SB Roundup with Video Highlights/Photos: UGA Rolls past Georgia Southern, 17-1

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SB Roundup with Video Highlights/Photos: UGA Rolls past Georgia Southern, 17-1

On Wednesday, March 20th the UGA softball team was victorious against the Georgia Southern Eagles at their Mean Girls themed game. Despite the movie’s famous quote, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” Bulldog fans packed the Jack Turner Stadium in red and black to
support their softball team.

UGA (No.5) played Georgia Southern after coming out of a busy weekend playing against Alabama (No.14). The Bulldogs won 2 of 3 games this past weekend and
came in strong this week against Georgia Southern.





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At the top of the first inning, the starting pitcher, Riley Orcutt (10) started off strong by striking out Jess Mazur (4). At the bottom of the first inning, Sara Mosley (33) earned a first run for the Georgia Bulldogs. Then Jadyn Goodwin (2) hits a homerun and Sydney Kuma (6)
scores, putting UGA in the lead in the first inning at a score of 3-0.

Coach Tony Baldwin said that “the first inning was big” and that “Destin [Howard] got us off and running.” Coach Baldwin described the game as “the most important game in the country because we’re playing in it;” a
mindset that pushed the Georgia Bulldogs to work hard during this game.





At the top of the second, Destin Howard (30) stepped in for Orcutt to pitch for the Bulldogs. Courtney Ball (1), of the Georgia Southern Eagles, was able to advance twice on wild pitches. At the bottom of the second, Bailey Holland (8) continued to pitch for the Eagles. Once
again, Goodwin hit a homerun, allowing Kuma, Eaton, and Mosley to score for the Bulldogs.

Switching things up during the second inning, Dixiana Sims (22) ran in to pitch for Holland. The second inning ended with another home run from the Georgia Bulldogs, this time by Ellie Armistead (24), putting Georgia up 6-0. Already in the second inning of this game, the Georgia
Bulldogs have accomplished their first career two home run game!

At the top of the fourth inning, Rachel Gibson (5) stepped in to pitch. Katie Perkins (11) of Georgia Southern doubled down the right field line then advanced to third base on a wild pitch. The top of the fourth inning ended with Courtney Ball (1) flying out to the center field.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, bases were loaded, and Marisa Miller (56) hit a home run to left
field, allowing Castorri and Fields to score. When Emma Castorri (17) was back up to bat, she walked to first, and Hannah Davila (27) advanced and scored.

At the end of the fourth, the Georgia Bulldogs were up 17-0, with 8 runs and 7 hits. The game ended after the top of the fifth. Makyla Brantley (21) doubled down the left field line for the Eagles. Brantley scored, but it was unearned. At the end of the top of the fifth, the Eagles had 1 run, 1 hit, and 1 error. The game ended with a victory for the Georgia Bulldogs at a score of 17-1.

This weekend, Georgia is on the road to Ole Miss to play an SEC series. Jadyn Goodwin, who played a stellar game against Georgia Southern, said that she will carry this momentum into this weekend by going into the SEC series with a clean slate. She wants to “reset her mind” and go into it with “ease.” Goodwin stated that against Georgia Southern, “everyone got a chance,” and that it was important for the team to “go in, believe in
[them]selves, and focus.” Goodwin strongly values the support of her team and is ready to go into this weekend with confidence.

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