Lil’ brother looks a lil’ different this year

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Lil’ brother looks a lil’ different this year

For the past couple years it feels like Georgia Tech has been Georgia’s little brother in terms of this “Clean Old Fashioned Hate” rivalry between the two in-state opponents, but things have been changing and in Tech’s case it’s been for the better.

Sure they’re not ranked, and sure they don’t have the craziest record at six and five, but this team has displayed potential either equal to or maybe even beyond that of any team that Georgia has played this season. 

Earlier this year the Yellow Jackets hosted first-round NFL draft prospect Drake Maye and his fellow North Carolina Tar Heels and beat them in a forty-six to forty-two shootout. Tech’s starting quarterback Haynes King, threw four touchdowns in that game proving that the Jackets can get down with some of the better teams in college football.





Admittedly their record isn’t stacked with wins like this one against UNC. Tech barely beat a ranked Miami team. Miami shot themselves in the foot there. And when they played Clemson, things didn’t wind up all too pretty. But, the important thing to note here is that Tech is on the come up. 

Coach Kirby Smart is definitely taking notice saying in an interview yesterday:

“They’re winning games because they’re playing good football. Number one, they’ve done a good job upgrading talent. He understands what it takes to win at Tech, what kind of players to go and recruit.”





This game means a little bit more this year, and it’s because Tech might actually pack a decent punch, but luckily enough for the Dawgs that’s the exact thing they’ve been getting better at all season. 

Smart isn’t going to let the media get to him. To him and his team this Tech game is the biggest matchup of the entire year, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Dawgs are going to play like it. 

For a lot of guys in this legendary senior class, it’ll be their last regular season game wearing the Red and Black, so best be prepared for them to show up and show out and Wreck Tech.





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