Malaki Starks share’s insight on Tech’s offensive scheme

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Malaki Starks share’s insight on Tech’s offensive scheme

Thanksgiving may be in a couple days, but don’t let turkey time and the holiday festivities distract you from the main event: Georgia Tech Hate Week. This is going to be some real deal football this coming weekend whether you’re thinking it or not because if there’s one thing I’m not going to do right now it’s sleep on what the players are calling Georgia’s “championship game.”

All-American safety and Jim Thorpe Award Finalist Malaki Starks was talking about Tech yesterday spoke about their “fast quarterback” mentioning that they have a “good scheme around him” and told us that “they’ve gotten so much better over the years.” He’s not wrong. Over the past couple seasons the Yellow Jackets have undergone some serious upgrades to their football program and one of the biggest ones came straight for the Georgia Bulldogs’ backyard. 

During the offseason, Georgia Tech hired Buster Faulkner off of the UGA coaching staff where he was serving as an analyst at the time. They also picked up former Bulldog wide receiver Dominick Blaylock from out of the transfer portal, and the two of them have made major contributions to Tech’s offensive production this season.





Since those acquisitions the Yellow Jackets are third in the ACC in scoring offense, but it’s not something Georgia is going to shy away from heading into the game. Starks said that studying Tech’s film reminds him a lot of another former coach of his saying:

“There’s a lot of similarities between him and Monken.”

Coach Kirby Smart said immediately after beating Tennessee that Tech would know everything about them just as they would know everything about Tech, as is the way of long-standing short-distance rivalries. 





These Dawgs are amped to lay some hurt on the Techies, but don’t be surprised if these guys engineer their way into getting a few punches in. Anything can happen in this day and age. And especially with the way Georgia’s been defending that opening drive, Tech may just land a couple.





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