Keeping Things Rolling – Georgia Spring Practice from the Lens of Kirby Smart, Jared Wilson, Oscar Delp, Jalon Walker, & Chaz Chambliss

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Keeping Things Rolling – Georgia Spring Practice from the Lens of Kirby Smart, Jared Wilson, Oscar Delp, Jalon Walker, & Chaz Chambliss

Coach Smart

At the time of this press conference, Georgia had officially completed three Spring football practices, two shorts and one full-pad practice. Coach Smart opened the press conference emphasizing how excited he is with where the team is headed. Smart spoke about the young age of the team and said the biggest difference is how many new faces are out there. Smart also gave praise to the other Spring sports competing, mentioning that there are a lot of teams Bulldog fans can cheer for right now.

Early on, Coach Smart was asked about the size of Georgia’s new 2024 offensive line group. Smart said, “That group, as a whole, has been tremendous at weight loss.” He mentioned that Nyier Daniels has had the most impressive loss. Smart estimated Daniels has lost between forty and fifty pounds since joining the program.

Smart continued to mention the youth of the team when asked about the linebacker group and said the phrase, “Trial by fire.” He harped on Raylen Wilson and CJ Allen being way ahead in terms of playing time. One name that stood out was Troy Bowles. Smart spoke briefly on Bowles having a good spring so far, saying he will help with special teams as he learns the defense. When asked about one of the new faces to the program, Trevor Etienne, Smart referenced him as a sponge. He absorbs the offense and enjoys the competition in the room.





Between hearing both Kirby Smart and Oscar Delp, the comparison of Brock Bowers continues to be referenced. Smart made sure to exclaim that Oscar and Brock are two different players, “He’s not Brock. He doesn’t try to be Brock.” Smart spoke on his physicality along with how many reps he has taken since being with the Bulldogs. He did speak on Georgia’s new addition to the tight end room, Brandon Yurosek. He knew the position would be thin with Pearce Spurlin III’s unfortunate situation, and he feels like Yurosek is bringing the Dawgs a talented, experienced body type.

Coach Smart brought up the new transfer wide receivers and mentioned that they have been a little banged up. Specifically, former Miami WR Colbie Young has been dealing with a minor ankle injury. Smart was hoping to see Young be able to do more in practice today. Michael Jackson III (USC) and London Humphreys (Vanderbilt) have shown up and made some plays. Smart is very pleased with all three of them.

NIL continues to be a hot topic in the college football world. Smart was asked about college coaches wanting to potentially move on because of NIL. He replied, “There’s no crying out there from my end. I want what’s best for the student-athlete.” At the same time, he acknowledges that coaches want the profession to be about relationships and developing talent.





There seems to be a new slogan for the team. Coach Smart does not take credit for creating it but says the team is focusing on Nike and the phrase, “Assume nothing.” Smart talked about his relationship with Phil Knight and how they have gone on a trip together for six or seven consecutive years. The team recognizes the success of Nike and is learning how to build a program that represents the same success.

Jared Wilson

Before Wilson walked into the room, Coach Smart talked about how excited he is for the rest of the world to see Jared Wilson’s athleticism. Wilson, according to Smart, runs faster than some defensive backs on the team. Wilson was asked about how Sedrick Van Pran helped Wilson with his transition into the role as the team’s starting center. Wilson was adamant about how great of a leader Van Pran was. Van Pran would constantly say things that would answer people’s questions without people even having to ask them. Two things Wilson wants to focus on are his leadership and his ability to finish at the second level. He was asked about what it was like for him to get in better shape when first joining the program, and he said it was really nice to see progress. Wilson had high praise for the incoming offensive line class, saying, “[They’re] Big. Athletic. And they can all move.” Wilson also made sure to talk about the different type of connection the offensive line group has. He believes they are one of the most connected groups on the team.

Jalon Walker

Spring ball is all about opportunity and learning. Jalon Walker is experiencing his first time playing Spring ball after missing it last season due to labrum surgery. He’s enjoying himself and balancing football and regular life. Walker is focusing on perfecting his craft. Growing up with a college football coach as a father, Walker looked up to his dad’s players for experience. He understands that the coaches truly care about their lives beyond football. Walker talked about how excited he is to see the new linebacker group throughout the spring and that they fit very well into the group. Walker, when asked about the team’s new mantra, referred to Nike as a great model for the team to follow. Half the world wears Nike. Having the longevity of a program is their goal.

Oscar Delp

Oscar Delp, now one of the oldest in the tight-end group, is taking on a new role as a leader this season. This season, he is focusing on being more consistent with catching contested throws. Delp, when asked what he learned from Brock Bowers, said he has never seen Bowers take a play off. He never wasted any opportunity. Delp and Mykel Williams were able to go to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine and spent time with various other collegiate athletes. Delp spoke on the learning opportunity. They were able to hear some of the questions they will be asked once they eventually take the step to the next level.

Chaz Chambliss

Veteran defensive player, Chaz Chambliss, is back for another season to lead the defensive line to the best of his ability. Chambliss is known to give 100% on every play and was asked what players come to mind when he thinks of giving 100%. Chambliss said a few guys that come to mind are Tate Ratledge, Carson Beck, and Earnest Greene III. He knows he’ll get their best on every single rep. On leading, Chambliss said guys like Nolan Smith II and Robert Beal Jr. taught him well. Chambliss wants to do his best to take over the room and hold everyone to a standard. He can give advice that comes with his experience. A few things he wants to improve this Spring include the run game, his hands, winning more efficiently in the passing game, and uniting the guys around him. One thing Chambliss mentioned that has helped is his cross-training with MMA. He has cross-trained the past three seasons and looks to NFL guys like Maxx Crosby for this inspiration.





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