From stitches to starting: Rian Davis was more than happy to earn his first start against Auburn

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From stitches to starting: Rian Davis was more than happy to earn his first start against Auburn

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With the emergence of younger guys like Brock Bowers and now Branson Robinson, it’s nice to hear about upperclassmen finally getting a chance to strut their stuff. One of those older guys is fourth-year linebacker, Rian Davis. Despite dealing with and coming back from three major injuries in his time in Athens, Davis appeared to be pretty joyful in an interview on Tuesday. 

Multiple injuries can affect someone’s physical and mental health, but Davis has proven to have strong fortitude. There were moments when Davis tried his best to keep in laughter talking about his experience with rehabilitation. He even joked that he “obviously” had a great relationship with the training staff because of the extensive time he’s spent with them. 





Regardless, Davis hasn’t let much stop his pursuit of greatness. Things are looking up for Davis, from almost sitting out the 2020 season to getting his first start in one of Georgia’s biggest games in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry versus Auburn. 

He admitted it was an “emotional” game. Listening to his voice, it didn’t sound like he was too far from tears, but he remained composed. Against the Tigers, Davis put up 4 tackles playing significant time and showing all of Sanford Stadium why he was recruited to play at Georgia in the first place. 

I don’t think Davis was always this open, though. Coach Smart said he’d grown a lot since joining the team, and you can tell listening to him talk. Davis was incredibly honest, sharing that there were times when it was very hard to keep going, but he learned to tell himself that someone always had it worse and to stay the course.





Davis told us that he hadn’t truly bought into his role with the team until this past summer. This summer, the fourth-year linebacker became “consistent” with the team.

He locked in so he could “consistently go to class, consistently keep my grades up, consistently do my job on the field” and other things of that nature. 

Smart once said that he was in the business of development, and that’s just what he’s doing. Whether it’s Branson Robinson or Rian Davis, if they’re at Georgia, they’re there for a reason. Davis is just now learning about that reason in his fourth year with the team. It just goes to show that it’s never too late.





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