College Football Coaches Say the Darndest Things

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College Football Coaches Say the Darndest Things

Lou Holtz (on left) and Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh (on right) at Signing of the Stars (photo
Lou Holtz (on left) and Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh (on right) at Signing of the Stars

College football coaches say the darndest things … well, at least Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh does. It is no secret that the Wolverines’ head coach marches to a little different beat than some of his colleagues, but in the last couple of weeks, he seems to have taken it up another notch. It is, perhaps, in response to some questions regarding his recruiting practices.
After Georgia Head Coach Kirby Smart fielded questions from fans at the Feb. 22nd Macon Touchdown Club’s Jamboree on what he thought of Jim Harbaugh’s satellite camps and the out spoken Wolverine Head Coach’s plans to take his football team down to IMG Academy in Florida for a spring break recruiting camp and practices, Harbaugh fired back with the following on social media:

Of course, if Harbaugh had taken just a few minutes to listen to the Georgia Coach’s answer and reply to the question, Smart never indicated or stated that Michigan nor Harbaugh were breaking any rules. Here is what Kirby Smart actually said:

Most recently, Harbaugh took to Twitter yet again on Thursday and fired shots at the University of Tennessee and the Vol’s Head Coach, Butch Jones.

This was in response to Jones’ comment on Wednesday referring to Harbaugh and Michigan’s trip to IMG Academy:

With Steve Spurrier having retired, who was a coaching personality the media could count for a few good one liners each week, Harbaugh seems to have taken up the “Old Ball Coach’s” torch. So what will Harbaugh say next? Who knows, but it is sure to be a dandy. Maybe Presidential Candidate Donald Trump can call up Harbaugh for a few more zingers to use during the debates.


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