What’s the Word? Feature: UGA’s Men’s Golf Coach Chris Haack

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What’s the Word? Feature: UGA’s Men’s Golf Coach Chris Haack

Chris Haack
Chris Haack
Photo: UGA Sports Communications

The University of Georgia is a success-driven school. In athletics, in academics, in the arts, success is just a given. The Georgia men’s golf team does not fall short of the prestigious pedigree that rolls through the Classic City. On July 18, 1996, the already successful program introduced the man who would become a two-time National Coach of the Year, two-time National Champion, and eight-time Southeastern Conference Champion, and he is not done yet.

His name is Chris Haack, and his golfing career is out of a storybook. The statistics that demonstrate the victorious efforts from Coach Haack are mind-blowing. For instance, he has coached 31 All-Americans, eight SEC Freshman of the Year honorees, put 10 golfers on the PGA Tour, and led the Dawgs to 63 team tournament titles, 17 top-20 and nine top-10 finishes at the NCAA’s, which include the two nattys, runner-up showings in 2007 and 2011, along with third-place outings in 2009 and 2015. These numbers are unearthly, but I can assure you, Coach Haack was not created in a lab. Aside from his coaching skills, Coach Haack’s love for this University makes him the successful coach he is today. Thank you Coach Haack for what you have done for Georgia and the interview you did with me!

Golf in your life





“Golf has undoubtedly been a treat for me. Since the first time I picked up a club to my coaching days now, I have loved this game. Everything about it is special. It has taught me many things about life in general. From the tee box, down the fairway, to the greens, golf has been a huge part of my life, and the game itself is something I enjoy so much.”

Another sport you would coach

“Well, I love football. I understand the game, so I think I could make a decent coach. As many Georgia games that I have watched on Saturdays, you would think I could at least make some decent coaching decisions. I do love the sport of football and find it very entertaining.”






“I don’t have lucky socks or anything like that, but if the team is playing well, I will not change the clothes I would be wearing. For example, if it is raining at the beginning of the day I will obviously be wearing my raincoat, and if the team is playing well as the sun starts to come out, I will stay in that raincoat. It’s just a luck thing. If we are doing something right, I’m not changing.”

Favorite tournament on Tour

“There is nothing that beats the Masters. It is just an amazing event. I enjoy going there and watching, but I really like following it on television. The way golf is on TV, it is just constant action. You better believe that those four days in the spring, I am trying to be in front of a screen with the Masters on.”

PGA Golfer to coach

“If I could choose any golfer past or present, it would just have to be Tiger [Woods]. In my time with the American Junior Golf Association, I had the privilege to serve as the captain of the Canon Cup West Team. Tiger was actually a player on one of the teams, so I have spent some time with him, and he is just a flat-out golfer. He loves the game and plays it very well. Plus, he was a fun person to be around.”

Pitching UGA to a recruit

“The University of Georgia is not only a great place for you to continue your golfing career, but it is a place where you can excel academically. Not to mention, the town is the best college town in America, hands down. Athens intertwines with the University to create an unbelievable environment. On the golfing side of things, our program is elite and will give you the right tools to continue your golfing career professionally.”

Expectations for Men’s Golf

“My expectations are always high. I have a lot of faith in these guys and firmly believe they can go the distance. It’s an excellent bunch to be around, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”





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