Georgia Football Defensive Practice Report: “Good Discipline, Good Focus”

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Georgia Football Defensive Practice Report: “Good Discipline, Good Focus”

Defensive line coach Trey Scott motivates his players on Tuesday.
Defensive line coach Trey Scott motivates his players on Tuesday.

The Georgia football team’s defensive line coach Tray Scott seemed very pleased with his D-line’s showing in practice on Wednesday, but other coaches had less approval of their groups.


Scott was constantly urging his guys to play with good pad level and he even asked them at one point “How low can you play?” Scott’s group really impressed him as he eventually complimented them for showing good discipline and good focus. Scott always seems to be a perfectionist with his guys so their showing in a Wednesday practice is a great representation of how they will play on Saturday.
Although Scott’s defensive line seemed to be impressing, the inside linebackers were less favorable for their position coach Glenn Schumann. Schumann constantly seemed unimpressed with the group’s effort and even went on to call out his guys for being soft, but he said it in a much more challenging way. The inside linebackers seemed to answer his challenge as their effort picked up and Schumann seemed pleased at the end of the period.
Outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer was a perfectionist in the Bulldogs practice as he told his guys that if they each did not do an edge rush drill right, then the whole group would do it over. The drill required the linebackers to stay low, move as fast as they can, and pick up a towel off the ground as they work around a practice dummy. The group impressed as they all completed the drill successfully on the first try.
Defensive backs were working with defensive coordinator Mel Tucker, who was having them work on moving receivers where they wanted as they prepared to stop a runner with the ball and knocking the ball out during a catch. During the drill where they knocked the ball out of someone’s hand, Tucker said, “Be violent and quick.” Tucker seemed to like what he saw out of his guys.
There were no players out of practice from what I could see other than Rashad Roundtree was there but in street clothes. Overall, the defense seemed to impress the coaching staff and looked on pace for Saturday’s game versus South Carolina.


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