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Hoops Report: Georgia vs. Arkansas

Juwan Parker says, "We got this"
Juwan Parker says, “We got this”

Welcome to the Bulldawg Illustrated Hoops Report: Georgia versu Arkansas. It’s like going all in. And that’s what the Dawgs and J.J. Frazier are.

The season could boil down to one game. I think if the Dawgs win on Saturday, they’ll begin the SEC Tournament as part of the NCAA 68 team field. Some people say we still need two wins. And they’re probably right, as well … in an indirect way. The reason is while we could start the SEC Tournament in the field of 68, we could fall right out with a bad loss. However, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now, all the Dawgs need to think about is figuring some way to beat Arkansas on the road.

There’s really not a lot to say about where things stand. It’s pretty obvious. This is one of those situations where Arkansas is firmly in the driver’s seat. They’ve been red hot winning five of their last six. They’re at home. And the Dawgs don’t have the third leading scorer in the SEC at their disposal. However, we have J.J. Frazier.

He’s scored 124 points in our last four games. What makes that even more amazing, he’s basically been double-teamed in three of them. This truly is one of the most remarkable runs in NCAA basketball. Ever. Now, to really make it historical, it needs to be done in the NCAA tournament. So to etch his name in the atmosphere with Curry or Szczerbiac, that obviously means we’ve got to make the Tournament.

Now keep in mind, Saturday is not do or die. The Dawgs are capable of winning the SEC Tournament outright, especially if Yante Maten can get back. Also, even if we lose to The Pigs, we could go 2-1 in the conference tournament and that could do it, depending on who we beat and whether or not favorites in other conferences win their respective tournaments.

You can sure bet there were some teams very ticked off at the Dawgs in ’08. That was the year that we came in as the 6th seed in the East and did the unthinkable. Winning the SEC tournament to get that ever coveted automatic bid into the Big Dance. But before we talk about doing it in ’17 what we did in ’08, Arkansas is front and center.

And there’s no doubt that beating Arkansas makes everything easier. It ends and begins with J.J. The plan seems to be for him to score in the 30s and the rest of the team to score in the 40s. All I can say is deal me in. I promise I’ll be doubling down on J.J. and Fireball because they’re both red hot. Go Dawgs!

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