Georgia Football’s Defensive Practice Report: Speed, Speed, and More Speed

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Georgia Football’s Defensive Practice Report: Speed, Speed, and More Speed

Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart


The Georgia football team seemed to be placing a large amount of emphasis on speed on the defensive side of the ball in practice today.


Beginning with the defensive line, coach Tray Scott said on multiple occasions to play fast. Scott would constantly yell “Fast! Fast!” throughout the drill urging his guys to keep up the pace. At one point, Scott was not pleased with hs group’s tempo and he yelled “Speed it up a little bit.”
The defensive line seemed to be working on a variety of stunt-style rushes and overall Scott seemed very pleased with his group. John Atkins still had his thumb area on his left hand pretty heavily wrapped but it did not seem to have any effect on his performance in drills.
The outside linebackers were also urged to play fast by their positions coach, Kevin Sherrer. At one point a player asked Sherrer to hold on and he replied by saying “Get down and get ready, We ain’t got no holding on today.” Sherrer also yelled at a few guys to pay attention as he went through what he wanted to see from them on a drill.
Although Scott and Sherrer yelled some at practice, the loudest coach of all seemed to be defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. Tucker was very vocal with the defensive backs and he was doing a great job of keeping the intensity high with his group through the media viewing period.
During one drill, Tucker could very clearly be heard yelling “Make him work! We’re trying to get him to work! We’re trying to get better!” “Fight him off, move your hands and feet together.” Tucker seemed to not only match the intensity of his players with his voice but also with his legs. Tucker was constantly running with the players as they went through the drill.
Kirby Smart was working with the safeties and he was constantly yelling at his guys to get high and make the catch. Smart seemed very pleased with the group and on one play he yelled “Get High!” and safety Jarvis Wilson yelled back “Oh I gotcha” as he made the catch.
Overall the defense was really focusing on playing with speed and high intensity and the coaches were definitely challenge these guys in this week’s third practice, which may be what they need coming off their first loss of the season.
It will be interesting to see what adjustments are made as the Bulldogs look to go undefeated against the SEC East in their final conference game against the Kentucky Wildcats.



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