DawgStats: These Numbers More Fun to Crunch

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DawgStats: These Numbers More Fun to Crunch

DawgStats: These Numbers  More Fun to Crunch

A lot of the stats I like to work with and bring you guys take a few days to come in, but, in my Twittering I have found a kindred spirit in Parker who is a TCU Horned Frog version of DawgSats. He tagged me in this, and I would say this covers it all.


Well, this one was a fun one. Monken’s “Air Raid” offense showed that it can and will run the ball. UGA dialed up 43 rushing plays for a stunning 8.0 YPC (I filter out sack yards) and milked the last 9 minutes of the game with Freshman Daijun Edwards running it out against a defeated USC defense. And, let’s not forget Prather Hudson getting a 7 yard carry on 2nd and 6.

And in the first quarter, UGA had a 5 play drive, 15.8 YPC drive capped off with a Zamir White TD. And before that, one of Kenny McIntosh’s best runs of the season on a 32 yard gain.





The PFF Grades from the running game on Saturday were outstanding.

While the passing game wasn’t as prolific this week as it was against MSU, there is plenty of good. UGA had a 44% success rate on 18 drop backs, including 2 sacks and and interception. Monken described “explosive” plays as passing plays that gain 20+ yards. UGA only had 2 such plays on Saturday, but they sure were explosive. Arian Smith’s first touch of his UGA career went for 31 yard touchdown and JT hit senior TE, Tre’ McKitty for a 40 yard over the middle catch to set up the first UGA Touchdown.

There were some issues on the defensive side of the ball that continue to show weakness. Opposing offenses have shown success against UGA Linebackers.





The take away for most Dawg fans will be “wait until next year.” There is reason to be excited about the offensive potential. Hopefully the conditions will allow for UGA to play a few more opponents this year, because these numbers are a lot more fun to crunch than the ones dating back all the way to mid 2019. Please follow me on Twitter @Dawg_Stats for more stats, graphics, and videos





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