Don’t be surprised if Kent State flashes against Georgia

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Don’t be surprised if Kent State flashes against Georgia

Georgia is playing like the best team in the nation. There’s really no questioning that with the way the Dawgs have stomped on ranked, FBS, and conference opponents so far this year. Just like the past three games, Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs are coming into the game heavily favored.

There’s not much pointing to upset. Although anything can happen on any given Saturday, that’s not what I’m trying to get at. 

The Georgia Bulldogs have run an extremely tight ship this season. In terms of big plays let up, the only one that comes to mind is the deep ball from Spencer Rattler to Jaheim Bell in the first quarter of the South Carolina Game and maybe the touchdown the Gamecocks scored in garbage (if you even want to consider that). 





Long story short, the Dawgs don’t let much get past them, but that might change today against Kent State. 

Coach Smart thinks highly of the Golden Flashes, referring to their offense as “really unique” and their defense as “new-aged.” Smart even spoke highly of their special teams, emphasizing its importance saying, “When you turn on a team’s tape and you watch special teams, you find out within five minutes what kind of team they are.” 

It’s unlikely that Kent State will be able to consistently manage drives against the Dawgs’ defense, but they’ll probably sneak in a play here and there. They have a “really talented” quarterback who runs as well as he throws. He is only three yards short of leading his team in rushing yards and has the ability to heave it 60 to 70 yards downfield according to Coach Smart. 





Alongside that, the Flashes boast a defense centered around a front with 3 down lineman. According to senior wide receiver Kearis Jackson, they’ve seen similar defensive concepts playing against Arkansas in the past. It’s just a look that they don’t see often, and it’ll definitely get Coach Todd Monken thinking a little harder come kickoff. 

Kent State definitely has an opportunity to make something happen on the Dawgs home turf, we’ll just have to see if Georgia can pull off another impressive showing for the fourth week in a row. 





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