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Bob Kesling - The Voice of the Vols (photo Big Bob Kesling Twitter)
Bob Kesling
The Voice of the Vols
(photo Big Bob Kesling Twitter)


BOB KESLING, voice of the Volunteers since 1999, gives us his thoughts on Tennessee and the Bulldogs. Bob is undoubtedly one of the best announcers in college athletics and has been a proud and highly acclaimed successor to the great Jon Ward. It’s always a treat to get UT insight from Bob.


What is your take on the craziness in the SEC this season?

Alabama still looks like the best team, but they will have some challenges ahead. Tennessee has had a slow start and injuries aren’t helping. The next few weeks will determine if the Vols, as predicted, will win the East.


Georgia and Tennessee have both been a part of games in which they were heavily favored, and got scared, but still won … it just shows you have to be ready every Saturday doesn’t it?

In this league, yes. There is plenty of talent and great coaching in the SEC. Every game and every week is different and I do believe it is all about match-ups. Some teams just match up better against some teams.


What does Tennessee need to do to beat Georgia?

Tackle the tailback and get some consistency and push out of the offensive line.


What is your take on the Bulldogs?

Great win at Missouri. It seems like everything is in place for a good year if the Bulldogs can find a consistent and productive quarterback. That can be said for most teams in the SEC.


How important is Joshua Dobbs’ play to Tennessee’s offensive success?

He is the guy who makes it go. Doesn’t throw the prettiest and most accurate pass you will see, but he just has a way to make plays and he makes them when Tennessee needs them the most. His running ability gives Tennessee that added dimension.


The Vols and Dogs used to rarely play, have you enjoyed this becoming a rivalry over the last 25 seasons?

Yes. Glad they are in the same division and get to play each other all the time. Close enough that the fans can make it to the games on each campus. Still enjoy thinking about Johnny Majors and Vince Dooley going up against each other.


The last five meetings between Tennessee and Georgia have been decided by 3-8 points, I have a feeling that will be the case again, what do you say?

I don’t disagree. I think eventually Tennessee will start having big time offensive games as the line continues to gel as the season goes along. The defense has to rely on young players growing up in a hurry now with all the injuries to key players. How fast they grow up will determine how good this team will be down the stretch.


Being around the league in such high profile posts through the years, do you still get the same excitement calling Tennessee games and covering the SEC?

Sure. I am one of 14 that gets to sit in the seat each week and call SEC football for a school.

I never take that lightly. Hard to believe I would ever get tired of watching them run through the “T” or playing between the Hedges.


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