Kirby Smart: “We don’t have an identity yet”

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Kirby Smart: “We don’t have an identity yet”


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Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart says that his team is still searching for an identity and they need to put in more to help create their own identity.

Smart has been calling guys out and challenging them all spring and he seems to be trying to motivate guys to become better leaders. He has issued challenges to guys like Richard LeCounte and I believe he is trying to motivate these players to take up roles that were left behind by players like Dominick Sanders and Aaron Davis.
Smart said that for this team to find its identity, then they are going to have to put in more time and not to ride on the success of last year’s team. Smart made it clear multiple times that he believes this team is not where it needs to be, but that is okay.

“We are certainly not where we need to be, we don’t have enough guys executing at a high level,” said Smart. “Right now, we’re not where we need to be but the good news is, we don’t have to be, we just have to keep making progress.”


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Kirby said that up to this point, last year’s team did not have its own identity and that team started to create its own identity in the season. This spring is all about making improvements and finding more guys who can perform at a very high level.
Coach Smart is clearly looking for leaders and for guys to step up and replace some of the leadership that was lost to the NFL draft. The Bulldogs lost a lot of leadership on both sides of the ball and it will not be easy to replace these guys.
So who will it be? D’Andre Walker? D’Andre Swift? Walter Grant? Daquan Hawkins-Muckle? Richard LeCounte III? In the search for the Bulldogs identity, they will need guys to take up leadership positions and the burning question is who will it be?
We should get a glimpse at the potential answer of this question this Saturday at 4 p.m. for the team’s G-Day game. This game should not only answer that question but should provide insight on if this team is ready to build on last year’s success.


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