    Clemson winning the NT. Will hurt us in recruiting. They will be able to pluck even more from Georgia.

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        Would do you mean. Bama is a dynasty. We don’t need Clemson to become one as well. Maybe y’all will start to hate Clemson again if we end up losing to em in the playoff sometime down the road

        1. Bahits

          Dabo will leave clemson for Bama as soon as Saban leaves or retires. That is probably in the next year or two. Clemson really doesn’t worry me much.

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      I doubt it will affect Clemson-Georgia recruiting much. UGA cannot sign every top player in the state, but Kirby Smart and company are doing a better job so far than the previous coaching staff of keeping the top 25 players in-state.

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        It might. They already got Watson, Lawrence and the qb from Grayson. And lead for white. A Nt will probably boost their recruiting even mpre

        1. Bulldawg Bob

          Dabo will be able to use it as a selling pitch in recruiting, but to get an idea of how Kirby and company can recruit against Dabo and Clemson and the rest of the nation, all you have to do is look at the current 2017 class.
          Zamir White is not from Georgia if we are talking about players from the Peach State. He is from North Carolina.

            1. Bulldawg Bob

              Joseph Kennedy β€’ 3 hours ago
              “Clemson winning the NT. Will hurt us in recruiting. They will be able to pluck even more from Georgia.”
              But even in overall recruiting, take a look at Georgia’s 2017 recruiting class versus Clemson’s to get an idea of most likely how it will play out in the future.

            2. Bulldawg Bob

              Winning and losing, conference and national championships are one way to sell prospects on coming to play for a program, but there are other sales pitches.
              Yes. If Clemson was able to win a National Championship it would have some affect on the 2017 recruiting class and more so on the 2018 class, but we are talking about a handful of prospects. One national championship would not so drastically affect recruiting that Clemson and Dabo Swinney will start out recruiting Georgia and Kirby Smart.
              Not saying that Swinney and Clemson winning a Natty will not affect recruiting, but In the end, recruiting still comes down to the relationships that the coaches develop with the recruiting prospects and their families.

            3. Bahits

              It will be interesting to see how things play out. I like the direction Kirby is going with recruiting. National football powerhouse might be in the 4 Southern states of Bama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida in the next year or two…. if not already. We have to do our part.

    1. Bansai Buckeroo

      Sentell seems to think we could be in trouble with the 2018 recruiting class. We need to win tomorrow and have a much better year next year or I think he could be right. These kids need to see Kirby is on the right track.

  25. Joseph Kennedy

    Got to put pressure on Kenny Hill. But I don’t see us getting after him. I think we will play a bend but don’t break defense.

  26. Bulldawg Bob

    There is supposed to be a press conference with Kirby Smart today at 1 p.m. CT / 12 noon ET. We’ll have audio for you of the presser after it has concluded.

  27. Joseph Kennedy

    Sec is far. I still say 6-6. Heck I knew the Aggies would lose. Heck missy st got lucky.


    Good morning everyone. Still following on my phone from work. My darn IT guy should be back on Tuesday. Go Dawgs!

    1. Veteran First

      If Gibbs don’t want to be a real dawg, than let him go, there are recruits just as good as him and it’s his personal decision. If he goes eleswhere, he’ll regret the opportunity to play for his home team (UGA) the rest of his life. Dawg Nation will not forget his decision. The Dawgs will be contenders in 2017 and I truly believe he wants to be part of it. GA DAWGS

    1. Bahits

      That was a young deer, not a baby deer, and it wasn’t playing. It was defending its territory and if hit could have stuck that dog with it’s antlers or hoofed it to death, it would have.

      1. RobG

        The deer was definitely not playing but the dog definitely was probably why the title says pit bull plays with deer and not deer plays with pit bull

    1. Savannah Leigh

      Greg said we are almost to your spiritual hometown, Tupelo, MS. We will say hello to the Ghost of Elvis Presley

      1. Bulldawg Bob

        Hey DawgDaddy. Pretty good. Enjoying these beautiful Smokey Mountains. Rained cats and dogs last night. What’s going on your way?

          1. Bulldawg Bob

            They are calling for snow a week from tomorrow in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Up to about 8 inches I think.

            1. mailman6

              Love Pigeon Forge, spend the month of October there rving on Little Pigeon River and visiting the Smokies. Have you been over to Cataloochie Valley to see the elk. If not nice trip

        1. DawgDaddy

          Heading to Macon for lunch with my daughter then sitting around while the wife shops. At least I will be able to pick up some NuWay hot dogs on the way home for tonight’s supper πŸ˜‰

  29. AlphaDawg

    Wanted to bring up something that I heard recently. Chaney told Justin Fields to ‘watch UGA play on Friday. You’ll see more RPO.’ That’s an interesting statement for two reasons. Eason doing a RPO or is Mecole/Godwin/Sony got something up their sleeves? Also, seems like we’re entertaining the idea of a DTQB by convincing them we can accommodate for that style.

      1. AlphaDawg

        I personally think he’s got next year to show A LOT of improvement or he’s gone. Not sure how that impacts Pittman…

    1. JaxDawg

      Don’t think he really knows what is going on. Even making public comments before the bowl game apologizing for how bad our offense was and how he shoulders the blame is not a good look.

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      Dead period ends on Jan. 11th and contact period begins at midnight on Jan. 12th. This next contact period will go through Jan. 28th.

  30. Rickpope2330

    Any chance we flip leatherwood? Also trying to get a read on Nico. 1 minute I think he’s solid uga the next I think he’s Michigan or bama bound.

    1. DawgDaddy

      I still think Gibbs is a Dawg, I don’t think Leatherwood is flipping but that would be a huge Dawg victory should it happen.

    2. Bulldawg Bob

      Alex Leatherwood is an early enrollee and if they were to flip him, it would have to happen before Monday. The likely hood of that happening is slim to none.

    1. Gadawg1757

      I agree. Looked like the Miami of old. I hope our DAWGS come out with the same intensity and Kirby can enjoy the win.

    1. Gadawg1757

      Morning Deltona. I am a new poster as of yesterday and just happen to be from your neck of the woods over here in New Smyrna Beach.