Georgia Football Practice Report: Defense Focused on Staying Low

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Georgia Football Practice Report: Defense Focused on Staying Low

Kirby Smart was keeping the intensity up at practice today.
Kirby Smart was keeping the intensity up at practice today.


The Bulldogs defense made some adjustments at practice in their efforts to prepare for Georgia Tech’s triple-option offense.


The defensive line was focusing a lot on countering cut blocks and it was evident through the height of the blocking sleds. The sleds seemed to be at their absolute lowest height and the defense was spending their time consistently on pushing a player down and out of the way to keep them away from their knees.
Defensive line coach Tray Scott was constantly yelling for his guys to be violent and have violent arms as they were working through the drill. Scott was also preaching tempo to his guys and he was yelling for them to keep it up.
The defense also spent a brief amount of time on ripping the ball out and strength and conditioning coach Scott Sinclair was giving his guys an earful throughout the drill. Sinclair would yell “Rip the ball out! Stop being his friend! We gotta get some turnovers!” The Bulldogs definitely want to focus on forcing turnovers as their turnover numbers have been down.
The outside linebackers were focusing on option recognition as well and coach Kevin Sherrer was demanding perfection from his guys throughout the drill. On one occasion he made freshman Walter Grant do the drill over because he did not stay low and complete it to Sherrer’s liking.
Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was very intense throughout the practice period and he was focusing on tackling and keeping up the tempo. Tucker was constantly running with his group and he would yell “Come on strike! Strike! Let’s go man!” Tucker wanted more from his guys and he was challenging them throughout the period.
The majority of my time was spent focused on the defense but I did take a brief look at the Bulldogs offensive line to see who was running with the first team. The first team offensive line from left to right was Isaiah Wynn, Kendall Baker, Lamont Gaillard, Ben Cleveland, and Andrew Thomas. So it seems Cleveland has won the right guard job for the time being.
The defensive approach to defending the option will be interesting to see as the week progresses.



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