Kirby Coaches Men: Starks, Mims, and Brinson all impress at interviews on Tuesday

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Kirby Coaches Men: Starks, Mims, and Brinson all impress at interviews on Tuesday

Coming off an offseason riddled with controversy, Tuesday’s player pressers were quite a breath of fresh air. For the first time we saw sophomore Preseason All-American defensive back, Malaki Starks, and third-year Savannah-hailing defensive lineman, Warren Brinson, in addition to junior offensive tackle and veteran interviewee, Amarius Mims. All of whom were so well spoken you woulda thought it was scripted– which knowing Coach Smart and the rest of Georgia Football sports communications, it very well could have been.

Starks started it off with a presence stronger than Branson Robinson’s squat max. Hearing him talk, it wasn’t hard to tell that it was more than just his raw ability that got him his starting job as a freshman. This young man has integrity, respect, the wherewithal to be a leader, and that’s precisely how he framed himself at his first time at the mic. He says it was Chris Smith who helped find his “voice” as a leader, and it’s in no way a surprise. Hard to believe Georgia gets at least two more years out of this guy.

Next up was Amarius Mims, the now third-year offensive lineman who just seems to get bigger and bigger by the minute. He spoke to his size coming in as a freshman versus now in fall camp. Mims said coming in he was 6’7 feet tall, 325 lbs, at 25% body fat, but now he was 6’8, 335 lbs, at 17% body fat. He credits Coach Scott Sinclair for this transformation. When asked about his thoughts on possibly winning the Joe Moore award, he said that it was a goal of his, but that he’d rather focus on things he can control. He’s come a long way since his transfer portal episode.

Last but not least was Warren Brinson, somewhat of a surprise to see him, but that just goes to show how much Coach Smart and the team think of this young man’s leadership and poise. Known for his outgoing personality, Brinson didn’t fail to let it show here, making sure to video record his entrance on his phone and not being shy, letting his real thoughts out answering questions. But, like the other two, he was impressively poised for a first time speaker, albeit it wasn’t his actual first time speaking in front of a crowd– he has a podcast and has made other appearances prior.

Brinson praised the offensive line and it’s depth saying:

“I don’t think I’m gonna play against a better offensive line than them… That’s the best two offensive lines in the country.”

These three young men served as a diverse sample of the personality that exists within this almost military-like program that we all call a football team. After hearing them talk you can tell that they really do echo the discipline and composure that Coach Smart preaches. It all serves as yet another piece of evidence that Kirby Smart is really doing something different here in Athens.









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