In proper SEC fashion, this championship game just means more to the Dawgs

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In proper SEC fashion, this championship game just means more to the Dawgs

With all the winning Georgia’s done, it feels like this SEC Championship game is an opportunity for Alabama to take it all back and make up for that loss two years ago, but that’s not how Georgia see’s it. 

This week it seems that Coach Kirby Smart is using the fact that Georgia hasn’t beaten Alabama in Atlanta as a means to inspire his guys, and it’s working. Kendall Milton talked about it saying:

“And just judging off of today’s practice I feel like we’ve taken that opportunity to heart. You know, this was probably one of the most chippy practices that we’ve had all year, but it just shows that– you know– how hungry we are.”





It’s taken a lot for the Dawgs to get to this point. They preach pressure is a privilege, and they’re living that saying out from the top of the mountain. It feels different, now that Georgia is walking into this game as the favorite; most Georgia fans know it wasn’t always like that.

Without Georgia’s thirty-three to eighteen victory over Alabama in the 2021 National Championship, it’s easy to admit that this rivalry has been all Bama over the last couple years. Before Indianapolis, the last time that the Dawgs beat the Tide was in 2007 in Tuscaloosa. 

Needless to say, that 2021 natty, led by that generational defense, had an immense role in shifting the dynamic of this rivalry. These two teams haven’t faced each other since, but the animosity has remained and even without any play you could even say it’s grown. 





Kirby Smart and his guys have been the top dog in the College Football world ever since adding a 2022 SEC Championship, 2022 National Championship, and breaking Alabama’s longest win streak with twenty-nine consecutive games won to their resume after conquering Saban and the Tide back in the January of 2022.





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