Huck’s Corner: My Interpretation of QB Battle

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Huck’s Corner: My Interpretation of QB Battle

Brice Ramsey (12) and Jacob Eason
Brice Ramsey (12) and Jacob Eason
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

We are now one week into fall camp and I have a few opinions on where thing stand with the QB Battle between Ramsey, Eason and Lambert:

First and foremost, I think the staff is comfortable with Greyson Lambert.  Lambert is one of those guys who is who he is.  He is going to protect the football at all costs and get the offense properly lined up in the right play.  In other words, he is a safe bet to do the right thing.

As far as Ramsey is concerned, I believe he is intriguing because of the raw tools he possesses, but now entering his fourth season on campus those tools should be much more polished.  After a number of reps on Saturday, it is maddening to see how good he can be and then how bad he can be all in a matter of 60 seconds.  In my opinion, his chance to win the QB battle this fall depends completely upon how he protects the football over the next two scrimmages.

With Eason, we all know that he is incredibly talented.  At times on Saturday he held onto the ball too long and was also erratic at times.  At the same time, he made some WOW throws that nobody else on the roster can make.  At this point in time, it is going to come down to the little things for Eason (making the right audibles, recognizing the blitz, etc.) to decide whether or not he is going to win the job.

That leads to the question of where does the race stand for who lines up as starting QB in the Georgia Dome in only 26 days?  I am starting to lean more towards Lambert getting the start with Jacob Eason getting a couple series early in the game and then Chaney sticking with Eason if he shows he is ready for the big stage.  If Eason were to come in and play well, the team is his and he will be the unquestioned starter for the rest of the season.  If Eason struggles in his first couple series then I would expect him to get a couple more series in the second half and then get a vast majority of snaps against Nichols State in Week 2 and a number of series early and often against Missouri to try to have him ready to be the starter when the Bulldogs travel to Ole Miss.

As far as Ramsey is concerned, I believe he is on the outside looking in.  I have not seen or heard anything to make me think that with him lining up under center there is any upside over having Eason back there.  One is a true freshmen and the future of the QB position, while the other is a fourth-year junior and I believe the true freshmen wins out every time in that scenario.

Just one mans opinion.  Now let me hear yours!  Where do you think the QB battle stands after Saturday?

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Matthew “Huck” Pasek was born into a family of Georgia Bulldogs. Huck’s father, Gary, graduated from UGA in 1976 and became a high school chemistry teacher at Peachtree HS in Dunwoody, GA where he coached alongside Georgia High School football legend T. McFerrrin. Gary’s love of football, especially Georgia football, was passed along to his son. Huck lives in Belmont, NC with his wife, Whitney, and works in Financial Services Litigation. In his spare time he is an avid golfer, movie fanatic and habitual traveler to St. Simons Island with his wife “just to get away”. The moniker ImYourHuckleberry arose from his favorite movie, Tombstone, and character Doc Holiday’s famous line, “I’m Your Huckleberry”. Matthew was never one to shy away from a confrontation or debate, thus the nickname instantly stuck.

26 responses on “Huck’s Corner: My Interpretation of QB Battle

  1. DawgZilla

    IYH_BI WillieWalden  Even if we play well vs UNC, I think this team benefits greatly by platooning Eason and Lambert.  Every snap the kid gets will be invaluable and slowly build his confidence until he is ready to explode out of the starting gate on his own against say, Mizzou or Ole Miss?

  2. DawgZilla

    @KornDawgs Don’t you worry yourself over Eason. SEC football durability is precisely why he has worked hard in the weight room this off season to add quality muscle to his now 6’6″ frame.  He is now a solid 245 pounds and is as big or bigger than most linebackers he will face. 
    I know there are those, like you, that think Lambert is going to come out on top…probably just like those fans of Bauta thought he was the best choice all of last year.
    The truth is, a #1 nationally rated, 5-star QB that is going to play, at most, three years before heading off to fame and fortune in the NFL, is not going to sit on the bench and watch Lambert, a guy who could not keep his starting position at VIRGINIA, play ahead of him.  5-star athletes do not sit and watch other less talented guys play.
    Could Eason turn out to be a horrific bust? Yeah.  Will he?  Doubtful.
    Too many experts have rubber-stamped him the real deal.
    Yes, I know Lambert played safely and helped the team win 10 games last year.
    Yes, I know he threw only 2 picks.  I also know he threw 5-6 other poorly timed and weakly delivered passes that could have and should have been intercepted. 
    Furthermore, I know that no team we faced, not one, had any fear of bringing up a safety to support their run defense because they were absolutely convinced that Lambert could not hurt them deep.  They were right.  
    Lambert’s game management skills may be a prophylactic for this team early in the first couple games, but that will be the extent of his contribution except in a back-up role.
    He is a great kid, and a decent quarterback.  
    He is not however, a playmaker… a game changer. 
    Eason will come off the bench for no more than 2, 3, maybe 4 games.  After that, he and Lambert will be permanently switching places.  That is the reality everyone should embrace enthusiastically.
    Freshman or not, mistakes and learning curves notwithstanding…
    the future is now.

  3. DawgZilla

    I think you are spot on as to the reality of this QB question.  If Eason plays well in the opener, I’m with you… the team is his.  If he struggles a bit, which is certainly understandable even with his obviously superior talent, I believe he plays a little more each of the next couple of games until his comfort level becomes obvious.  However, we should keep in mind that he could still grab hold of the reins before fall camp is finished.  With at least two scrimmages planned, anything can happen.  I for one, can’t wait to find out.  Go Dawgs!

  4. IYH_BI

    In the SEC you are going to take big hits and it’s how you react mentally that matters. Physically, I have zero concerns about Eason’s ability to take a hit.

  5. KornDawgs

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Lambert, assuming we use our TEs as pass catchers, comes in and plays very well. In fact, well enough to maintain the starting role. Why play a true freshman when you have a Senior that’s not forcing the issue? Regarding Ramsey,  all signs point to him playing a backup role. Perhaps in the new system he will surprise us, but it’s still perplexing that he didn’t get the start in the Florida game last year. Clearly Lambert has benefitted from Ramsey failing to secure the starting role and although Ramsey has talent, he hasn’t been able to convince coaches to trust him in a meaningful game.

    Eason is the hopeful because he shows such a great arm and has the measureable for the position, but if he continues to hold onto the ball he will be subject to taking a blast from an SEC caliber LB. He will either learn from it or spend the next few games dancing around in the backfill worried about the next time it will happen. There is a lot of risk allowing him to take a couple of hard shots and if Lambert isn’t handing over the job, then I see no reason why the coaches would take that chance.

    I think it’s Lambert’s to lose, with Eason eagerly awaiting his turn.

  6. GirdersRBending

    I think Lambert starts the 1st game.  The real contest is between Ramsey and Eason.  One of those 2 will become the heir to the starting slot and will get playing time in the first game.  How things shake out going forward depends on who moves the team.  I trust Chaney can determine who gives us the best chance at winning.

  7. Bulldawg Bob2

    I am curious to see Lambert in a Jim Chaney offense versus Lambert in a Brian Schottenheimer offense. Something tells me they could possibly be two different animals.

  8. IYH_BI

    MMCSDAWG I too have nightmares about some of Lambert’s performances last season.  That said, I won’t give him total blame because I truly believe that was the worst offensive playcalling I have seen in my life last season by Schotty.  It was epicly, embarrasingly, terrible (and I don’t know if those are strong enough words).

    I think Lambert can be “serviceable” under Chaney.  That said, if UNC’s offense gets off to a hot start and we are not moving the ball with Lambert then I think there will be a quick trigger toward Eason because one thing I have 0 faith in is Lambert leading a come from behind victory.


    Dang good analysis Huck…  I’ve said all along I believe Eason get’s the start in game 1, but your logic is very solid and has me thinking.  I just can’t get the memories of our games against Mizz and Vanderbilt last season out of my mind and watching Lambert go 0-7 in the first half of the Vandy game and convert 0-6 on 3rd down was just horrible.  I like your logic and you could very well be right, but I will stick with Eason because like someone said, he is the only one with NFL talent.  If our defense struggles at all against UNC we may need to score some points and I don’t believe Lambert can do that.   I believe Chaney will manage the game plan to minimize the chances of turnovers by Eason and if our OL is 1/2 as good as I believe they are, then we should be able to run on UNC no matter who is the RB.  Mix is the TE’s going against 2 new starting ILB’s and I see a ball control offense that dominates the LOS and intermediate passing lanes with our TE’s.  Once Eason get’s his feel wet and hopefully we’ve scored a couple of times, open it up a little if need be (based on the score) or if not, continue ball control type offense and ground out a victory against the boys in Powder Blue!

  10. IYH_BI

    TMC DAWG I’d love to see 10 wins with a strong finish to get the momentum rolling toward 2017 which could be a huge year!

  11. IYH_BI

    DawgByte It will be interesting to see.  Of course it can all change over the next couple scrimmages!

  12. IYH_BI

    WillieWalden I agree with you, in the ideal world, Lambert would be the backup QB because he can come in and manage a game.  That said, I also think naming him as the starter vs. UNC takes some pressure/expectation off Eason, because if Eason starts and struggles the last thing you want to do is have to pull a quick trigger on a true freshmen.  With Lambert starting if Eason comes in and struggles you go back to Lambert as it was “all part of the plan.  If Eason comes in and does well you “stick with the hot hand”.

    Just my opinion.

  13. IYH_BI

    Hobnailboot aka RobG I agree 100%.  If the OL can be solid in pass pro and be a bully in the run game they will make every QB on the roster look a hell of a lot better.

  14. IYH_BI

    ManOnFire You make great points.  Lambert did get lucky on multiple occasions last year where balls were not picked.  I don’t like his happy feet when the bullets are flying, heck we saw it in the spring game.

    That said, I think the first game where we really need a QB that can “win” the game comes against Ole Miss.  I’m not discounting UNC, but I think their defense is very deficient and we should be able to put up points regardless of who is at QB.

  15. TMC DAWG

    I agree with you Huck. All things considered and the way Chubb looked on Saturday, we could be looking at a 10 or dare I say An 11 win season this year. All depends on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. GO DAWGS!,,

  16. DawgByte

    ManOnFire Agree, he should of had significantly higher INT numbers than he did. He got lucky.

  17. DawgByte

    Huck I completely agree with your analysis, as well as how game one plays out, with Lambert getting the start and Eason getting PT.

  18. WillieWalden

    My eyes don’t lie.. Lambert is a good backup plan but no starter.. Develop one of the other guys

  19. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    I think that is a fair assessment, Lambert has the experience and has a high football IQ, but as MOF said below his INT’s should have been way higher last year. I would add that if Pittman gets the most out of the OL that will help whoever takes the snaps. If that happens then Lambert will have more confidence because let’s face it he crumbled under pressure and does not react well. If Eason has time he will make the throws necessary to get the W’s. IMO it all hinges on Pittman’s ability with the OL.

  20. ManOnFire

    I do think you probably have the right read on the situation. I disagree with Lambert not turning the ball over because there were plenty of instances last year where he threw it right at the defense and they just didn’t catch it. IMO the staff should have been preparing Eason as the #1 from day 1. He’s the only NFL caliber QB on the roster. He’s the only QB who could potentially win us games on his shoulders. He’s young, but we’ve seen plenty of young QBs have success the last 5 years if the staff commits to them.