SB: Bulldogs Beat Panthers, 5-0

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SB: Bulldogs Beat Panthers, 5-0

The seventh-ranked UGA Bulldogs defeated Georgia State, an in-state rival, on Wednesday at the Jack Turner Stadium. This mid-week match up led to a victory for the Bulldogs, at a score of 5-0. 

First pitch was at 6:02pm, by Riley Orcutt. Orcutt pitched the first inning, and the Panthers were unable to score. 





At the top of the second, Rachel Gibson stepped into pitch for Orcutt, and again, the Panthers did not score. At the bottom of the second, Jaiden Fields made the first hit for UGA. Then Lyndi Rae Davis scored the first run, off an RBI by Emily Digby (1-0). 

At the top of the third, Lilli Backes pitched for Gibson. Backes pitched two innings, where no hits were made by the Georgia State Panthers. 





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At the bottom of the fourth, the Bulldogs came in strong. Sydney Chambley hit a homer to left field. Ellie Armistead tripled to right center, allowing Emily Digby and Jaiden Fields to score off her RBI. Ellie Armistead then scored off an RBI hit by Dallis Goodnight. At the end of the fourth inning, UGA was up 5-0.

Madison Kerpics pitched the last three innings. She struck out three Panthers and only allowed one hit. 

At the end of the seventh inning, the Bulldogs were victorious against the Panthers at a score of 5-0. The Bulldogs had 7 hits, while the Panthers had 2. Coach Tony Baldwin commended the pitchers for “commanding the ball” and Ellie Armistead for being “outstanding on defense.” Baldwin is “proud of the work that the team put in yesterday and today.” 

This weekend, the Georgia Bulldogs are on the road to Lexington to play the Kentucky Wildcats in an SEC series. Baldwin said the team will prepare by “getting back to being the best versions of themselves.” The Bulldogs will begin the series on Friday, starting at 6:30pm.

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