Update on Georgia’s 2018 Quarterback Recruiting

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Update on Georgia’s 2018 Quarterback Recruiting

James Graham - Class 2018 athlete/Dual-Threat QB (Photo from James Graham / Twitter)
James Graham
Class 2018 athlete/Dual-Threat QB
(Photo from James Graham / Twitter)

With just a few days left in the month of May and the first of several football camps to begin starting June 1st, let’s take a look at where Georgia is sitting in regards to the Bulldogs’ 2018 quarterback recruiting.

Just in case you missed it, one of the Georgia coaching staff’s 2018 QB offers, Cammon Cooper, committed to Washington State on Sunday. UGA Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney did visit Cooper on Thursday, May 11th, but in my opinion, it was a long shot for the staff to be able to pull him away from the Pac-12 and the West coast.

In fact, since last we touched on Georgia’s 2018 quarterback recruiting, Cooper is not he only offer/target to commit. Joe Milton committed to Michigan back on May 7th, Adrian Martinez committed to Tennessee on 05/12/2017, and Jarren Williams re-committed back to Kentucky on 05/15/2017. Jaylen Mayden committed to Mississippi State on last Tuesday on the 23rd, but that was not unexpected.
A couple of recent offers over the past week…
Both Cooper and Milton are pro-style QBs and the Bulldogs are heavily targeting dual-threat guys. Georgia’s two most recent offers are to Holton Ahlers and Jordan Travis, both dual-threat prospects. The 6 foot 3.5 and 235 lbs Ahlers is out of Conley High School in Greenville. He is rated a three-star and No. 28 dual-threat prospect by 247. The coaching staff offered Ahlers last Wednesday on May 24th. He is currently committed to ECU and has been since January 30, 2017. The 6 foot 2.5 and 185 lbs Travis was offered by the Bulldogs on May 17th and is out of The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. If you look at the offer sheet as it stands today, the Georgia coaching staff have sent out 22 scholarship offers to signal callers for 2018 with only 7 of those being pro-style prospects while the remaining 15 are dual-threat.
So can we make any heads or tails on any of the remaining undeclared quarterback prospects are seriously considering UGA?
Of the 22 quarterbacks, the coaching staff has offered, eleven are currently committed elsewhere. That leaves eleven undeclared. And out of those undeclared prospects, there are two in particular that seem to be leaning Athens way, Tanner Mordecai and Jake Ruder, and Jame Graham could be an option for the Bulldogs. Jake Ruder is a prospect to keep your eye on. The 6 foot 3 and 215 lbs Ruder out of Norton High School from Norton, KS is set to take a visit to Athens, Georgia on June 15th. He is currently rated a three-star, No. 18 dual-threat QB for 2018 by 247 Sports. Another prospect that the Dogs recently offered on May 6th is Tanner Mordecai out of Midway High School in Waco, TX. Mordecai is rated a three-star dual-threat prospect by 247. Georgia has also offered James Graham out of Fitzgerald High School earlier this month on May 5th. He is also a three-star prospect but while he is being recruited more as an athlete, who could play at DB, QB, or WR, than Mordecai and Ruder, Graham certainly is quite capable of competing at QB. Graham listed Georgia in his top 10 a little over a week ago along with Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Miami, Michigan, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.
What about Dakereon Joyner?
At one time, I North Charleston, SC prospect Dakereon Joyner was leaning Georgia’s way, but as things do in recruiting, they change. Joyner is scheduled to announce his decision on June 18th between NC State and South Carolina.
What about Justin Rogers?
He’s scheduled to make his decision announcement in just a couple of days on May 31st. He did not include the Bulldogs in his top seven back on March 1st, and he will most likely choose between Harvard, Louisville, LSU, North Carolina, Oregon, TCU, and Tennessee with the Horned Frogs being the favorite here.
And what about Cordell Littlejohn?
I have been asked about Littlejohn several times as whether or not he will get an offer from UGA. I do know the Georgia coaching staff is in contact with Littlejohn and there have been visits, but as of yet, there is no public offer. And it looks like the coaching staff is going to wait on offering Littlejohn, at least for the time being. He is a recent transfer to Roswell High School, GA from Lincolnton, NC and only holds two offers. One Illinois and the other from Tulane. The 6 foot 3.5 and 190 lbs dual-threat prospect is a prolific passer, throwing for over 3,700 yards and 50 TDs last season for the Lincolnton Wolves. He also rushed for close to 350 yards on the ground and added another 6 TDs. So what’s the reason why he doesn’t have more offers? To be honest, I do not know.
Any chances of flipping Justin Fields or Emory Jones?
At this point, as there are right at 9 months to go until National Signing Day, there is always a chance. But … the chances are better with Fields than with Jones.
Here is a list of the current 2018 quarterback offers from the Bulldogs.


Dual-threat (15)



CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 28 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 3.5, and 235 lbs

SCHOOL: Conley High School

CITY, STATE: Greenville, NC

STATUS: Currently committed to ECU since 01/30/2017

# OFFERS: 11

NEWS: UGA offered on Wednesday, May 24th.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 11 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 3.5, and 211 lbs

SCHOOL: Earle High School


STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 13

NEWS: UGA offered 02/01/2017.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 1 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 3, and 220 lbs

SCHOOL: Harrison High School

CITY, STATE: Kennesaw, GA

STATUS: Committed to Penn State on 12/01/2016

# OFFERS: 40

NEWS: UGA offered 11/18/2016.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 13 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 3, 213 lbs

SCHOOL: Sidney Lanier High School

CITY, STATE: Montgomery, AL

STATUS: Committed to Missouri on 04/19/2017.

# OFFERS: 15

NEWS: UGA offered 02/25/2017. Visited UGA for G-Day on 04/22/2017.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 22 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 1, and 195 lbs

SCHOOL: Fitzgerald High School

CITY, STATE: Fitzgerald, GA

STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 18

NEWS: UGA offered on May 5th and recruiting him as an athlete. Could play DB, QB, or WR.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 2 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2.25, and 193 lbs

SCHOOL: Heard County High School

CITY, STATE: Franklin, GA

STATUS: Committed to Ohio State on 07/29/2016

# OFFERS: 21

NEWS: UGA offered 02/27/2016.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 9 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2, and 200 lbs

SCHOOL: Fort Dorchester High School

CITY, STATE: North Charleston, SC

STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 15

NEWS: UGA offered 03/15/2015. Joyner annoucning decision on June 18th, 2017.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: QB – No. 7 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2, and 200 lbs

SCHOOL: Clovis West High School


STATUS: Committed to Tennessee on 05/12/2017

# OFFERS: 25

NEWS: UGA offered on 03/14/2017. Martinez decommitted from Cal on 04/25/2017.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 12 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2, and 215 lbs

SCHOOL: Sachse High School


STATUS: Committed to Miss State on 05/23/2017.

# OFFERS: 20

NEWS: UGA offered 02/09/2017. Mayden listed top-5 as Baylor, Louisville, Miss State, Nebraska, and Tennessee on 04/04/17.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 14 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2.5, and 213 lbs

SCHOOL: Midway High School


STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 18

NEWS: UGA offered on May 6th.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 6 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 4, and 205 lbs

SCHOOL: Parkway High School

CITY, STATE: Bossier City, LA

STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 27

NEWS: UGA offered 01/30/2017. Rogers visited TCU on 04/08/2017


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 18 Dual-Threat QB (also plays safety for the Bluejays)

HT, WT: 6 foot 3, and 215 lbs

SCHOOL: Norton High School

CITY, STATE: Norton High School. Norton, KS

STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 14

NEWS: Holds offer from UGA. Decommitted from Tulsa on May 20th.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 3 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 1.5, and 195 lbs

SCHOOL: Bishop Gorman High School

CITY, STATE: Las Vegas, NV

STATUS: Committed to UCLA on 04/23/2017

# OFFERS: 26



CLASS: 2018

POSITION: Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2.5, and 185 lbs

SCHOOL: The Benjamin School

CITY, STATE: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 13

NEWS: UGA offered last Wednesday on May 17th.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 16 Dual-Threat QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 2.5, and 211 lbs

SCHOOL: Central Gwinnett High School

CITY, STATE: Lawrenceville, GA

STATUS: Re-committed to Kentucky on 05/15/2017.

# OFFERS: 25

NEWS: De-committed from Kentucky on 04/24/2017. UGA offered on 05/04/2017.

Pro-Style (7)


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 30 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 3, and 193 lbs

SCHOOL: Lyons Township High School


STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 10

NEWS: UGA offered on May 11th and was committed to Wisconsin at the time. Badgers pulled Bryant’s offer.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 27 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 4, and 202 lbs

SCHOOL: Lehi High School


STATUS: Committed to Washington State on 05/28/2017

# OFFERS: 16

NEWS: Visited UGA on 04/20/2017 and the Bulldogs offered Cooper on his visit.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 17 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 4, and 204 lbs

SCHOOL: Divine Child High School

CITY, STATE: Dearborn, MI

STATUS: Committed to Michigan State on 02/16/2017

# OFFERS: 13

NEWS: UGA offerd on 05/03/2017.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 1 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 6, and 196 lbs

SCHOOL: Cartersville High School

CITY, STATE: Cartersville, GA

STATUS: Committed to Clemson on 12/15/2016.

# OFFERS: 24

NEWS: UGA offered 07/19/2015.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 5 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 6, and 219 lbs

SCHOOL: Centennial High School


STATUS: Undeclared.

# OFFERS: 21

NEWS: UGA offered 01/11/2017. Visited UGA on 03/31/2017.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 9 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 5, and 220 lbs

SCHOOL: Olympia High School

CITY, STATE: Orlando, FL

STATUS: Committed to Michigan on 05/07/2017

# OFFERS: 25

NEWS: UGA offered 02/24/2017. Visited UGA on 04/22/2017 for G-Day.


CLASS: 2018

POSITION: No. 20 Pro-Style QB

HT, WT: 6 foot 4.5, and 187 lbs

SCHOOL: Hamilton High School

CITY, STATE: Chandler, AZ

STATUS: Undeclared

# OFFERS: 22

NEWS: UGA offered on 04/25/2017.


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