“Some people call it bye week, we call it work week,” Charlie Woerner.

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“Some people call it bye week, we call it work week,” Charlie Woerner.

Charlie Woerner
Charlie Woerner

Senior tight end Charlie Woerner discussed what the Georgia Bulldogs football team are working on during the bye week, perimeter blocking, and more during his post-practice interview on Wednesday.

On what the offense is working on during the bye week…

“Some people call it bye week; we call it work week. The offense is trying to work on a lot of communication things. Really hone in and execute on the passing game.”





On what he wants to work on personally...

“I am trying to work on my route running ability a little bit. Get more clean and crisp on it. Just communicating with receivers and tackles, just run game stuff. Just to be perfect every time.”

On how different it is not preparing for an opponent but working on himself…





“Especially with a week like this week you don’t have a team to look forward to at the end of the week you are more playing yourself and playing each other. Just have to work on those few things your coach gave you to be better. It makes it simple this week for what you need to do.”

On the tight ends making tackles…

“Perimeter blocks are a big thing for us. Especially when it comes to perimeter game or out zone stuff. Usually, we are the ones who spring that play or if we miss it it’s not a good play at all. Especially out in the space in the perimeter they can be really hard. That DB has a two-way go. They are usually a little smaller a little quicker than us. It is usually a little tough to block but we work on it all the time in practice.”

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