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Kirby Smart Updates Injuries

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I am going to open it up with updates on some injuries, and I am sure you guys have a million questions about everything going on. I do not want to hinder your questions, but I do want to kind of update some guys on some people. I’ll start with Dom [Dominck Blaylock]. He is not completely cleared to practice or play. He is going to have a black shirt on. He is working out. He is coming off his ACL that occurred in the SEC Championship game, so he is not completely cleared yet, but he has worked really hard. He has been able to do some straight-line running and some workout stuff. 

“The next guy we will talk about is DJ Daniel. He has missed some time due to an ankle injury. He is almost back, but this small summer access window we have had where we were able to have a little more time than we normally do — he was not able to do much during that time. So, I would not say he is behind, because he is a kid who played a lot of snaps last year, but he will be back with us kind of full time starting tomorrow.

“JT Daniels is not cleared yet. JT Daniels is coming off an ACL surgery as well. He has been able to take some reps, he has been able to throw the ball and do some things, but he is not completely cleared from the knee yet. He will still be in a brace for that. Broderick Jones had an injury — non-football injury — he has recovered from that and he’s back out taking snaps, taking reps, and has been with us working. Jamie Newman had a mid-foot sprain and was out for a little bit of our summer access period, we are calling it a mini-camp, whatever OTAs, whatever you want to reference it as. He missed probably half of that, not able to work out and do some things, but he was mentally there and able to do a lot of things with the team. He is back now and able to do everything.





“Monty [Rice] has been out a little bit with a little foot injury, but he has taken a lot of reps and played a bunch. Darnell Washington had a small scope in his knee. It was from an injury in high school that he is back out there and recovered from and practicing, doing everything. Rian Davis had a small torn meniscus. He should be back soon, but he is not able to practice right now. Kelee Ringo, as a lot of you were aware, he had an old injury from high school that we were trying to see if he could go with. The injury did not occur here, but he’s had a shoulder repair, and he is going to be out for a while. Then, Arian Smith had a meniscus repair and should be back sometime during the season but not sure exactly what date yet.





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