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Andy Burcham

Andy Burcham, the Voice of the Auburn Tigers, gives us his insights into this October edition of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. Andy follows in a long line of magnificent Auburn announcers. He is one of the very best in the business, and my old friend has great stuff for us, as always.

This game in October, it feels strange to me, does it to you?





I guess I’m getting used to the Auburn-Georgia game earlier in the season. Regardless of where the game falls on the schedule, it’s always a tough stretch of the season for Auburn. This year it follows a late night trip to Baton Rouge.

I’m sure this is like picking your favorite kid or pet, but you’ve been a part of some great Auburn teams, is there one (‘04, ‘10, ‘13) that stands out as your favorite?

The 2004 team will go down as one of my favorite Auburn teams. It should have played for a National Championship that season. I believe that team is one of the main reasons we have a playoff system now. I don’t believe we’ll ever see an unbeaten, SEC Champion, denied a chance to play for a National Championship again . The 2010 team was special because of the incredible individual talent, the National Championship and Cam. The 2013 team is special because of two of the greatest finishes in Auburn history against its two biggest rivals, two weeks apart and, of course, because of the calls from our friend, Rod Bramblett.





Tell us what you like about Bryan Harsin and his future at Auburn.

He’s no-nonsense. Highly detailed oriented and assured that his plan is correct. He reminds some folks of a young Pat Dye.

What does Auburn need to do to beat Georgia?

Must run the football well. Tank Bigsby and Jarquez Hunter must establish the run early. Defensively, Auburn must pressure the quarterback, something it didn’t do at Penn State.

What is your take on Georgia?

So far, the best defensive team in the SEC and probably the country. Potentially explosive on offense, may be just a matter of time.

How would like to see the SEC align when Texas and Oklahoma join the league (four team pods, Mizzou go West, Auburn and Alabama East)?

If the SEC remains in the East and West division, I see Auburn and Alabama going to the East. If it becomes a pod system, I’ll be surprised if Auburn and Alabama aren’t in the same. Regardless, I hope the league does a better job of scheduling teams on a more consistent basis. Missouri makes its first trip to Jordan-Hare Stadium, ever, next season.

What would you like to see done differently with college football/college athletics?

I believe something needs to be done with the targeting rule. The automatic ejection part of the rule across the board seems extreme. We saw it in the Penn State game with Zakoby McClain. Steve Shaw was on ESPN Gameday the next week saying the call was incorrect, yet McClain was ejected during a critical time of the game and the first half of the Georgia State game. Here’s another, and I’m not sure who regulates this other than the rights holder and sometimes the leagues. Keep announcers, both radio and TV, in the booths and not broadcasting from homes, studios and in our case during basketball season last year, Jordan-Hare Stadium.





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