Changing of the Guard is a Theme around Athens

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Changing of the Guard is a Theme around Athens

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[su_spacer size=”20”] This weekend will see a number of new changes that will take place within the Bulldog nation. Some involve our beloved mascot UGA, who’s name and position will be officially handed down to a new Bulldog. Others involve the team that a family has cheered for over the past five years. Yet another change may happen in the near future that could spark controversy within the Bulldog nation. Regardless of what happens with the Bulldogs’ future, change is inevitable.
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One change that many fans are very excited to see happen is for UGA X to officially be named the next mascot by the Bulldogs. For many weeks now, It has been known that the beloved Bulldog Russ, who held the position of UGA IX, would soon have to step down from his title as the mascot of the University of Georgia. Russ will be officially replaced by a young pup named Que, who has attended many events in preparation of taking the position of UGA.
[su_spacer size=”40”] Que will re-establish the tradition of the UGA line containing pure white Bulldogs, as Russ had a few big brown spots. Que has been training for this day all season and the changing of the guard for the most-beloved mascot in all of sports from Russ to Que or from UGA IX to UGA X will finally take place before the Bulldogs clash against the Georgia Southern Eagles.
[su_spacer size=”40”] However, That is not the only event that will hold significance as a changing of the guard for one family, who is affiliated with the Bulldog nation. The Theus family, who have constantly found themselves between the hedges cheering on two of their sons, will now be cheering for three in this weekends’ game.
[su_spacer size=”40”] The Bulldogs’ fans are very familiar with John and Nathan Theus, who both hold starting positions for the Bulldogs. However, their younger brother Jeremiah, who plays football for Georgia Southern, will attend this game as well. Sadly, Jeremiah will not be able to play because of a shoulder injury, but there will be cheers for both sides coming from the Theus family.
[su_spacer size=”40”] This game is significant for the Theus family because it will be John and Nathan’s last game between the hedges. The Theus family will forever be a part of the Bulldog nation, but as John and Nathan’s time in Sanford comes to an end; The rest of the members of the Theus family will probably find themselves switching it up from red and black to blue and gold on Saturdays, in the fall, next year.
[su_spacer size=”40”] The final changing of the guard that is not definite, but has definitely been a topic of discussion by many members of the Bulldog nation, is if there should be a change at the top of the coaching staff. Mark Richt has been the coach of the Bulldogs for 15 years now and finds himself on the hot seat after a season that seemed to have more lows than highs. Richt is trying to end this season on a high by adding two more wins to his record but will have to face two in-state opponents before he can do that. If Richt wins these games, then I think his job is secure for at least the next season.
[su_spacer size=”40”] I am not saying whether I am for or against a coaching change but I would love to hear from the readers on their opinion about this hotly debated discussion. Also, If you think it is time for the Bulldogs to move on from Mark Richt, then who do you think you should take his place? This change may not happen but change is coming in Athens and his name is Que.
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